What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Morocco is a country that evokes the charm of the East and one of the main tourist destinations in all of Africa. Discover the best destinations to see in Morocco.

With its UNESCO World Heritage medinas, colorful qasbahs and fragrant souks, luxurious palaces and countless mosques decorated with mosaics, Morocco is a famous destination forincredible beauty of its architectural heritage.

La diversity of its landscapes, which alternate immense deserts, green oases, fertile valleys, superb beaches of fine sand or wild mountains, satisfies all lovers of nature and open spaces.

In much of the country, the legacy of colonial occupation is still felt in many aspects of daily life and it is the French culture that has had the most lasting effect on Moroccan culture, Europeanizing the cities and imposing its language, which is spoken today by all educated Moroccans (after Moroccan Arabic or one of the three local Berber languages).

This mixture of the exotic and the familiar, the diversity of the landscapes, the contrasts between Ville Nouvelle and the ancient Medina, make visiting Morocco an intense and rewarding experience.

Since it is not possible to see everything on the first or even the second trip, we have selected the places not to be missed when traveling to Morocco so as to give you a taste of the country's highlights.

Cities to see in Morocco


No trip to Morocco is complete without visiting the city at the center of Morocco's tourism. Marrakech contains the modern soul of Morocco, the most interesting sites and museums in the country and the liveliest of all the Medinas ...

What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
Jamaa el Fna square in Marrakesh, Morocco - Photo from Istock

Visit the city starting with the square Jemaa El Fna, then the Medina, the largest in the Maghreb, with its colorful souks that contrast well with the calm of the riads. Take the time to discover all the places rich in architecture and history: the Bahia Palace  Madrasa di Ben-Youssef, the minaret of the KoutoubiaEl-Badi Palace and finally the Marrakesh Museum and Majorelle Garden.

Marrakech is located at the foot of the High Atlas mountain range, which allows the practice of sports such as: hiking (for example in the Ourika or Imilchil valley) and skiing (in Oukaïmeden in winter).

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What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
Ancient door to access the medina of Fez, Morocco -

Doubtless one of the most beautiful imperial cities to see in Morocco, what can be called a “true Moroccan city”, with an authentic atmosphere and architecture. The UNESCO-protected old town is home to a important cultural heritage, shared between traditional souks, museums and medersas (Koranic schools).

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What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
Essaouira in Morocco - Photo from Istock

Bella seaside resort of the Atlantic, Essaouira enjoys a sunny climate all year round which allows you to enjoy its beautiful beaches. Due to the strong winds that blow regularly on the coast, swimming isn't always peaceful, but the city undoubtedly is paradise for surfers and to practice other water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing… It is in Essaouira that the kitesurfing world cup is organized every year.

But the city is also known for its bright and white Medina, and for the Old Town surrounded by the city walls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
Kasbah at Udayas a Rabat, Marocco – Photo of da Istock

Built on the Atlantic coast and on the banks of the Bouregreg river, the capital of Morocco has it all: kilometers of coastline alternating between sandy beaches and rocky coves, a hinterland characterized by unspoiled nature and conducive to hiking, and finally, a cultural heritage marked by the influences of different civilizations involved in the construction and development of the city.

Protected by an imposing fortified enclosure, the Medina di Rabat it is home to several important historical sites, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Rabat has the advantage of being easy to explore and to visit without a guide. Unlike Marrakech or Fez, people are not dependent on the tourism sector - making the visit a more relaxing experience overall.

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Located on the Atlantic coast in southern Morocco, Agadir, nicknamed “The White City”, is acclaimed for its beautiful bay and its wide sandy beach, which stretches for almost 8 km in length. Sunny for most of the year, it is a 'important seaside resort which attracts more and more visitors.

What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
Agadir in Morocco - Photo da Istock

Devastated by an earthquake in 1960, the city was completely rebuilt and now has a decidedly modern face. Looking to the future, Agadir thrives not only on tourism, but also on trade thanks to its port, the largest in the country.

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What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
Tangier in Morocco - Photo from Istock

The cultural city of Tangier is separated from Spain and Europe only by the Strait of Gibraltar. Stroll through the alleys of the Medina, see the Kasbah, then the palace of Sultan Dar-el-Makhzen.

South of Tangier, the plain of Rharb it is perfect for bird watching and quiet walks. We also recommend the excursion to Rif, a region known for its mountains with a rich flora. Finally, the Tangier Saidia coast is less crowded but is growing very fast. There city ​​of Tétouan, for example, is definitely worth a visit. 

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Chefchaouen is a small postcard from Morocco. Located in the north-east of the country, this mountain village intrigues with its blue color which completely covers the walls of the houses. A walk in the narrow streets of Chefchaouen almost transports us to an imaginary country.

What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
Chefchaouen in Morocco - Photo from Istock

In the heart of the medina, the small winding streets are dotted with carpets, textiles, herbs and spices, woven baskets and other handicrafts. This welcoming city also has several historical monuments. The tree-lined central square Outa El Hammam it is the daily meeting place between tourists and locals, and can be seen from one of the old terraces Kasbah.

Not far away is the Great Mosque, which can only be admired from the outside because the entrance is reserved for Muslims only.

But why this blue color? The blue reflects the sun's rays, keeping the houses cool. Copper sulfate mixed with lime gives this indigo color which also allows you to keep insects away. 

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Less frequented port city than its "cousins" on the sea, Agadir, Essaouira or Casablanca, it is not without tourist attractions. Economic capital of Moroccodynamic and cosmopolitan, the city mixes Arab and European influences. On the one hand, the Moorish architecture, on the other, the Art Deco style.

In addition to its historic center, the city also has a important business center. At night, Casablanca offers night owls an infinity of trendy bars, restaurants and places to party until the early hours of the morning.

What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
The Hassan II mosque - Casablanca, Morocco - Photo from Istock

La Hassan II mosque is the must-see monument in Casablanca. Partially built on the sea, the imposing building appears to float on water. A huge 9-hectare religious and cultural complex, the mosque can boast more than one record: it is one of the largest mosques on the planet and its minaret is 210 meters high, the tallest in the world. Its architecture, apparently traditional in style, is actually a jewel of technology designed with a sunroof.

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What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
The Bab El-Mansour gate in El Hedim square in Meknes, Morocco - Photo from Istock

On the road of imperial cities of Morocco, Meknes is one of the inevitable stops on this circuit. Founded in the XNUMXth century, the city surrounded by monumental walls and gates has unique architecture and historical remains, inherited from the greatest Moroccan dynasties that have followed one another over the centuries. A heritage that has earned it a UNESCO World Heritage designation.

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What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
Ouarzazate in Morocco - Photo from Istock

Although the Berber city itself is not very interesting, the surroundings are attractive for their beauty. In fact, apart from the Taourirt kasbah, it is far from the city that you will discover the valleys of the Drâa and Dades gorges passing through Skoura. Also surprising is the fortress of Ksar di Aït Benhaddou.

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Places to see in Morocco

Here are what they are the best excursions to do and the destinations to see in Morocco, to make your trip even more beautiful and interesting.

The Ouzoud Falls in Morocco

What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
Ouzoud waterfalls in Morocco -

They are considered as the most photographic waterfalls within this lush green region. 

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The gorges of Dades

110 km east of Ouarzazate is the Grand Canyon of Morocco: the Gorges of Dades. These dizzying gorges, which reach almost 300 meters in depth, are the perfect playground for climbing and rafting enthusiasts.

On the gorge road, the landscapes alternate between green plains and mountainous terrain. Near the village of Boulmane, a geological curiosity awaits visitors: incredible rocky peaks erected towards the sky, nicknamed "Monkey fingers"

The dunes of Erg Chebbi in Merzouga 

What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
Camel ride on the dunes in the desert -

This region, located near the Algerian border, concentrates the highest sand dunes in the Sahara. A unique place with majestic landscapes that seduces lovers of nature and open spaces, a must see in Morocco. Some of these dunes reach a height of 150 meters, and the colors seen from above are striking, especially at sunrise and sunset.

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Todra gorge

It is a trench of gigantic rock faces that change color and cross the mountains of the High Atlas creating a magnificent show ...

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Volubilis, Walili (Roman ruins) in Morocco

What to see in Morocco: cities and destinations to visit
Volubilis in Marocco -


There is no better proof that the Romans once occupied Morocco than the archaeological site breathtaking of Volubilis ...

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Tin Mal Moschea

Regardless of his historical and architectural importance, is a beautiful isolated monument above a lush river valley, where the steep mountains rest its chamois-colored walls.

It has been partially restored and is an excursion not to be missed. The mosque is located a little above the modern village of Tin Mal (or Ifouriren). The site is locked, but the guardians, when the tourists arrive, open it and let them go around undisturbed.

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