Puerta del Sol

    Puerta del Sol is not only one of the most important squares in Madrid, but also the center of the city, symbolized by the “0” kilometer, which is also the point from which all Spanish roads begin.

    The most important building in the square is the post office, built in 1768 and which currently houses the headquarters of the Presidency of the Community of Madrid. The Puerta del Sol has suffered throughout its history from a series of reforms.

    In 1990 an equestrian statue of Charles III was placed, the work of sculptors Eduardo Stride and Miguel Angel Rodriguez. In addition, in the following years the statue of “The bear and the tree” by the sculptor Navarro Santafé was installed.

    It is one of the most common meeting points for local young people, one of the best shopping sites in the center of Madrid and of course, it is also remembered for its New Year's Eve parties.

    In particular, people come here to celebrate the new year, and eat its 12 grapes in front of the town hall clock. The Puerta del Sol is a place of passage for any visitor to Madrid, and despite the turmoil, a visit is highly recommended.

    Puerta del Sol
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