Where to sleep in Singapore: the best neighborhoods to stay

Traveling to Singapore is often considered expensive. Even though the cost of living here is higher than in other Southeast Asian countries, it is quite possible visit Singapore without spending much. And this also applies to finding a accommodation to stay. To sleep in singapore you will find hotels of different price ranges and for all tastes.

In this article we will try to give some tips to find the best neighborhood to stay in Singapore, describing the advantages / disadvantages of each area.

Where to sleep in Singapore: the best neighborhoods to stay

The best areas to sleep in Singapore

The city of Singapore is quite large, but very well served by the subway. If you are going to be alone one or two days in Singapore, it is important to stay in a very well located neighborhood, because every minute will be precious to discover the city.

However, if you are planning to visit Singapore in 4 or 5 days the location of the hotel will be less important… The choice of the neighborhood in this case will depend more on the budget and / or on what the area offers in general.

To start discovering where to sleep in Singapore, here are some of the main neighborhoods. Those listed here correspond to districts worthy of tourist interest. We have left out the residential areas, which are not usually visited during a trip to Singapore!

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is there main trade route of Singapore. It is a very modern, luxurious and elegant area full of upscale shops and malls. 

Located in the city center, this long stretch of shopping is lined with hotels, restaurants of all cuisines and shops for all tastes. 

It is a perfect option for those looking to shop or be in one of Singapore's most elegant and chic areas, but not for those who want to be close to Singapore's main attractions or those on a modest budget. Most of the hotels are 4 and 5 star with rather expensive prices.

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Chinatown is a great area to sleep in Singapore. It is a very central and lively ethnic neighborhood. The illuminated streets are dotted with cafes and antique shops. Crucible of cultures and religions, Chinatown is also home to a Hindu temple, an Islamic mosque and a Chinese Buddhist temple.

Most of the hotels in Chinatown are small hotels or boutique hotels that offer more moderate prices compared to other areas of Singapore. There are also many hostels and guesthouses.

It is a favorite area among backpackers and tourists with more modest budgets, as in addition to budget accommodation it is also possible to eat and drink at lower prices than Singapore standards.

If you want to get a taste of the atmosphere of one of Singapore's ethnic neighborhoods, this is the best option to stay, but if you are looking for a quieter and more elegant area, this is not the area to choose.

Hotel a Chinatown

Kampong Glam e Bugis

It is in Kampong Glam, along with Bugis, where you will find the Arab and Muslim culture of Singapore. The area is full of markets and bazaars selling Arab-influenced goods or restaurants offering Turkish and Lebanese cuisine. 

There is always something to do in these neighborhoods. There are rows of shops and ancient structures that house art galleries, craft shops and numerous curiosities. This is where the most beautiful mosque in Singapore is located, Sultan Masjid

The neighborhoods are perfect for travelers with a low budget and for those wishing to thoroughly enjoy Singapore's culture. There are many hostels in the area offering cheap and colorful accommodation and inexpensive restaurants with tasty food.

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Marina Bay

Where to sleep in Singapore: the best neighborhoods to stay
Marina Bay Singapore –

Marina Bay is the most spectacular area of ​​Singapore, where many of the city's tourist attractions are concentrated.

It is close to everything and is an elegant, very lively, well-connected area with dining options, bars and nightlife. It is perfect for sleeping in Singapore if the budget allows.

The first-class hotel embellishes the Singapore skyline with three iconic towers Marina Bay Sands, which is the most recognizable landmark of this neighborhood. It includes a world-famous infinity pool, a 24-hour casino and a luxury shopping mall.

Marina Bay hotels are high-end. Plus, a myriad of bars, restaurants, cafes and places like SkyPark e Gardens by the Bay make Marina Bay an unmissable arena.

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Much of the Downtown corresponds to the financial area. This part of the city is dominated by skyscrapers with hardly any historic buildings. It borders Marina Bay and Chinatown. It is a good option to sleep in Singapore as it is very well positioned and you can also walk to areas like Clarke Quay.

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Little India

It's easy to forget you're in Singapore when walking the streets of Little India. The area is one funny capsule of Indian culture. Sari, the smell of curry, fabric shops, flower and spice stalls punctuate the commercial life of the neighborhood. Everything is sold here, from flower garlands to Bollywood DVDs and vintage curios.

The area has its own fermata MRT Little India at the end of the main road as well excellent connections to the bus network

The neighborhood is a magnet for backpackers, looking to find an alternative experience in the city, in addition to a cheaper stay in the famous and expensive country. Here you will find cute boutique hotels and hostels, as well as inexpensive restaurants. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on sleeping in Singapore, this is clearly where you should stay!

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Singapore docks

It is an area with excellent communications by public transport. It is perfect for those looking for a lively area with shops, bars, restaurants.

Boat Quay is a lively place, located upstream of the mouth of the Singapore River on its southern bank.

Clarke quay it is the centerpiece of all night parties. From late-night discos to interesting cafes, Clarke Quay is popular with both locals and travelers.

Robertson Quay used to be one of the three largest piers at the source of the Singapore River, and is now an urban neighborhood home to a variety of restaurants, pubs, cafes, condominiums, offices and other recreational facilities.

The hotels around the three docks are luxurious and often stylishly designed, surrounded by museums and one animated social scene. It's simple to grab a taxi or local bus from all docks and explore all that Singapore has to offer.

Find a hotel on Clarke Quay Find a hotel on Boat Quay 


Geylang used to be Singapore's red light district, but the area has seen rapid development and has now become primarily one residential area with beautiful traditional 19th century houses. Geylang is a quiet neighborhood and is the place to stay and experience Singapore's daily life.

The neighborhood offers several cheap accommodations in elegantly decorated old buildings and is a great place to sleep in the notoriously expensive city of Singapore. Geylang does not have its own MRT station, but other popular neighborhoods are within easy walking distance.

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The best hotel to sleep in Singapore!

As we have already mentioned in this post, if you plan to stay at least 3 or 4 nights in Singapore to discover the city, the location of the area is not essential. You can easily get around on the subway.

Choosing the best area to sleep in Singapore is more of a personal choice, a choice that focuses more on the style of neighborhood you want to sleep in: a modern neighborhood or rather a more traditional neighborhood. 

Furthermore, the budget you intend to invest in your accommodation in Singapore can push you to one area rather than another. The Little India district is for example the neighborhood where we find most of the hotels or guesthouses at low prices!

From our point of view, i best places to sleep in Singapore I'm:

Hotel a Downtown Core

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore - one of the most charming hotels in Singapore. Very different from Marina Bay Sands, the hotel offers a great view of Singapore, a magnificent swimming pool and the building is very refined! Definitely to choose if the budget allows it.

Hotel a Chinatown

Parkroyal on Pickering - Another of Singapore's iconic buildings, inspired by the idea of ​​a 'hotel in a garden', the Parkroyal on Pickering is the ultimate in futuristic urban design in the city. Staying in this super special hotel is like living in a utopian future of a green city, with open spaces overflowing with waterfalls and tropical greenery.

Carlton City Hotel Singapore - excellent modern hotel located in a great location in Singapore, close to China Town and Raffles Place.

Hotel a Little India

Wanderlust - Located inside a 20s building in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Little India, this budget option is all about fun design choices. Colorful rooms and a terrace with jacuzzi that can be used free of charge. Excellent smartphone solution that is given to customers with internet and phone calls included.

J8 Hotel - is located in the Lavender district, more or less between Little India and Kampong Glam. For a double room it takes from 60 to 70 euros per night. Good location near Lavender Metro (MRT) station, the line that leads to the airport.

Hotel a Kampong Glam

The Sultan - The hotel is located in a typical Malay district building. The architecture is very beautiful and the hotel very comfortable. A double room costs around 70/80 euros per night. To stay in Singapore in the Kampong Glam district, this is the place to go ...

Mercure Singapore Bugis - You can have a fantastic relaxing stay in this contemporary and stylish hotel, which mixes a fusion of cultures in its design. The hotel is located in the lively Kampong Glam and Bugis area, with lots of trendy restaurants and bars. The MRT is nearby and it will be easy to explore other areas of the city as well.


Where to sleep in Singapore: the best neighborhoods to stay
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