Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

    Some beaches in Brazil are among the most beautiful and famous in the world, of which the best is certainly the Ipanema beach. This beach is the most famous in Rio de Janeiro and it is the favorite meeting place for celebrities, supermodels, but also for homeless people who choose this beach as their "home".

    The famous Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro offers a lively and festive atmosphere from the beach, where tourists and Brazilians congregate for sunbathe, drink beer, surf and enjoy the heat. The western part of Ipanema Beach is framed by the Dois Irmãos, two “pretty” looking mountains.

    Ipanema offers the best for one pleasant day at the beach, breathtaking views and lots of fun activities for bathers. Something that makes this beach unique is that it is divided into different segments, marked by the lifeguard turrets.

    Known for being a very sociable place, beer is sold almost everywhere on the beach. But it is not only a place to make friends and have a drink, but also to play sports. At the beach football and volleyball, or even a combination of the two, called footvolley, are the most popular sports.

    If you turn along the beach you will happen to join the cheers that often accompany the fabulous sunset on the beach sexiest in the world. Whether you are a beach lover, a nightlife lover or a lover of diving and exploring turquoise waters, Ipanema Beach definitely has something for everyone!

    Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
    Ipanema Beach to Rio de Janeiro in Brasile – Photo Jorge Andrade from Wikipedia
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