Singapore made for children, with history, nature and technology

    Singapore made for children, with history, nature and technologyVisiting Singapore with your family: some useful advice to capture the attention of the little ones with ancient temples, adventurous safaris and 3D simulations.

    On a trip with the whole family to South East Asia, the island state of Singapore is a stop not to be missed, thanks to its countless attractions and the fascinating cultures that animate the life of this safe city and cosmopolitan. As the capital of the state, Singapore offers many attractions suitable for families and especially children, in this short guide we will try to indicate some of the most evocative destinations to visit.

    Singapore is a city where different cultures and traditions coexist side by side forming a unique reality; in fact, in the space of a few kilometers you can almost take a grand tour through all the big ones Asian cultures. Visiting the regional neighborhoods of the city is an opportunity to come into contact with these cultures and immerse yourself in the traditions, colors and traditional cuisines, discovering a world of nuances that will fascinate young and old.

    Starting from Little India, the heart of the Hindu community, you can find the colorful temples dedicated to Indian deities, buy exquisite traditional sweets and miss a triumph of aromas and colors in the spice shops. Chinatown, on the other hand, is the center of the Chinese community, one of the oldest areas of the city, full of gardens and parks where you can relax and let children play. Here, an attraction not to be missed is the Food Playground a structure dedicated to teaching traditional Chinese cuisine to the little ones. Finally, Kampong Glam is the Malay and Muslim neighborhood, today one of the most interesting areas where you can buy small pieces of local crafts, including traditional paper pinwheels and enjoy delicious spiced teas.

    If you are looking for technological attractions, Singapore offers you two structures perfect for your interests: the Science Center and the Discovery Center. The Science Center is a large interactive museum dedicated to scientific education, where children and teenagers can put experiments into practice, see micro ecosystems and spectacular aquariums up close and experience firsthand the principles of physics in kinetic garden, and much more in almost a thousand interactive points. The Discovery Center is a structure dedicated to 3D simulations and virtual reality, with cinemas and interactive attractions to immerse yourself in. In the center there is also a large field dedicated to paint-ball where you can participate in large and harmless family battles between teams armed with paint guns.

    To learn about the recent history of Singapore with the whole family you can visit the Battle-Box, a completely restored bunker dating back to the Second World War and which reconstructs the Allied command center during the war in the Pacific. Visitors can see daily life during the war up close and follow the educational trail on the history of the British command in Singapore; furthermore, the presence of many 3D simulations they make the visit very immersive and engaging.

    If, however, you prefer nature destinations, Singapore can offer you unforgettable experiences to enjoy with the whole family. To discover Singapore's nature and the animals that live in this environment up close, the opportunity is a visit to the Jurong Bird Park, a huge natural park of around 20 hectares where more than 5.000 tropical birds of 400 different species live. The park is designed as an ark for the biodiversity and allows you to observe many very rare birds in their natural environment, but also special "guests" such as penguins, flamingos and cormorants. In the visitor center it is possible to take an internal tour of the park and see the activities "behind the scenes", distributing food to the animals and even getting up close to the majestic Macaw parrots. The main attraction of the park is the enormous aviary in which hundreds of birds live free in a corner of the jungle: it is possible to observe them bathing in the central lake, where a 30 meter high waterfall plunges.

    For an adventurous trip with the whole family in Singapore the most sought after attraction is the night safari in the jungle of the natural park. Opened in 1994, the park was the first of its kind dedicated to nocturnal animals in their natural environment; inside you can see Asian elephants, tapirs, tigers and panthers. Obviously the less dangerous animals are free in the park and it is possible to approach them, while the more ferocious ones, such as Bengal tigers, live in fenced areas. The park can also be visited during the day, but it is at night that the peak of the adventure is reached: you set off to explore the rainforest on off-road vehicles and the park guides will show you the most spectacular inhabitants of the park, such as elephants and rhinos; if you prefer a more silent approach, you can also take walks in the park and admire the jungle becoming a concert in the evening, when the birds in the park start to sing.

    Finally, if you prefer to relax on the beach and have water games available for the little ones, the ideal destination for your trip is the island of Sentosa, the one with the most beautiful beaches in Singapore. Located to the south of the main island, Sentosa can be easily reached thanks to the fast monorail that connects it to the city center and from which you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view. On the island there are numerous resorts and entertainment for children and families, including the famous theme park Universal Studios Singapore, and the maritime museum, but the main attraction is the spectacular almost 3 km long white sand beach in the southern part of the island.

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