What is the longest and shortest flight in the world?

Have you ever thought about what could be the longest and shortest flight in the world? If so, then here you can satisfy your curiosity, on one of the most requested questions among flight and airplane lovers.

Longer flight

The longest flight is the Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore Changi Airport to New York's Newark Airport. The flight covers the distance of 16.700 kilometers with a flight duration of almost 19 hours, depending on the variability of the wind.

To tackle this very long journey, the airline Singapore Airlines has chosen the A350-900 aircraft, one of the few capable of making such a long flight, without sacrificing comfort for passengers and crew.

Previously, this curious and extraordinary record was held by the Australian airline Qantas Airways, with the 17-hour flight from Sydney to Dallas covering nearly 14.000 kilometers.

Shorter flight

The shortest is operated by the Scottish airline Loganair. The total journey between the two islands, Orkney Westray and Papa Westray, takes approximately 47 seconds, depending on the wind. The distance between the 2 islands is 2.7 km and the cost of this flight is around $ 30.

Qantas Airways Flight - Photo from Pxhere

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