Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

Yes Stockholm is expensive. But the food is delicious and it is so beautiful that a few days are not enough.

In any case I have tried to group in this article what to see in Stockholm e 4 unusual things to do to live an unforgettable experience in this city assuming a 3 days itinerary.

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

Stockholm, my favorite northern capital!

The first thing I did as soon as I arrived in Stockholm was to go straight to the Visitor Center in Sergel Torg to find material on what to see in the city, where to eat, itineraries and places of interest, tours and events.

Just think that in the city there are more than 70 museums, many of which are unmissable and you realize that a whole month would not be enough to see everything.

First di visit Stockholm I thought it was a city a bit cold and gray, but already after the first hours spent in the city I realized that I was very wrong. Stockholm is a cheerful and lively city, a churning out of artistic trends and the cradle of design and fashion.

Every night in the city all kinds of events take place, musical, theatrical, the open places in which to spend a few hours with friends follow one after the other and the restaurants are often packed with people and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.


If you stay in Stockholm for 3 days and plan to visit as many things as possible, it is Stockholm Pass it is really convenient and saves you money. In fact, it includes the entrance to more than 60 of Stockholm's most important attractions and museums such as the Vasa Museum, the Skansen and Royal Palace, and boats and all free transport on public transport in the city

1 day

Old Town

Absolutely the first thing to see, indeed to visit since it is the old city, Old Town. Built on one of the central islands in the 13th century, it is a neighborhood of tangled streets and yellow, red and green houses. Here you will find the Royal Palace, Duomo Storkyrkan, The Knights' Church and the shopping streets: in VĂ€sterlĂ„nggatan street and Öster LĂ„nggatan the souvenir shops follow one after the other even if they are a little expensive and I would not recommend you to shop here.

Royal Palace

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

Royal Palace

Built between 1697 and 1754, the palace is located in the eastern part of the old city and is open to the public only when it does not host dignitaries.

The centerpiece of the visit are undoubtedly the sumptuous apartments, but you can visit the royal apartments, the museum of the crown the treasure and the museum of antiquity of Gustavo 3.

Other things to see: the Museum of medieval Stockholm, Nobel Museum and Cathedral.

An unusual and fun way to learn about Gamla Stan's story is to join a ghost tour: a walking tour through the charming neighborhood through its streets and squares full of memories and suggestions, legends and popular tradition.

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

The ghost tour, a nice and alternative way to visit Gamla Stan

The stories that are told by the "storytellers" are the result of a mix of long historical research and legends of popular folklore, nothing that is told is invented.

A new and electrifying itinerary to get to know the old city, exploring its darkest part through stories of medieval murders, haunted hotels and ancient secrets.


From Gamla Stan it is a few steps to get to the island of Riddarholmen where once there were the houses of the old nobility, now almost all used as offices.

And here the second unusual thing you can do is see Stockholm from a different point of view:
attend one of the Stockholm rooftop tour and enjoy the view of the city together with a good dose of healthy adrenaline!

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

See Stockholm from an unusual perspective and full of adrenaline ...

City Hall

La City Hall of Stockholm is a historic brick building and one of the things most loved by tourists. From the tower (40 SEK) you can enjoy the most beautiful view of Gamla stan and the city. The three golden crowns on top symbolize the union of Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

National Museum

Il National Museum it houses works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Goya, Renoir, Degas, and Gauguin as well as works of art by Swedish artists such as Carl Larsson.

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

The City Hall seen from its essential element: water!

Modern Museum

A large museum of modern art that houses artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. I am not a fan of modern art, but if you are, you will find this museum one of the best in Scandinavia.

Perched atop a knoll on Skeppsholmen Island, il Modern Museum it houses works of great value by artists such as Picasso and Chagall, Salvador DalĂŹ, Matisse and Andy Warhol.

In the Museum there is also a café with a view of the Baltic Sea.

For dinner not to be missed The Golden Peace, one of the oldest restaurants in Stockholm and built in an atmospheric medieval cellar in the old town (Stortorget 3).

2 day

Archipelago tour

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

Studying what to see in Stockholm during the archipelago tour

You can start the day by taking part in a Stockholm archipelago tour. Absolutely to do if you want to know such an important aspect of this city born and raised on its islands.

THEStockholm archipelago it is made up of thousands of islands and islets and in my opinion it is the most beautiful side of the city. Most of the islands can be visited in the summer and many Stockholmers have their holiday homes here.

There are organized tours that depart at every hour and from various points of the city, each with a different itinerary, but if you want to save money the trick is to take the public ferries that shuttle between the various islands!

In alternative

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

Stadion tunnelbana station

La Stockholm metro (T-bana, or Tunnelbana) is practically an underground art museum. The Tunnelbana runs on three lines (red, green and blue) for almost 108 km of tracks and of which more than 90 of the 110 colorful stations host works of art by 150 artists.

Just buy a metro ticket to be able to visit them.

The stations that I liked the most when I took part in a guided tour were:

Blue Line: KungstrÀdgÄrden (where an archaeological excavation with Roman columns has even been set up) - T-centralen (whose walls are covered with masaici of small tiles and reliefs from the 50s) - RÄdhuset (a red cave) - Solna Centrum - Tensta .

Green Line: Hötorget - Thorildsplan (where the artist Lars Arrhenius was inspired by pacman and super Mario)

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

The metro station Tekniska Högskolan

Red line: Stadion (a cave with a blue ceiling and a huge rainbow) - Tekniska Högskolan (technical figures and sculptures representing the universe and the four elements).

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from June to August it is possible to participate in a free tour (Art Walk) which tells this unusual side of the city. The only thing you need is a metro ticket.

It is not necessary to book, just be found before 3pm at the T-Centralen stop.

Historiska Museum (Swedish Museum of National Antiquities)

Unlike modern art that I'm not a fan of, museums like theHistorical I really like them a lot.
I am passionate about history and this museum covers all the history from the time of the Vikings up to the Stone Age.
Detailed, interesting and very informative, in my opinion one of the must-see of the city.

Vasa Museum

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

He Vasa

Especially if you have the Stockholm Pass, which gives you free access to practically all the museums in the city, choosing one to visit can be an impossible task. But if only one were to be chosen, I would have no doubts: the Vasa Museum!!!

Imagine being in the 1600s, you are among the 10,000 people who from the port of Stockholm, at the gunfire, see the largest and most majestic vessel ever built in the entire history of the Swedish naval fleet launch. Here you are at the Vasa.

A giant room built around a 17th century vessel practically intact and recovered from the depths of the sea, where it spent more than 300 years, to be here today and give us this show.
I liked it so much that I went there twice.

For fans of fairy tales: you can't miss the Junibacken, right next to the Vasa: the History Train will take you on a fantastic tour through the magical world of Astrid Lindgren's fairy tales.

The online ticket of the Vasa lo found here with a visit to the island of Djurgaarden

ABBA Museum

One of the novelties of Stockholm. The museum dedicated to the most famous Swedish pop group of all time is the ideal place if you want to spend a couple of hours lightly, listening to music and dancing. A little expensive in my opinion, but if you love or have loved in the past the Mamma Mia group you can't miss it!

Here you can buy the ticket for the ABBA museum

Nordic Museum

A museum to visit if you want to get to know the Swedes better! The museum has exhibits covering life, work, fashions and traditions in Sweden from the 16th century to the present day.

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

From right to left: the Vasa Museum, Junibacken and the Nordic Museum

Spirit Museum

A museum never seen anywhere else in my life. Yet in Stockholm there is! Set up inside two naval palaces from the 18th century, lo The Spirit Museum is dedicated to the bittersweet relationship of the Swedes with alcohol. An unforgettable tour of aperitifs, cocktails and tastings.


On all catalogs and on the web Skansen is always counted as a must see in Stockholm.

It is located on the island of DjurgÄrden which is part of the urban National Park Ecoparks. I haven't been there but it definitely deserves a mention. The first open-air museum in the world, as well as its zoological garden specializing in Nordic fuana where you can see moose, wolves, reindeer, bears and other animals characteristic of the great North.

It is located on the island of DjurgÄrden and has more than 150 historic buildings as well as artisan shops, craft workshops, shops, restaurants and from its hills you can photograph beautiful views of the city.

Skansen's visit keeps you busy all morning. Next to the park is the Rosendal garden café, where you can stop for lunch in the greenhouse, in the courtyard or under the apple orchard.

You can buy the ticket for the Skansen open-air museum

If, like me, you prefer to see free and wild animals in their natural habitat, take part in a wildlife safari!

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

What to do unusual in Stockholm? Go on a wildlife Safari and try to spot moose, deer and wild boar!

It sounds amazing but in Stockholm you just have to take the car and drive about half an hour for find yourself outside the city in the wild forest.
Here you have the opportunity to meet the other "inhabitants of Sweden", the wild animals!

The best time for observing elk, deer and wild boar is twilight, when in the calm of the evening the animals push themselves out of the dense and impenetrable canopy of the trees to search for water and food in the wheat fields.

After a few hours of safari, satisfied with our "encounters", we finished the evening with a lavish picnic on the lake in front of the spectacle of Swedish "nights without a night".

Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

Nightless nights around Stockholm during the Wildlife Safari dinner

3 day

Rent a bike

One of the best ways to see Stockholm is definitely on two wheels of a bike since in addition to the fact that the rent is cheap, the cycle paths wind practically all over the city.

Stockholm is the ideal city for cycling and you can tell by the reserved lanes that develop throughout the city.

Östermalmshallen covered market

A few steps from the Östermalmstorg Tunnelbana stop is this covered market which is truly one of Stockholm's institutions. The glittering and colorful shop windows have continued to attract people since 1888, the year it opened.
You cannot resist the choice of cheeses, salmon, oysters and caviar, brioche and cinnamon cakes found in this place.
Not to mention the famous venison or reindeer meatballs, one of the most authentic flavors of Swedish cuisine.


Sodermalm is Stockholm's most hipster neighborhood. here there are numerous fashionable boutiques but not only, it is also perfect for buying objects and crafts.

What are my preferences? Designtorget in Götgatan 31 e Konsthantverkarna in Södermalmstorg 4 !!


Stockholm, What to See and 4 Really Unusual Things to Do

Showcase of Newton in photography

This beautiful museum is located on the northwestern shore of Sodermalm and you don't have to be a photography enthusiast to be amazed by the world's largest exhibition of contemporary images.

Il fotografiska it was inaugurated in 2010 and hosts at least 20 photographic exhibitions every year: the part that I liked the most was the part dedicated to reportage photography, but here there are all the genres you could wish for. Beautiful exhibitions dedicated to Greta Garbo and photos of the eternal Bryan Adams.

The museum also houses a restaurant and café, both with large windows and stunning views of the bay.
A tip: avoid the restaurant which is a little expensive and the portions are not abundant, better choose the coffee, the view is the same.

If you want to buy books or souvenirs, there is also a shop at the Fotografiska.

The museum only accepts credit cards and cannot be paid in cash. If you want you can buy your ticket online here.

Open until 23pm is a fantastic choice for after dinner as most of Stockholm's other museums close around 17pm.

For dinner the choices in Sodermalm are not lacking, but in my opinion the best places are The mill, the oldest brewery in the city (which was recommended to me by Visitsweden) or the vegetarian restaurant Hermans with fixed price buffet.

Hermans – FjĂ€llgatan 23B
Kvarnen - in TjÀrhovsgatan 4.

Alternatively on the last day you could take a day trip up to Drottningholm Palace, the residence of the Swedish royal family.

I have visited Stockholm twice this year and the city has become one of my absolute favorites in Europe.


Most of the attractions listed here are included with the Stockholm Pass which also saves you money. In fact, it includes the entrance to more than 60 of Stockholm's most important attractions and museums such as the Vasa Museum, the Skansen and Royal Palace, canal tours and all transport on public transport in the city

I want to say thank you to Visit Sweden e Visit Stockholm which supported me and gave me a lot of interesting insights on what to see in Stockholm.

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