Kylie Minogue, face of Australia: the tourism board hires her for 2020

    Kylie Minogue, face of Australia: the tourism board hires her for 2020Tired of Brexit? Fly to Australia: here is the new commercial to promote tourism, starring Kylie Minogue

    Who better than Kylie Minogue can it sponsor the wonders of Australia, encouraging tourists to take a holiday in these fantastic lands? The very famous singer was born in Melbourne, and although she is now a naturalized British woman she has always been deeply attached to her parents Australian roots. For this reason she was hired by the tourism board.

    Even this year, Tourism Australia promoted a new advertising campaign – costing 15 million dollars – to invite travelers to visit the beauties offered by this fascinating continent. The target of the advert is undoubtedly the British people, as can be seen from the lyrics of the song which serves as the soundtrack to the video. The protagonist is Kylie Minogue, and alongside her appear numerous Australian stars such as the Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe and the comedian Andy Saunders. The tourism board chose Christmas Day to launch the campaign, arousing considerable interest and even some controversy.

    “This year has been difficult and confusing” – says the singer, referring to Brexit – “if you need to put an end to your troubles, call your friends in Australia“. As a backdrop to the advertising message, which leverages the difficult negotiations that the United Kingdom is having to leave the European Union, there are some of the most beautiful Australian tourist attractions.

    We can see the spectacular Sandringham Beach, a few steps from Melbourne: it is undoubtedly one of the most frequented beaches by travellers, due to its proximity to the Australian metropolis and the crystal clear waters of Port Phillip Bay. From her hometown, Minogue travels to Sydney and visits its most picturesque suburbs, such as At Cron. A short tour of Taronga Zoo, and then we're off again Byron Bay, in New South Wales: did you know that its name comes from the explorer John Byron, grandfather of the famous English poet?

    Australia is also famous for its coral reef, and the promotional video certainly couldn't miss a reference to this true natural wonder. Here comes the fantastic Heart Reef, a heart-shaped composition of corals that represents a jewel created by nature. And then we see it soar Uluru, the beautiful rocky massif which has ended up at the center of the news in recent months due to the recent ban introduced against tourists.

    One of the most beautiful images of the commercial undoubtedly concerns Rottnest Island, a small town south of Perth. The undisputed protagonist of this location is the quokka, the very nice marsupial that lives only in this corner of paradise. Admiring the beautiful views advertised by Kylie Minogue, in fact, the desire to leave is really great.

    Video by Tourism Australia

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