The 7 Best Free Tours of Rome

Why Rome did it make me fall in love? I'm not joking, ask anyone who knows me: for me it is simply the most beautiful city in the world.

Rome is an open-air museum, one of the destinations you must visit (at least) once in your life. And if you fear for your wallet, I have great news: a trip to Rome is not necessarily expensive, in fact there are many options to enjoy the city without spending a single euro: one of them is the free tour!

The 7 Best Free Tours of Rome

Why take a free tour of Rome?

In fact, many of the most interesting places in the city are included in the famous free tours or free tours: in this article I thought I'd write you i free tour you can find!

Undoubtedly, these free tours are one of the best ways not only to save money, but also to learn how to orient yourself in the city, both to get to know Rome with a local guide, visiting the most important points but also delving into curiosities and urban legends, both if you wish. save money.

Now I don't miss a free tour anymore! Generally they are the first thing I do as soon as I arrive in a city I do not know: first of all because they help me to learn more about the history, second because they lead me to the discovery of interesting places that I can then deepen by going to visit them alone.

To finish: participating in a tour with a real guide also has the enormous advantage that at the end of the tour you can ask for information on where to eat and on particular places to visit.

In short, the free tours are in my opinion cool and in fact I never miss a single one anymore.

In Rome there are plenty of free tours, offered by different agencies, so in this post I will tell you which ones are 5 best free tours of Rome so you can decide which best suits your tastes or how many to attend.

Free tour of Rome: what you need to know

The 7 Best Free Tours of Rome

Not sure what free tours are?

First, let me tell you something: at the end of each free tour you will be asked for a tip and it will be up to you, depending on how satisfied you are, to decide how much to leave, so let's say they are not completely free.

The truth is that I really liked all the free tours I've done: the guides are very serious and they put a lot of effort into giving their best. This means that I always leave a tip because I believe it is okay to leave it.

How much to tip?

This is also up to you: usually Massi and I leave 5 to 10 € per person, depending on the guide, of the country (10 € in countries like Colombia, for example, is a good good tip, but in Finland, of course no) and the number of people who attended. It's a totally personal decision and you don't have to give more than you think the guide deserves.

And on the guides? Are they licensed guides?

This is one of the reasons why for so many years it was possible to do free tours in many countries in Europe and not in Italy. Now something has to be changed because it is possible to find free tours not only in Rome but also in many other cities from the North to the South of the boot.

Now, let's see what they are the best free tours in Rome:

1 - Free Tour of Classic Rome

It is the most classic tour, the one that takes you to know in 2 hours Rome with an expert guide, visiting i unmissable places in the capital: Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Colonna, Agrippa's Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

Let yourself be surprised by the charm of Eternal City.

In case there are many people you will also be given an audio guide so that, even in crowded places, you do not miss a word of the guide.

Being a classic and very popular tour It is important to register early to secure a spot: don't worry, you can delete it! In fact, if for some reason you decide not to participate it is important to cancel the tour so that:

  • the guide is not waiting for you
  • vacate the place for other people who failed to register in time

You can find out the details of the tour HERE and book your seat

2 - Free evening tour of Rome and its mysteries

This tour of the main attractions of Rome (with the soft lights of the evening) starts from Piazza Venezia and takes you to discover its mysteries!

Ready to discover Rome by night?

From Piazza Venezia you will head towards Largo di Torre Argentina, to observe its splendid four Roman temples, then towards Campo dei Fiori and Piazza Navona to discover the mysteries and legends concerning these extraordinary places

You will reach the Pantheon, one of the most famous monuments in Rome, and the remains of the Temple of Hadrian, preserved in Piazza di Pietra, until you reach the Trevi Fountain, where by throwing a coin, you can make a wish.

After two hours spent together, discovering the treasures of Rome, the tour ends in Piazza di Spagna.

You can find out the details of the tour HERE and book your seat

3 - Trastevere, Isola Tiberina and the Ghetto

On this free tour you will go to the discovery of some historical districts of the city:

Trastevere, on the right of the Tiber river which was the ancient place where the Etruscan population lived and subsequently immigrants including the Jewish community

Isola Tiberina and later the Jewish quarter: you will walk through the alleys of the district diving back in time when the area was poor. Today this is one of the trendiest areas of Rome with many restaurants where you can taste typical dishes of the Jewish-Roman cuisine.

You can find out the details of the tour HERE and book your seat

4 -Top 6 in Rome

The 7 Best Free Tours of Rome

This free walking tour touches 6 of the most salient points of the city of Rome:

It starts from Coliseum and, crossing the Roman Forum you will reach Piazza Venezia and subsequently the fountain of Trevi.

From here you will reach the Pantheon, the best preserved temple in Rome and transformed into a church, with inside the tomb of the first king of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II and the tomb of the important and famous Italian painter Raphael.

The tour will end in Navona Square where you can observe the beautiful Fountain of the 4 Rivers.

The last surprise of the tour will be the visit of a small “jewel”, a baroque style church that dominates the square

You can find out the details of the tour HERE and book your seat

5 - Tour of the beautiful fountains and squares of Rome

Thanks to the mountains and lakes that surround the capital, since ancient times Rome has always been rich in water and spas and fountains.

Do you think that in Rome there are about 2000 fountains! With this tour you will go to discover the most beautiful of the city, walking up and down the capital and observing the squares and streets accompanied by the voice of the guide who will tell you their history and how they were already important in the past.

You can find out the details of the tour HERE and book your seat

6 - Vatican City Night Tour (English and Spanish)

The 7 Best Free Tours of Rome

The beauty of free tours is that you can book as many as you want! I would also combine a day tour with an evening tour: observing the heart of Rome and the Vatican City after sunset is undoubtedly a sight to take your breath away.

During this tour you will observe some of the most important monuments of the Eternal City, illuminated by Spanish Steps andAra Pacis a Sant'Angelo castel. The tour ends with a bang in Vatican City!

You can find out more and book HERE

7 - Rome Free Walking Tour (English and Spanish)

This is definitely another great tour: you must therefore know English or Spanish (although for us Spanish even if we don't speak it is quite understandable)

On the other hand, these tours have the advantage that they are held every day (from Monday to Sunday) twice a day: in the morning and in the afternoon and have different itineraries.

Il morning tour includes the Spanish Steps, the Temple of Hadrian, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican.

Il afternoon tour instead it includes the Spanish Steps, the Roman Aqueduct, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Venezia, the Roman Forum and the Colosseum (without entering).

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