Where to sleep in Milan: cheap hotels and luxury accommodations

Where to sleep in Milan? What is the best neighborhood in the city? Choosing a hotel is essential in Milan, where accommodation is quite expensive.

With an estimated population of 1,369 million and an area of ​​182 square kilometers, Milan is Italy's second largest city after Rome, and is the fourth largest urban area in Europe after that Moscow, Paris e London.

Finding an apartment in what is known as the "fashion capitalIt won't be easy if your budget is limited. Milan is very touristy, 7,6 million tourists visit the city every year and the best hotels are therefore in great demand. Book as early as possible and pay attention to certain periods, including fashion week, when prices rise.

Where to sleep in Milan, the best neighborhoods

Most of the activities to do and attractions to see are located in the historic center. The city is quite easy to get around on foot, and the more distant hotels and attractions are easily accessible by public transport.

Historic Centre

Where to sleep in Milan: cheap hotels and luxury accommodations
Milan - Sforzesco Castle -

If you don't fear crowds and the price isn't a limit for you, this is the ideal place to sleep in Milan. Here the tourist site not to be missed is the Duomo.

This cathedral mixes eras and styles (neo-Gothic, classical…) and is a sumptuous building both inside and out. Nearby is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, The famous Teatro alla Scala, Royal Palace, Piazza Mercanti ...

And then the oldest museum in Milan: the Ambrosiana Picture Gallery, dating back to the early seventeenth century, the church of San Gottardo in Corte, the Sempione Park, a green lung in the city center and the Castello Sforzesco...

Due to the huge number of historic buildings, shops and restaurants, the area is very touristy and lively. In return, it is here in the city center that the most expensive hotels to sleep in Milan are located. Four and five star hotels are plentiful, and the price of cheaper hotels usually does not drop below 100 euros per night.

We recommend this area to stay in Milan:

  • If you want to sleep in the center of Milan
  • To discover the main historical monuments including the famous cathedral
  • If you are short on time
  • As a starting point for visiting Milan on foot
Find a hotel in the center of Milan

Sleeping in Brera, the fashion district

The Brera district it is located north of the historic Duomo district. The 2 districts are bordering, so you will be close to the center of Milan. About ten minutes walk from the Duomo. This neighborhood offers the advantage of being very lively and authentic.

Here you will find all the comfort and charm of an urban center: bars, colorful and picturesque alleys, art galleries, restaurants… The neighborhood teems with people all day and seems to be constantly boiling.

Brera is known for hosting the famous Pinacoteca di Brera, one of the most important museums of ancient and modern art in Italy. Further east, the fashion district brings together a series of prestigious boutiques such as Armani or Dolce & Gabbana. In addition you can visit theAstronomical Observatory, the botanical garden, the Museum of the Risorgimento and Church of Santa Maria del Carmine.

A very nice neighborhood to sleep in Milan. Here, the hotel rates are still a bit high but the value for money is quite good.

We recommend this area for sleeping in Milan:

  • Look for a lively area with lots of bars and restaurants
  • To be in a very safe neighborhood
  • If you love luxury shopping
  • If you are interested in art
Find and book a hotel in Brera

Milan Central Station, Porta Garibaldi

Where to sleep in Milan: cheap hotels and luxury accommodations
Milan - Central Station - Photo from Istock

It is the name of the large international railway station in Milan that connects the city with all of Europe and Linate airport. The neighborhood is north-east of the historic center and is well connected with other areas. Several bus lines stop nearby, as does the tram, and there are two metro stations within walking distance (Caiazzo e Centrale).

This neighborhood is the ideal place to sleep in Milan without spending too much, while not being too far from the city center. It is also the ideal starting point for excursions to do in the surrounding area! A strategic place to stay in Milan.

You will find the Public gardens, Piazza Gae Aulenti and you will be able to reach by walking the most modern district of Milan, namely the financial district.

Find a hotel near the Central Station

Sleeping in Sempione

The Sempione district hosts one of the most important parks in Milan. Located near Brera, this huge 47-hectare green space symbolizes the green lung of the city.

Suitable for relaxation and walking, this district and its park are especially attractive who travels as a family. It is a lush green area in the city, very quiet, shaded and pleasant. It is a good neighborhood to sleep in in Milan if you are looking to escape the crowded areas.

In the middle stands the proud Castello Sforzesco which hosts several interesting exhibitions and events. Inside the park, the Three-year it is another building worth visiting, especially when it hosts exhibitions. You can also visit the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology...

We recommend this area for sleeping in Milan:

  • If you want a quiet and peaceful area
  • For a family stay
  • To enjoy the vegetation at Parco Sempione
Find and book accommodation in Sempione

Navigli district

The Navigli district is located in the southern sector of Milan, south-east of the Sempione district. Once considered a peripheral and degraded area, today it is the most picturesque district and a nice area to sleep in Milan. The main attraction of the area are its Navigli, a system of canals invented by Leonardo da Vinci himself that was used to transport goods to Milan.

During the day, the terraces that occupy the banks of the canals are the destination of families who stroll and relax, in the evening they are crowded with groups of children of all ages. The presence of numerous bars and clubs makes the area a center of night entertainment.

Part of the Navigli is occupied by two large parks: Baden-Powell e Segantini. To the west of the latter, there are two art centers: the Camp Design Gallery and NABA New Academy of Fine Arts. Further north, there are two museums (Alda Merini and the MUM ecomuseum) and the The Nidaba Theater.

If you want to stay in Milan without spending too much, the Navigli can be a good choice. It contains various offers of hotels, apartments and rooms at often very affordable prices. Although there are no metro stations there are enough bus and tram lines to reach the area easily.

We recommend staying in this area:

  • If you want to stay in a trendy neighborhood
  • If you want to go out in the evening and enjoy a lively nightlife
Find a hotel near the Navigli

Porta Venezia

The Porta Venezia district is located north-east of the cathedral, between the Porta Romana and Brera districts. It's a lively and festive neighborhood, suitable for those who need animations. It is a student district, where the Milanese youth are very present.

Symbol of one of the main historical gates of the city, Porta Venezia is also the name of a subway station.

This neighborhood is home to several historic sites from the XNUMXth century such as the Gallery of Modern Art, Museum of Natural History and you can also walk in the green of the Indro Montanelli Park.

We recommend this area for sleeping in Milan:

  • If you are young and party-goer
  • If you like lively neighborhoods
  • To visit historic buildings
  • For shopping
Find a hotel in Porta Venezia

Porta Romana

The Porta Romana neighborhood is located south of the historic Duomo district and east of the Navigli. This is not the most popular area with tourists, but it is certainly a nice area to stay in Milan.

Nearby, it is possible to admire the “Porta Romana”, the old gateway to the city, and to go around the small shops of this shopping district. Corso Porta Romana will take you directly to the heart of the city.

We recommend this area:

  • If you like chic neighborhoods
  • If you want to stay in a quiet area
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Corso Como, the luxurious neighborhood

This is the haunt of celebrities and the rich Italian class, who come to spend a pleasant time in the chic and trendy bars and restaurants. The neighborhood is very lively and attractive. It has many elegant restaurants, trendy bars and terraces. As well as the incredible Corso Como shopping center that will delight shoppers.

Choose this area to sleep in Milan if you love luxury, worldly life and you can afford its prices.

Find a hotel in Corso Como

Cheap accommodation in Milan

As you have seen, staying in Milan can be very expensive. Check out this small list of hotels and hostels where you can sleep cheaply in Milan.

They are not necessarily found in the main neighborhoods which is why they are cheaper. However, it is still possible to reach the city center easily, on foot or by public transport.

Babila Hostel: the cathedral is only 10 minutes on foot. The hotel offers a bed in dormitory from 35 € and double rooms from 100 €. Breakfast is included. All spaces are spacious, bright, modern and very clean.

Bello Grande Hostel: This hostel is located right next to Milan's central station. Bed in dormitory from 44 €. Breakfast and dinner are included. The hostel is very friendly and it's a good place to stay in Milan for cheap.

Ornate Dependance: The hotel is located right next to a tram line that will take you to the center of Milan in 20 minutes. The surroundings are very peaceful. Double room from 50 € per night, breakfast in addition to 8 €.

Da Vinci Hotel: The hotel is located away from the city center, but only a 10 minute walk from a metro station. The double rooms are huge with a modern and bright decor. From just 74 € per night, you also have breakfast included. You have to book very early, the rooms run out quickly!

The best hotels in Milan chosen by visitors

  • NH Collection Milano President - is just 500 meters from the Duomo. Price 186 €
  • Hotel Bern - near the Central Station. Price 110 €, breakfast included
  • Maison Milan - in the immediate vicinity of the Duomo. Price 172 €
  • The Square Milan Duomo - historic building 5 minutes from the Duomo. Price 219 €
  • Room Mate Giulia - a few steps from the Duomo. Price 212 €
  • Hotel Milano Scala - 350 meters from the Teatro alla Scala. Price 208 €
  • Excelsior Hotel Gallia - in front of the Central Station. Price 262 €

Where to sleep near Milan

If you prefer a holiday in nature, you will easily find small villages or towns around Milan. Novate Milanese, Bergamo or around the great lakes (Lake Como e Lake Garda mainly) are very pleasant to spend a few days in the countryside. Thanks to the excellent rail transport network, it will be easy to reach the center of Milan.

Where to sleep in Milan: cheap hotels and luxury accommodations
Where to sleep in Milan, the best neighborhoods -
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