Lienz: one of the most evocative cities in Austria

It has two nicknames: the "City of the Sun" and the "Pearl of the Dolomites". Welcome to Lienz, a true gem to discover in all seasons.
Lienz: one of the most evocative cities in Austria
Lienz, Austria: a pearl to discover

Not far from the Italian border is a city that, for its indisputable beauty, is called the "Pearl of the Dolomites". The place in question is Lienz, a place with fairy tale profiles that is capable of offering you everything you are looking for: history, nature, attractions, culture, snow and ski slopes that delight guests of any age.

What to expect

Lienz is a picturesque Austrian city located in the district of the same name that is part of East Tyrol, of which it is the capital and largest center. The ancient city develops at the confluence of several valleys dominated by the Lienz Dolomites, and these are the Drautal, Val Pusteria and Iseltal valleys.

A place that knows how to thrill with its immaculate landscapes and its predominantly (and surprisingly) mild climate. Just think that another nickname is "Sonnenstadt", which translated means "City of the Sun".

What definitely makes visitors lose their minds is the wide range of offers which refer to culture and shopping and all the beautiful attractions that there are to discover in the historic center, which in the summer months is intended exclusively for pedestrians.

What to see in Lienz

The city of Lienz is presented to the visitor as a place that seems straight out of a fairy tale book. The advice is to start the visit from its main square, Main square, where old houses full of arcades stand out. In the center it is impossible not to notice the San Florian fountain, but the Liebburg is also very suggestive, a building with two towers with bulbous domes that today is the headquarters of the town hall and symbol of the city.

Lienz: one of the most evocative cities in Austria
The historic center of Lienz

Then life again Rosengasse and Messinggasse where you can find many stores. It was once the industrial district of Lienz, while today it hosts the city market every week, where you can buy the best specialties in the area. Want some tasty examples? East Tyrolean speck, “Schlipfkrapfen”, “Pregler” (grappa) and much more.

Johannesplatz it Probably the most fascinating square in Lienz because it is particularly large and surrounded by pastel-colored buildings. It is another very beautiful square. Eropaplatz, in the center of which is the statue dedicated to Joseph II.

They are also very interesting Franciscan Church and Convent which inside preserves a valuable Gothic nave decorated with beautiful frescoes. In a position slightly removed from the historic center, the complex also offers a library and a community center.

Also not to be missed is the monument to the struggle for the freedom of Tyrol located in swiss alley. From here it is very easy to get there with a short walk. St. Andrew's Church, that is, the oldest in Lienz.

It is mandatory to access the interior, where it will be impossible not to notice the baroque-style main altar. Furthermore, the last counts of Gorizia are buried here.

And then the most exciting monument of all those in the city: the Castle of Bruck, built on a fascinating hill. Today it is the headquarters of the Museum der Stadt Lienz, where you can discover notable collections of works of art and a chapel decorated with Gothic frescoes. But the truth is that it has a very eventful history behind it, which began in 1252 and has continued to the present day, a period in which it has been transformed into the most impressive museum in the city surrounded by an idyllic park.

Not to be missed near Lienz, the only Roman city in Tyrol, Aguntum, where a museum comes to life where you can admire numerous finds from the archaeological site, as well as the ancient walls, houses of the past and baths.

Lienz: one of the most evocative cities in Austria
A beautiful view of Bruck Castle

Trip to Lienz in winter

Lienz is the "Pearl of the Dolomites" not only because of its undeniable beauty, but also because it is an ideal destination for winter sports lovers. In these areas, in fact, there are two main ski resorts, Hochstein and Zettersfeld, which usually hosts international competitions such as the Alpine Skiing World Cup and the Snowboarding World Championships.

The Zettersfeld ski resort, which for its location and beauty is nicknamed "the sunny terrace of East Tyrol", is appreciated precisely for the grandiose panorama it offers of the surrounding Dolomites, but also because most of the time it offers skiing conditions. optimal for skiers. , snowboarders, families and beginners.

The Hochstein ski area is no less exciting: there are 7 kilometers of slopes that end directly in the town. Lovers of cross-country skiing, which has a long tradition here, will also be satisfied. An example of all this is the legendary Dolomitenlauf race, which comes to life every January.

And then Christmas, which is shown in all its magic on the main square of Lienz, full of visitors interested in buying products at the traditional Christmas market, such as a cup of hot mulled wine, a piece of Tyrolean zelten or fresh krapfen and Christmas sweets.

Lienz during the summer

The "Pearl of the Dolomites" is a very interesting destination during the winter, but in the warmer months the emotions probably double.

Its surroundings (and honestly Tyrol in general) are a paradise for those who want to go hiking in the mountains, especially in Zettersfeld. In fact, it is precisely from here that Hohe Tauern National Park which, in addition to offering the sunniest area in all of Austria, allows you to undertake an almost infinite number of trails in the middle of the purest vegetation.

There are also interesting cycle paths such as the Drauradweg along the Drava, the Iseltalradweg or the Glocknerradweg. Those who prefer mountain biking, however, will be spoiled for choice, as there are 600 kilometers of dedicated trails.

Starting from Lienz you can also reach other beauties in the area, such as the Hochstein, which offers many excursion possibilities, mountain huts and huts.

It is also very fascinating. Galician Gorge It is reached through a panoramic path that allows you to admire the surrounding landscape in all its splendor.

The beauty of Lienz, therefore, does not end in its historic center, because even the nature that embraces it is a succession of wonders and emotions.

Lienz: one of the most evocative cities in Austria
View of Lienz from above
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