The best destinations to go to in December and where to spend the Christmas holidays

    As the holiday season approaches and the new year approaches, December is a good time to find cheap flights ed great deals on vacation packages before the start of the holidays.

    In fact, everyone is waiting for the holidays to travel and go on vacation, and so here it is where to go in the first 20-25 days of December, a great time with great offers, but also some tips on where to go for the Christmas holidays.

    For those looking for warmth and beach holidays we recommend the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where the climate is in the middle of summer. Southeast African countries like South Africa, Kenya and Madagascar are an excellent choice for both prices and climate.

    For those who do not want to get far away but love the heat, the sea and the beautiful beaches, Canaries ed Egypt they are the best choice. These last two locations are also an excellent choice during the Christmas holidays, for a sunny Christmas, to be spent by the sea.

    For those who want to stay closer certainly the capitals Central Western Europe and the most famous places for their Christmas markets are the masters. In the central-western European capitals the great cold has not yet arrived, and flight and hotel prices are quite cheap.

    For those who prefer the magical atmosphere of Christmas markets, enjoying mulled wine and gingerbread, Trentino-Alto Adige is the top in Europe. Bolzano, Merano and the other towns are unsurpassed during the pre-holiday period. In Europe some Christmas markets very interesting are those of Strasbourg, Munich and Brussels.

    But let's also see what are some good destinations where to spend the Christmas holidays and celebrate the arrival of the new year.

    THEEurope it is an excellent destination for winter sports lovers, especially during the Christmas holidays with many families, couples and groups of friends who flock to the ski resorts, to enjoy a wonderful white week.

    Le holidays in the mountains in the snow they are perfect for experiencing the magical atmosphere of Christmas, Christmas and New Year's Eve, between snow, fun and skiing. The most popular destinations are the Pyrenees in France e Spain which offer excellent slopes with reasonable prices even during the holidays, and the Austrian, Swiss or Italian Alps.

    In Asia, the month of December is the best time to visit Laos with little rainfall and a temperature not too high yet. In December it is also pleasant to travel to Bangladesh and visit its long beaches, archaeological sites and meet its very friendly people.

    It is also the right time for Maldives because here is the dry season, but the prices are a bit high, as it is the peak season. In Thailand the rains begin to decrease and the temperatures begin to rise, which makes the country an excellent destination if you avoid the typical tourist resorts.

    In Africa, we find the Cameroon with a dry season and a temperate climate, the only thing that could disturb it is the harmattan, the warm wind that blows from the Sahara. The same goes for the Senegal where the temperatures are pleasant. Another destination to report is the Ivory Coast. If you like beach holidays then the Seychelles they are a dream destination, but certainly the prices are a bit high these days.

    In America, Mexico it is a favorite destination in December. But in general all the Caribbean islands including the Jamaica, Cuba, French Antilles and Bahamas, have a strong number of visitors during the festive period thanks to the excellent climate with fairly stable temperatures of around 28 掳 C. If you don't mind the cold then you can visit New York and take part in the megalopolis' lively year-end celebrations.

    In oceania,Australia of the South will certainly satisfy those who are looking for adventure. It is the ideal time for surfing, swimming and for a meeting with the koala, the emu and the opossum, without forgetting the famous laughing kookaburra.

    The best destinations to go to in December and where to spend the Christmas holidays
    Destinations to go in December -
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