Northern Europe cruise

Northern Europe cruise

The colors of a Northern Europe cruise they will fill up with  green of the nature that will surround you, of blu of the sea on which you will slide towards destinations full of wonders, of white blue of the ice you will encounter during your crossing in the Northern and Northern Seas yellow lights that will warm you inside your cruise ship.

Northern Europe Cruises can have very different itineraries and of a more or less long duration. In principle you will have to decide whether to take a tour of the wonders of the nature of the Fjords or a tour in the best cultural capitals of the North. The embarrassment of choice is great, so based on the length of your holiday and your preferences you can already make the first choice.

A cruise to discover the Norwegian Fjords usually starts from a port that can be reached by flight from all over Europe, many cruises depart from Germany, others from Holland or Denmark and of course also from Norway itself. The stages of the journey, however, are quite common to all cruises, you come across fjords come Geirangerfjord e Naeroyfjord heritage of Unesco, Aurlandsfjord, Romsdalsfjord, Sognefjord the longest and deepest, The Hardangerfjord with the largest glacier in Novergia the Folgefonna, or Lysefjord. The path of the fjords alternates with the visit of Oslo, Bergen the pearl of the fjords or Alesund city-museum, but also Andalsne small town with a large port, just to name a few, but there are many others to be discovered.

With a cruise in the Norwegian fjords you will be able to admire how much nature has managed to create in this corner of the world. The high cliffs overlooking the sea will dominate your journey by ship to Norway's most spectacular ports. Waterfalls on the sea will surround these fertile lands rich in vegetation and animals, seals, eagles and birds of various kinds. On you will find all the useful information on the must-see attractions around the fjords.


With a little luck, if you travel in September, looking up to the sky you will discover a Northern Lights. The polar auroras are luminous phenomena, which require days with little light and little humidity to be observed, of course better clear nights and no full moon. In the Norwegian lands they show up from autumn to spring.

A cruise to the capitals of the North Seas it is the ideal key to enter the ports of the most spectacular historic cities in Northern Europe and immerse yourself in their culture. You can then discover the beauties of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Riga, among the most popular. It depends on the itinerary and the length of the trip. Doing them all is ideal, you will choose which cruise to take based on your preferences. Another possible itinerary is the cruise that makes a stopover between Holland, France and England, perhaps even touching Norway for a visit to Oslo. In this way you can stop for example in Rotterdam, Bruges, Le Havre, Southampton to visit less important cities than the other European capitals but no less interesting.

Major cruise lines also organize 15-day sailings which will allow you to disembark both in the fjords of Norway further south and in the most important European capitals, such as Stockholm and St. Petersburg.

The ideal period for the Northern Europe Cruise it is in the months from May to September, when the climate is mild, the days are longer, the temperatures more acceptable. In St. Petersburg, for example, you can find these temperatures. Between May and June you can enjoy the fantastic period of sleepless nights, when the sun doesn't even set during the night.

For the more adventurous, a few ships travel all year round in the coasts of Norway.

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