The most original playgrounds in the world

There are many around the world parks and recreational areas for children, but also for older kids, recreational spaces where play comes to life and becomes one of the most enjoyable moments of the day.

More and more architects are trying to innovate these areas of entertainment, to create environments in which everyone, not just the little ones, can experiment, use their imagination, explore shapes, colors and structures.

Today, the new playgrounds they can float in the ocean, rise into the air or take the form of a huge colorful crocodile. They are such interesting and original projects that make any adult eager to be a child again.

Discover the different ways to have fun that these architects have thought, with incredible artistic achievements in playgrounds around the world!

Silver Towers Playground di New York

The sculpture created by Tom Otterness in this playground in New York on 42nd Street is shaped like a a giant doll. The extravagant legs of the sculpture are giant ramps where children can go up and then slide down.

The nice arms of the structure hold an observation point around the neck, which can be reached from the shoulders. Numerous small sculptures are hidden or embedded in and around this larger structure.

Kristinebergs Slottspark and Stoccolma

Kristine Slott Park is located in Stockholm. Here we can find gods giant owls, up to 5,5 meters high. The interior of the owls is built with several levels full of stairs, and at night the eyes of these cute reconstructions are illuminated by a bright light.

Brumleby Playground a Copenhagen

The Brumleby Playground consists of three houses, a baker and a bakery. The surface around the houses is made of cast rubber. Here, everything is allowed. There are climbing handles on the walls, slides from the windows and suspension bridges between one house and another.

Liseberg a Gothenburg, Svezia


Located inside the Gothenburg amusement park, children and adults alike have a great opportunity to challenge their skills inside the grand victorian mansion. Inside, a large red net leads to the top of the central tower.

Gulliver park in Valencia, Spain

The most original playgrounds in the world
Gulliver Park in Valencia, Spain -

Entertainment, fantasy and charm all come together at Parque Gulliver in Valencia's Jardines de Turia. The park is unique in the world. Nets, ropes, ladders, passages inside a gigantic Gulliver tangled in ropes, whose clothes and hair provide giant ramps where children can slide feeling like real Lilliputians.

Hakone Open Air Museum in Giappone

Each playground that the Japanese-Canadian artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam realizes, it does not have the classic materials such as steel, wood and brick, but only ropes and threads. Horiuchi MacAdam literally weaves large textile surfaces using crochet techniques.

The result is almost weightless spaces in which children and young people swing, run and play, between flexible and multicolored nets. In the photo, the realization made at the Hakone Open Air Museum in Japan.

The game is part of the education of children, it helps the development of skills, socialization,… Places like these, where it is possible to enjoy every corner, should be a very special experience, which can be given to all the children of the world.

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