Valentine's Day - how to keep the love story alive

    When you decide the perfect valentine gift for the loved one, many drop the choice on chocolates, flowers or jewelry. However, the best gift can only be one, that is a ticket for a trip.

    In fact, according to a recent survey conducted for Travelocity®, over half (56%) of respondents currently in a relationship think a romantic getaway is important to keep a "spark" in their relationship.

    A very interesting fact is that 30% of the couples surveyed have never taken a romantic getaway or a couple trip, and half of those who did have not repeated the experience in the useful two years.

    Not only that, another recent study showed that couples who travel together have a better sex life compared to couples who do not travel. And there are also countless other studies that point out how it is experimenting with new things together can help deepen a relationship better. So travel seems to be an excellent natural aphrodisiac to keep the "spark" alight and keep a relationship solid.

    At this point all that remains is to advise all couples who care about their relationships to book even a simple romantic weekend for Valentine's Day and always continue to travel and get to know this wonderful and fantastic world.

    Valentine's Day - how to keep the love story alive
    Romantic Valentine's Day on the go -
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