Papagayo Beach Lanzarote

Lanzarote is an island famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, including underground caves, volcanoes, cliffs overlooking the sea and much more. There is no shortage of wonderful and unspoiled beaches, especially in the south of the island.

In particular I would like to talk about Papagayo Beach, certainly the most famous beach on the island, considered by many to be one of the 10 most beautiful in the world.

Where is Papagayo Beach located

Playa Papagayo is located in the southwest of the island a few kilometers from the famous resort Playa Blanca and within the Los Ajaches Natural Park, a protected area made up of a group of wonderful beaches and coves, also known as the Papagayo beaches. Actually Playa de Papagayo is only one and is the last beach of the park, located towards the extreme tip of Lanzarote.

How to get to Playa Papagayo

Once you reach the town of Playa Blanca to access the Natural Park you have to pay an entrance of 3 € and travel a few kilometers of dirt road. Alternatively, you can rent a bicycle or walk to the beach, but keep in mind that you have to walk quite a bit.

It is also possible to rely on tour operators that organize boat excursions towards the Papagayo beach.

Council: if you are by car and cannot find your way to Los Ajaches Park, you can search for the restaurant on the navigator Bar Casa El Barba, which is located right on the cliff that runs along the beach.

Keep in mind that all the beaches of the natural park have ample parking (included in the admission price), obviously during the high season it is not always easy to find a place, unless you go early in the morning.

Visit Playa Papagayo

Papagayo Beach Lanzarote

Playa de Papagayo is a small crescent-shaped beach surrounded by cliffs and rock walls that extend to the ocean. A beach of golden and soft sand, bathed by calm and crystalline waters with green and blue reflections.

The view is something unique and the strong point is certainly the color contrasts between the beach, the sea and the rocks. I recommend going up the cliff to the left of the beach, from where you can admire the splendid beaches of the Natural Park.

Papagayo Beach Lanzarote

A characteristic of Papagayo is that it is a cove rather sheltered from the winds thanks to the cliffs that surround it. For this reason it is particularly recommended if you are traveling with children, also perfect for those who practice snorkeling and want to admire the seabed.

Papagayo Beach Lanzarote

Since it is the most famous beach on the island you have to keep in mind that it can also be very crowded especially during the summer months, so it is preferable to come early in the morning to admire the almost deserted beach and enjoy some relaxation. In any case, there are also other beautiful beaches, which are definitely worth a visit and where you can find more space.

Where to eat in Playa Papagayo

The only refreshment point of the Los Ajaches beaches is located right at Papagayo Beach. Close to the beach, on the right, you will find a restaurant where you can enjoy excellent local cuisine specializing in fish dishes. The prices are not exactly cheap, but you have to consider its privileged position and the breathtaking view.


We have seen in detail all the information you need to visit Playa Papagayo, a beach not to be missed during a trip to Lanzarote.

As I mentioned, the beach is located in the south of the island in an area full of other important tourist attractions, I also recommend you read the article what to do in Lanzarote, where I describe the main points of interest.

To discover the other splendid beaches, you will find all the tips in the article: the best beaches in Lanzarote.

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