Parque del Retiro

    The Parque del Retiro is located in the heart of the capital, a few steps from the famous Puerta de Alcala. Visitors are the same Spaniards and foreigners from different countries.

    It is a huge park measuring 118 hectares and has its origins in the time of King Henry IV, around the year 1640. While walking through the walkways you have the opportunity to admire beautiful gardens, fountains and monuments.

    You can enjoy a view of the monument dedicated to King Alfonso XII, in front of a beautiful lake where people enjoy taking boat rides, it is a place not to be missed for any reason.

    The wonderful park has beautiful fountains, impressive statues, various canoes on the lake, a museum and an exhibition hall, large roundabouts where summer concerts are offered, wide streets where you can cycle or skate.

    But the incomparable magic of El Retiro hides in its silent paths, those where the lilies bloom in spring. A small green and quiet oasis in the heart of Madrid. A place where every day is different, and where it is impossible to get bored with children, where every step is a new surprise.

    Parque del Retiro
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