Mallorca Observatory and Planetarium

Many tourists think that the island of Mallorca is just wonderful and pleasant beach holidays, not knowing that the island also offers many interesting activities such as visiting the astronomical observatory, of which the Planetarium is a part. The Mallorca Planetarium, the only astronomical center in the Balearic Islands, is located near Costitx, in the heart of the island. Its location was chosen to take advantage of its clear, pollution-free night skies.

Its goal is not only to promote research within the framework of the GEA (Association for the study of astrophysics) in collaboration with the Canary Islands observatory, but also to bring pupils, students and families closer to the interesting world of astronomy. .

Since its inauguration, the observatory has discovered dozens of new asteroids and stars. The planetarium is dominated by a 14-meter metal dome, in which the sophisticated ZKP3 Skymaster planetary projector is inserted.

This projector allows you to project 6000 stars on the dome with maximum precision, that is the number of stars that can be seen in a clear sky from any point on Earth. The Mallorca Planetarium is the only one in Europe capable of projecting, in real time, images from external telescopes, or even those present in distant places, controlled via the Internet.


Every Friday and Saturday, the Planetarium projects the spectacular multilingual audiovisual program, “Evolution” on its domed ceiling. In addition to the projection of the beautiful film (duration 90 minutes), the visit includes the observation of very rare meteorites (one of the largest permanent meteorite exhibitions in Spain), the outdoor explanation of the various constellations and the use of external telescopes for see planets, stars and especially the moon.

Opening Hours

Visits are possible on Friday and Saturday evening at 20:00, while for other days by reservation only.


The entrance fee is 10 euros and it is certainly a unique and unforgettable experience, which fully deserves to be done and lived. The visit is highly recommended as the reviews on Tripadvisor, the most authoritative review site in the travel and vacation industry, show.

How to reach us

To reach the Mallorca observatory and planetarium by car, the address is as follows:

Cami de l'Observatori, s / n
07144 Costitx

Official website:

Mallorca Observatory and Planetarium
Mallorca Observatory and Planetarium -
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