What to see in Singapore: entry documents, destinations and things not to be missed

    What to see in Singapore: entry documents, destinations and things not to be missedWhat to see in Singapore? It is the main question of many tourists who land in the great city-state. Let's find out the answer together

    Many travelers ask themselves what to see in Singapore passing through South-East Asia. The small state has undergone a real commercial boom in recent years and the various islands on which the city-state is located are sought-after holiday destinations for many foreign tourists. The total area on which Singapore extends is approximately 700 square kilometers and is a true self-administered city, similar to many Western megacities such as Milan, London, Paris or Berlin. The country, in the past rich in various historical events of significant importance, is one of the most technologically developed on the entire globe. Its GDP is very large despite the small size of this state and many Western economists wonder what its secret is. Furthermore, it is a cvery open city you have tourists

    Suffice it to say, that to enter the city and start understanding what to see in Singapore you don't need anything at all the tourist visa. All you need is an Italian citizen's passport with a residual validity of at least 6 months. This requirement is also necessary to continue the journey to other states located in this geographical area. If you are traveling with minors, you should present other documents to the border officials. It must also be remembered that a visa is not necessary for tourism if the stay in Singapore is less than 90 days. Otherwise you must request the appropriate visa in one of the local administrative bodies. There is no limit on importing the currency, however you cannot export sums exceeding 30.000 Singapore dollars from the country. Upon entry into Singapore you will have to declare what you intend to import into the State.

    It is not permitted to import alcohol in quantities exceeding one liter of beer, wine or various spirits. The maximum quantity of cigarettes allowed is equal to a pack of 20 per person. I am drugs prohibited or psychotropic substances, fireworks, erotic or obscene publications and endangered wildlife species. To travel with animals, a specific authorization from the Veterinary Authority of Singapore is required. We recommend starting the discovery of what to see in Singapore from the neighborhood of Little India. As the name suggests, this area of ​​Singapore is completely dedicated to Indian culture. On the streets of this area of ​​the city you can hear the typical music of India, see the colors everywhere, smell the spicy incense in the air and go shopping among the various local stalls.

    In Singapore, as in India, it is possible to see how many cultures and religions live in perfect peace and harmony. Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus and others live here helping each other. All divided by a few streets. Absolutely worth visiting are the Gardens of the Bay (Gardens by the Bay). It is also a place full of wonderful colors and vegetation. The architectural structures of the place are truly at the forefront of the latest architectural discoveries. The garden project is still expanding, although it has already won many admirers around the world. And from the park you can immediately reach the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. The latter is an immense hotel complex made up of 3 skyscrapers of more than 60 floors each.

    And as if all this wasn't already enough to make it worthwhile the visual impact truly incredible, a ship measuring over 3 square kilometers is resting on top of the 12 structures. You can climb to the top using a ladder and once you emerge on the large ship and look down, you will certainly not regret having worked hard. On the way down, you might consider going to another very similar facility: l’Infinity Edge Pool. The pool is located in the Marina Bay Sands area and is a gigantic construction overlooking Singapore. However, to bathe in it you must be a customer of the local hotel. Normal rooms are, of course, very expensive, but sometimes there are real super offers, thanks to which you can get a room at a fair price.

    Another neighborhood to pay attention to is Clarke Quay. It is the typical modern area of ​​Singapore: tall, very colorful buildings frame the local supermarkets and arcades. Furthermore, there are several fountains that should be admired at night, when the local lighting colors the water in brilliant colours. Finally, a good idea might be to go to the neighborhood of China Town. Here there are very crowded temples, typical restaurants where you can taste Chinese cuisine, oriental houses, stalls with various sweets and so on. All this against the backdrop of majestic skyscrapers. Not far away are also the famous Singapore Botanic Gardens, where more than 400 varieties of flowers, including orchids, are grown.

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