This small city preserves the largest historic center in the country

This small European city preserves the largest and most fascinating historic center in Austria. Welcome to Hall in Tirol
This small city preserves the largest historic center in the country
Hall in Tyrol

Organizing a trip to Tyrol, at any time of the year and in all seasons, is always an excellent idea. It's because the number is infinite. naturalistic beauties that travel through the territory along with stories, traditions and ancestral flavors.

A destination appreciated and reached by thousands of visitors every year, Tyrol has become the favorite destination of nature lovers and all those who wish to experience dedicated to relaxation and well-being. Spas, swimming pools, wellness centers and also mountain landscapes and outdoor activities: these are just some of the reasons that invite you to discover and rediscover the region.

Unmissable, then, are the cities that populate the area, those surrounded by mountains and characterized by suspended and timeless atmospheres. Among these we also find Hall in Tyrol, a charming town of 13.000 inhabitants that preserves the The largest and most picturesque historic center in Austria.

Hall in Tirol, a picturesque city to discover

Our trip today takes us to Tyrol, the territory of alpine landscapes, well-being and ancestral flavors. We are located in the district of Innsbruck Land, not far from the capital, to discover a place still little visited by mass tourism, but extremely suggestive.

We are talking about Hall in Tirol, a picturesque village that extends to the foothills of the majestic massive of Bettelwurf. Its origins are very ancient: the existence of the settlement, in fact, is attested by some sources dating back to the year 1200 that speak of a salt mine in the Valley Inn.

In fact, Hall in Tirol played a very important role in salt trade as demonstrated by the city's shield, which features two lions and a barrel of salt. The story of its origins, today, is told and preserved in the Mining Museum located in the heart of the city. Here you can find a perfect reproduction of a salt mine tunnel and go back in time. A truly unmissable experience for adults and children.

This small city preserves the largest historic center in the country
Christmas markets, Hall in Tirol

The largest historic center in Austria

There is another reason to come and visit Hall in Tirol and it is its historic center, the largest and most fascinating in the entire country. A simple walk through the streets of the city is enough to feel catapulted to a medieval past of immense beauty.

There are several points of interest, such as the Mint with the M├╝nzerturm tower, inside which it is possible to discover the history of the European currency, and the upper square that houses the wonderful Gothic church of San Nicol├▓ and the town hall. The historic center, larger even than that of Innsbruck, becomes the scene of an enchanted show between November and December that brings the magic of Christmas to the stage. In fact, the facades of the houses in Hall in Tirol are transformed into small boxes of a giant advent calendar while the streets come alive with traditional markets.

After a walk among the romantic and picturesque alleys, a stop at the Torre della Zecca is almost mandatory. In fact, by climbing the 185 steps you can reach the top and enjoy a stunning view of the city framed by the Inn Valley and the surrounding mountains.

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