Vienna in 3 days, a weekend in the European capitals

    Vienna in 3 days, a weekend in the European capitals
    3 days in Vienna represent the time needed to discover at least part of the monumental palaces dating back to the empire and also enjoy the gastronomy.

    3 days in Vienna They are enough to visit the most famous symbolic places in the Austrian capital. The historic center of Vienna has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. And not by chance. Just by walking through the streets of the capital it is possible to understand the climate that existed two hundred years ago. However, in order to discover Vienna in a complete and detailed way, it is necessary to follow a precise itinerary. One of those who knows guide tourists step by step in the discovery of the great capital of a now non-existent empire.

    Starting on the first of three days in Vienna, tourists might consider visiting the St. Stephen's Cathedral. It is a clear example of the Gothic style surrounded by numerous buildings built following the evolution of imperialism in architecture. Two centuries ago the Cathedral was a symbol of the city. Today it is the most popular destination for tourists. Immediately behind the Cathedral is the Mozart House. As the name suggests, this is the apartment where Mozart lived and composed his famous songs. The house in the Austrian capital remains identical to how it was at the end of the 18th century.

    In addition, on the first of the 3 days in Vienna you will be able to visit two shopping centers: Cavar una KĂ€rtnertrasse. These are located near the historic center and are home to numerous shops of various kinds. Near the area is also the Hofburg, better known as the imperial palace of the Habsburgs. It is a true jewel of imperialist architecture. The second day of your visit to Vienna can be dedicated to Lookout. This is also built in imperialist style.

    The Belvedere is the prince's summer residence. Eugene of Savoy. It could take tourists about half a day to discover part of the enormous residence. Thus, the second day ends with a visit to the Hundertwasserhaus, an architectural complex next to the Belvedere. Finally, on the last day of their stay in the capital of Austria, visitors will be able to dedicate it to Schönbrunn Palace. This enormous building, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, offers tourists the chance to breathe in the Viennese Middle Ages. Inside you can admire several rooms decorated in Rococo style, while in the center is the Fountain of Neptune.

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