Pyramids of Guimar (Tenerife): timetables, ticket prices and how to get there

The pyramids of Guimar are one of the most amazing attractions on the island of Tenerife. Very often when one thinks of the pyramids, places such as Egypt and Mexico are associated, but even in Tenerife, the largest island of the Canary Islands, you can admire these wonderful buildings from the ancient era.


The discovery of the pyramids of Guimar starts in 1991, when the famous explorer Thor Heyerdahl, who had shown that primitive boats could cross the Atlantic Ocean, spoke of the existence of pyramids in the Canary Islands.

He had come to these places while he was trying to find further evidence of transoceanic contacts that occurred before those of Christopher Columbus.

The pyramids

This important complex originally housed nine pyramids, but today only six remain. They are located in the city of Guimar on the east coast of Tenerife, in an ethnological park open to the public, about 40 kilometers south of the capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The pyramids, characterized by five levels of rectangular shape, reach a 'maximum height of twelve meters and are part of a larger complex, which includes platforms and various containers, the latter apparently used for animals that were offered in sacrifice.

Although much has been discovered about these pyramids, there is a lot of controversy over the actual date and who built these wonderful structures. Studies have revealed that the pyramids have been aligned with the winter and summer sun solstices, again emphasizing that many, if not all pyramids have a astronomical component.

Every 21st June in the Ethnographic Park it is possible to observe, weather permitting, the double sunset phenomenon, when the sun disappears behind the mountains of Anaga, only to appear again and finally set a second time in a small niche, which in fact appears to have been specially carved into the mountain for this purpose.

Casa Chacona Museum

In addition to the pyramids, the park also includes the Casa Chacona museum in which there is aexhibition of pyramids from around the world. The museum aims to highlight the common features of various objects and sculptures to demonstrate the theory of cultural parallelism.


There is also an auditorium where they are screened documentaries on transoceanic expeditions in six different languages ​​and with an adjoining room where four of the boats with which Thor Heyerdahl crossed the main oceans of the planet are presented.

Exhibition on the colonization of Polynesia

Inside the park there is an exhibition on the colonization of Polynesia and Easter Island which aims to make known one of the most beautiful and exciting stories in the world. The exhibition tells the life of Polynesian societies, which for more than a millennium has developed a spectacular culture on the distant and small Easter Island.


In a garden surrounding area of ​​20.000 square meters, the main products of the island's exports or the most particular and unique specimens of flora, which live only in the Canary Islands or in a few other islands, are presented.

Il Secret Garden, in its 1500 square meters, it hosts over 70 species of poisonous plants from all over the world. A unique exhibition of its kind, which contains some of the most dangerous plants in the world. The Secret Garden was conceived to promote the knowledge and conservation of this botanical collection.

The park also offers the opportunity to rest in the relaxation and picnic areas, and organize the presentation of events with cocktails, gala dinners and themed dinners.

Opening Hours

The facility is open every day from 9:30 in the morning until 18:00 in the afternoon. The park is closed on 25 December and 1 January.

Ticket prices

Adult ticket cost (from 13 years upwards) - 18 €

Reduced ticket cost for children (from 7 to 12 years) - € 6,50

Reduced ticket cost for students (up to 30 years) - € 13,50

The ticket includes unlimited access to all exhibitions: the pyramids, visit the museum, the auditorium, the outdoor paths, the sustainable garden, the poison garden and the exhibition on the colonization of Polynesia.

There are also cheaper tickets, but they only include some of the exhibits and exhibits.

How to reach us

The easiest way to get to the Guimar Pyramids Ethnological Park is by renting a car and along the TF-1 highway that connects the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the south of the island.

Contact Us

For more information on the Guimar Pyramids in Tenerife:

Chacona Street, s / n. 38500 Güimar-Tenerife

Phone: +34922514510

Fax: + 34922514511


Official web site:

Pyramids of Guimar (Tenerife): timetables, ticket prices and how to get there
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