Travel sustainably in Switzerland: here's how

    Travel sustainably in Switzerland: here's howSwitzerland offers a summer dedicated to nature, offering visitors the opportunity to choose from many sustainable experiences

    Switzerland proposes a summer dedicated to nature, with all its wonders. For decades there sustainability has become the watchword of this country, famous for its splendid mountains, crystal clear lakes and green valleys, forests and parks of global importance, as well as villages that seem to have come out of a fairy tale book.

    An immaculate nature that here we are careful to preserve with every means, through the strengthening of the public transport network throughout the national territory as well as the intensive use of water energy, the protection of parks or the recovery of disused buildings. Doing its part is an increasingly attentive and aware population, respectful of an environment that must absolutely be preserved, even for guests from all over the world.

    A true philosophy of life for which the term has now been coined “Swisstainable“, from the union of the word Switzerland with the concept of sustainable tourism. And here there are so many experiences to have while respecting nature.

    First, you can explore this extraordinary territory aboard the means of public transport. Thanks to the approximately 3 thousand kilometers of the Swiss railway network and the Swiss Travel Pass, you can easily reach Swiss valleys, mountains and cities with a single ticket.

    Another unmissable experience is a trip aboard the red "Bernina Express" train, which fits harmoniously into the mountain setting of the Albula and Bernina, just as the Glacier Express route is evocative, offering the opportunity to admire fabulous alpine scenery.

    Those who want to explore the Switzerland by bike is spoiled for choice, with over 12 thousand kilometers of signposted routes. Another unmissable sustainable experience is the “Tell trail”, a new trekking route dedicated to William Tell, divided into 8 stages, which starts from Altdorf and arrives at the Brienzer Rothorn, after crossing the Lake Lucerne region, among wonderful mountain lakes, villages rich in history and the "Big 6", the mountain peaks of central Switzerland.

    For the hiking lovers, there are over 65 thousand kilometers of paths, all perfectly signposted and as varied as the landscape. From the famous Via Alpina to the challenging ones in the mountains, in 20 daily stages it crosses the northern Alps, up to relaxing walks by the lake. In short, there is certainly no shortage of sustainable experiences in Switzerland and offer the opportunity to discover this spectacular area, allowing guests to leave all its extraordinary beauty intact.

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