This Italian region has a unique heritage in the world

From James Bond to the longest Tibetan bridge in the world: Basilicata is an increasingly popular destination for tourists seeking unique emotions and adventures
This Italian region has a unique heritage in the world
Stunning view of Matera at sunrise.

An extremely varied territory rich in natural and attractive landscapes that awaken unique emotions. There Basilicata It is a region that speaks directly to the heart, where in a few kilometers you go from the Apennines to the plain, from the sandy coasts of the Ionian Sea to the cliffs of the Tyrrhenian Sea, from the uncontaminated nature of the parks to the cities of art.

And it is precisely thanks to this diversity and richness that it is possible to live unique outdoor experiences, follow constantly changing thematic itineraries, discover the history of places through innovative and engaging tools, such as applications and video games. And then lose yourself in the genuine and authentic flavors of a land full of goodness and surprises, all to be discovered.

This Italian region has a unique heritage in the world
Splendid view of Matera at dawn.

The cultural heritage of Basilicata, between cities and towns.

When you mention Basilicata, you immediately think of the famous Matera and its Sassi, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO along with the park of rock churches, as well as the characteristic stone houses that create a unique landscape of enchanting beauty, especially at fall the night, with the lights that accentuate its magic and make it resemble a nativity scene.

Gateway to the wonders of Lucania, Matera is rediscovered as a glamorous destination along with its beauty. Maratea, thanks to the latest 007 “No Time To Die”. In one of the longest and most adrenaline-filled sequences of the film, James Bond's famous car travels at full speed along the road that goes from Sapri to the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea located in the Gulf of Policastro, between steep rocks, vegetation and sea, until The impressive landscape introduces viewers to the magic of the city of Sassi.

Elegance and hospitality distinguish Potenza, the highest capital of Italy at 819 meters above sea level, with a rich historical and cultural heritage, harmoniously bringing together medieval buildings and modern architecture.

But Basilicata is also made up of many small towns, fascinating and evocative, which hide fortresses and castles, churches and monasteries and a cultural heritage that includes historical and artistic treasures, archaeological and thematic museums, literary parks, art galleries, observatories and planetariums. Lovers of history and art will find in this region an area truly rich in itineraries and cultural proposals to discover.

The impressive view from the longest Tibetan bridge in the world.

There are many attractions that make Basilicata increasingly sought after. like the extraordinary Castelsaraceno Bridge, the longest Tibetan bridge in the world, connecting the Lucan Apennines National Park with the Pollino Park.

Inaugurated in the summer of 2021, it runs longitudinally along the Racanello canyon in a very suggestive landscape context. A majestic work, 586 meters long and 80 meters high from the ground, which must be explored at a slow pace to enjoy the impressive view.

Also, not to be missed the ancient stone bridge of the Appian Way, hidden for centuries by uncontaminated vegetation and brought to light some time ago. An extraordinary discovery that allows us to admire a fundamental crossroads of the Roman Empire.

This Italian region has a unique heritage in the world
The enchanting landscape of Pollino National Park

The natural landscape of Lucania is a continuous discovery.

A vacation in Basilicata is an immersion in the most authentic and uncontaminated nature. From the numerous protected areas to the evocative ravines, expanses of meadows and sunny fields: Lucania's natural landscape offers emotions at every glance.

Il Pollino National Park It also has one of the ancient beech forests recently recognized as a UNESCO heritage site, the Bosque de Cozzo Ferriero, where you can admire the loricato pine.

It is impossible, therefore, to talk about Basilicata without stopping at its coasts, which offer landscapes so varied and different that they truly satisfy all tastes, from the wide sandy beaches and equipped beaches that characterize the Ionian coast to the promontories that overlook the sea. and which alternate with coves and sea caves on the Tyrrhenian coast. All bathed by crystal clear waters.

A popular destination also for lovers of activities in contact with nature, from paragliding to rafting, with a perfect area to explore on foot or by mountain bike, or with horseback riding excursions. Among the experiences not to be missed is the via ferrata to Christ the Redeemer in Maratea, recently opened, which offers a spectacular view.

A region at the height of the times

There are numerous useful applications to discover Basilicata in all its aspects, such as the application “Freetomove Basilica” Dedicated to cycle tourism.

For video game lovers, the new map. “Metaponto” has landed in Minecraft and allows you to embark on a journey to discover the beauties of the Metapontino area, from the virgin beaches overlooking the Ionian Sea to the places of Magna Graecia, in a succession of exciting challenges and missions to solve. A new and fun way to present this splendid tourist destination even to the youngest.

This Italian region has a unique heritage in the world
Maratea, unmissable pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea
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