The Best Ruin Pubs in Budapest and Where to Find Them [with MAP]

You are planning a trip to the capital of Hungary and you already know that you will not be able to miss a visit to one or more ruin pub di budapest, real? If you visit the Hungarian capital, you can't help but indulge in a few hours of relaxation in front of a good drink or a nice dance session with live music!

If you are looking for a guide to inform you about the best ruin pubs in Budapest, you are reading the right post!

The Best Ruin Pubs in Budapest and Where to Find Them [with MAP]

Spending a few hours in a ruin pub will be an experience to remember, a moment of evening relaxation in a truly original atmosphere.

Before telling you which are the best ruin pubs in the city, let's tell you how they were born and why they became so famous and popular.

Are you ready to leave for Hungary and its splendid capital?

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The ruin pubs: what they are

The Best Ruin Pubs in Budapest and Where to Find Them [with MAP]

I ruin pubs are pubs / bars, some with catering service, which have found their headquarters in disused premises and not particularly in excellent condition. Budapest had numerous dilapidated buildings that, over time, have become real meeting places for city evenings.

Ruins dating back to the Second World War or to the era of Soviet control, now in disuse, have come back to life, helping to give a new face to city areas and entire neighborhoods.

The literal meaning could startle: "ruin" means "ruin" and one would expect a decidedly decadent and not very attractive place: nothing could be more wrong! Ruin pubs are real super cool places in Budapest, with interior furnishings studied in every detail, a mix between old-fashioned and technology, between art and color theory!

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Inside you can drink, eat, spend hours in company, listen to good music and in many cases you have the opportunity to attend very popular screenings, events and cultural moments.

How did ruin pubs come about?

The ruin pubs were born recently (the oldest one is about fifteen years old), but they immediately became a very popular local and tourist attraction.

The main purpose of the conception of these pubs was to redevelop the many abandoned buildings in dilapidated conditions in the city, especially in the historic center. Budapest is a wonderful city but history has not been kind to it.

The ability of the local citizens to create something new and attractive from the ruined buildings was a winning idea, driven by the enterprising spirit of the Budapest citizens who were able to give a new life to many areas of the city, also creating lively commercial flows. and a real tourist attraction.

Imagine an old building, with numerous architectural and decadent defects; then imagine entering it and finding a welcoming place, full of lights and colors, where you can drink something good and where there is no lack of company.

Here, this is what you will find in ruin pubs!

The best ruin pubs in Budapest

The Best Ruin Pubs in Budapest and Where to Find Them [with MAP]

We have created especially for you a list of Budapest's ruin pubs that you can find during your stroll around the Hungarian capital.

Our advice is to choose the ones you like best and check their programs, both daily and evening ones: in fact, you can listen to some good hours of music by attending a live concert, or attend some special event, wander around the farmer's market stalls and improvise ping pong tournaments.

Some ruin pubs are perfect for super young and super cool nightlife, some turn into real discos during the night while others are perfect for those who want to relax, have a drink and have a chat.

You will find ruin pubs that organize art exhibitions, others that will offer you a spectacular view of the city and others that will make you taste local and foreign specialties.

Let's choose together which place is right for you by reading the list below with the best ruin pubs in Budapest!

1. Corvin Ceiling

The Best Ruin Pubs in Budapest and Where to Find Them [with MAP]

The first ruin pub that we present to you, strictly in alphabetical order so as not to make too many preferences and not to influence you at all, is the Corvin Ceiling, a place located above a supermarket with a spectacular terrace that makes it unique and popular for the splendid view over the city.

If you love loud music, this is the place for you: here you can dance great!

If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy the panorama of the city while sipping a drink and observing the splendid Budapest, the Corvin Teto cannot fail to be a stop on your journey to discover the ruin pubs!

Address: Blaha Lujza tĂ©r 1-2. near Ferenciek tere, Budapest 1052. Open Thursday to Saturday from 21:00 to 06:00.

Attention: Corvin Teto is currently closed!

2. Quiet Vintage Bar & Café

The Best Ruin Pubs in Budapest and Where to Find Them [with MAP]

photocredit Quiet Vintage Bar & Café

Here we are in the center of Budapest and it Quiet it is the ideal place if you are looking for a quiet ruin bar, a place to have a chat without too much hustle and bustle.

Waiting for you will find very high ceilings and areas used as a café during the Austro-Hungarian Empire: from that time there are some decorations that you can admire and which contribute to creating a retro-chic atmosphere in perfect ruin bar style.

The large spaces and large windows make it a very popular place to visit during your sightseeing tour of the city.

Address: Ferenczy IstvĂĄn u. 5. (Magyar u.) 1053

3. Box

Il Box it is definitely the least "ruin" ruin pub of all! It is very refined in the furniture, modern and definitely in line with the coolest standards in terms of clubs! In short, few “ruins” in this ruin pub!

Two rooms await you here and it's the perfect place if you feel like dancing late into the night.

Address: Klauzal utca 10, Budapest 1072. 


4. DĂŒrer Kert

The Best Ruin Pubs in Budapest and Where to Find Them [with MAP]

Photocredit: DĂŒrer Kert

This ruin pub is housed in a building that, many years ago, was used as a university.

Let's say that he kept the student spirit by making ping pong tables and darts available to customers, not to forget the glorious years of his university education and his carefree hours.

within the DĂŒrer Garden there is a courtyard that is generally used for performing live music artists, complete with a stage and high-tech instrumentation.

A very suggestive place to return to students if we are no longer students!

Address: Ajtosi Durer sor 21., Budapest 1146. Open Monday-Saturday (17: 00-5: 00), Sunday (17: 00-12: 00).


5. Hanger House

The Best Ruin Pubs in Budapest and Where to Find Them [with MAP]

Il Hanger House it is a ruin pub of modest size and decidedly quieter than others, it is a very picturesque place with common objects scattered and hanging that are transformed into forms of art.

In this ruin pub art reigns supreme, in fact it is not uncommon for themed exhibitions and events to be organized.

Not being a club, it is perfect for listening to some good music but also having the opportunity to have a chat with friends without being too disturbed by the surrounding hustle and bustle!

Address: Akacfa utca 51, Budapest 1073. Open daily from 16:00 to 06:00.


6. Instant

A few images of the events organized in this ruin pub are enough to understand how much fun you can have, how many colors and how many people!

The Instant has the distinction of being the largest ruin pub in all of Budapest: it extends, in fact, into the premises of an entire building!

It is so big that evenings with music are organized, in perfect disco style, welcoming a huge number of people!

L'Instant is a very famous ruin pub, so if you don't really want to meet too many people and go wild to the rhythm of the music, we recommend that you choose a quieter one, like the Fogas HĂĄz!

Address: Akacfa Utca 49-51, Budapest 1072. Open daily from 22:00 to 06:00. 

7. Mazel Tov

Il Mazel Tov is a ruin pub with a chic charm: it is located in the Jewish quarter of the city and even if the outside "in ruins" can be deceiving, inside there are tasteful furnishings, elegant materials and finishes, trendy cocktails, tasty dishes and refined.

The cuisine that you can enjoy inside the Mazel Tov is excellent, a mix of dishes from the Jewish and Mediterranean culture, but there are also some oriental dishes and the mythical Hungarian wines.

A sought-after place with many and varied proposals, especially culinary!

Address: Akacfa utca 47, Budapest 1073. Open Monday-Tuesday (12: 00-13: 00), Wednesday-Friday (12: 00-2: 00), Saturday-Sunday (10: 00-2: 00).


8. Szatyor Bar

Il Bag Bar it is not frequented by young people and teenagers, so it proves to be the perfect place if you are no longer really kids and if you want to be around adults rather than students.

This ruin bar is actually located in a very well renovated building, but inside it has many characteristics of the trendy clubs in Budapest, with colorful and heterogeneous furnishings. Here you can eat and drink in a very quiet and very special atmosphere.

Address: Bartok Bela ut 36, Budapest 


9. Simple Garden

The Best Ruin Pubs in Budapest and Where to Find Them [with MAP]

Lo Szimpla Kert it is the most famous in all of Budapest. It was one of the first to “rise from the ruins” of a dilapidated building and started a real cool and trendy fashion.

This ruin pub opened its doors in 2004, when the concept of using the city's ruined buildings for trendy businesses had not yet entered the economic routine of the city's nightlife.

While in the evening you can enjoy the trendy and fun-centered atmosphere, during the day you can visit the farmer's market which is organized inside the pub every Sunday morning.

Address: Kazinczy utca 14., Budapest 1075. Open 00: 00-04: 00 on weekdays, 9: 00-04: 00 on Saturdays and 9: 00-5: 00 on Sundays.


10. UdvarRom

THEUdvarRom it's the perfect ruin bar if you don't have a lot of budget but don't want to give up a drink in one of these very popular Hungarian places.

Located in the Jewish quarter, inside you will find a mix of furniture between the old and the new, a set of contrasts and particular combinations that are truly unusual, with decidedly and totally popular prices.

On the ground floor you will find a fast food restaurant while the courtyard inside the building is used as a smoking area.

Address: Clause u. 21, Budapest 1072


Map of the Ruin Pubs in Budapest

Below I have created a map with the best ruin pubs in Budapest marked so that you can find the most comfortable one near you!
Click on the purple dots (with the cocktail drawn) for details on each one!

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