Ponte alla Luna in Basilicata: opening times, ticket prices and how to get there

The Ponte alla Luna is a spectacular attraction present in Basilicata and one of the longest and most spectacular Tibetan bridges in Italy. The bridge is part of a long adventure path that begins and ends in Sasso di Castalda, a characteristic town in the province of Potenza.


The route starts from the historic city center. From there, in a short time you reach the first bridge, with a length of 95 meters and a maximum height from the ground of 70 meters. After the first bridge, continue on a characteristic path surrounded by nature.

After 15 minutes of walking you will reach the second bridge, the most spectacular. What makes the Ponte alla Luna majestic is its single span of 300 meters in length and its maximum height from the underlying stream of 120 meters.

Some technical features of the bridge to the moon:

  • span length 300 meters
  • maximum height from the ground 120 meters
  • 600 support steps
  • travel time about 30 minutes

Upon arrival, an imposing one awaits you glass skywalk suspended in the void, to see the bridge and the magnificent surrounding nature from above. The last part of the route is a short descent that leads back to the town of Sasso di Castalda.

Always here they are present 2 life ferrate, the Via Ferrata Arenazzo and the Via Ferrata Belvedere.

The first, the Via Ferrata Arenazzo, it is not difficult. It extends for 300 meters and has a travel time of about 1 hour and 30 minutes. It also includes two sports Tibetan bridges.

The second, the Via Ferrata Belvedere, it is more difficult. It develops for 200 meters and has a travel time of about 1 hour. In short, we can say that together they form a sort of high-style adventure park.

Duration of the route

The entire route lasts about 2-3 hours, depending on physical preparation.

Opening time

In the holidays, on Saturdays and Sundays open continuously from 09:30 to 12:30 in the morning and in the afternoon from 15:30 to 17:30.

in weekdays extraordinary openings by reservation.

Ticket prices

The cost is 20 € per person

In the price safety equipment is included

People with more than 14 years

The guys from the 14 18 years they must be accompanied by at least one parent

Official web site: www.pontetibetanosassodicastalda.com

How to reach us

The best way to reach the Ponte alla Luna is by car. To easily find the route it is recommended to use a smartphone or a navigator.

THEaddress is: Piazza del Popolo, Sasso di Castalda (PZ)

The Ponte alla Luna is a new one spectacular attraction which will make trips and holidays to discover the splendid Basilicata even more beautiful.

Ponte alla Luna in Basilicata: opening times, ticket prices and how to get there
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