Visit to the Camp Nou: Useful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Il Camp Nou (Campo Nuovo) is the largest stadium in Spain and all of Europe: it boasts one capacity of 99354 spectators.

It was inaugurated in 1957 for the Futbol Club Barcelona, ​​a historic club that took root on 22 October 1899 thanks to an advertisement by Hans Gamper in the Los Deportes newspaper.

Visit to the Camp Nou: Useful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Hans Gamper had a positive response and the first meeting held at Gimnasio Sole on November 29 recorded 11 players present. At the birth of the Futbol Club Barcelona, ​​Walter Wild was elected as the first president and by the end of 1899 the club already had 32 members.

Following the founding of the Futbol Club Bacelona, ​​other football clubs were born, including its eternal rival: the Real Madrid. Hans Gamper took inspiration from the Swiss football clubs he was part of for
decide the color of the uniform called "blaugrana" and for the emblem of his new club, despite the fact that in 1910 he held a competition during which the current emblem was created.

Until 2001 the stadium was officially known as Barcelona Football Club Stadium. Subsequently, a referendum among the club's members decreed the change of the name in Camp Nou, the name by which the plant was informally indicated since 1957, the year of its construction to replace the old Les Corts stadium.

Visit to the Camp Nou: how does it take place?

Visit of the stadium

Visit to the Camp Nou: Useful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

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Il stadium tour it is a truly exciting experience that can involve both those who are passionate football fans and fans, and those who are less interested, since a structure of this size can only
arouse enormous astonishment.

From the stands to the sidelines, the perspective changes to give chills!

Tourists who choose to go on this visit can walk step by step the path of the players and feel like champions for a day!

Attention SPOILER!

If you want to know what awaits you first, check this out video of the visit to the Camp Nou but watch out that you ruin the surprise?

If you want to know more, but without knowing already all before, Keep reading!

Il visit path leads right into the large changing rooms, in which there is a Jacuzzi useful for the players for the well-being of their muscles.

Then we move from the chapel to the exciting tunnel
entrance to the camp.

Can't you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins? There is no thrill of excitement in you to see, from the darkness of the tunnel, the light of the entrance to the camp?

You then reach the entrance overlooking that grandiose field to say the least. His vastness inevitably affects.

On that lawn, on the sidelines, it is possible to sit on the team and staff benches.

Nobody forbids taking a ride on the sidelines, when instead you cannot actually enter. I think it's understandable.

The path continues, this time upwards, towards the stands from which you can enjoy a spectacular show vista panoramica. Here they are visited the spectator stands (whether or not you will come back to cheer!), the presidential tribune, with great honor, and finally the Press stand for journalists.

The latter has a large capacity, it can contain 192 press journalists, 2 television channels and about 28 radio booths. Now in the shoes of the curious journalists, you can walk the corridor reserved for interviews (who knows how many times you will have seen those walls in the background!).

Finally, after having listened, thanks to the audio guide, the history of the structure, it is possible to verify everything with your own eyes in the aforementioned FC Barcelona Museum.

Visit of the Museum

Visit to the Camp Nou: Useful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

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At the stadium and in particular at Barcelona Calcio a real museum is dedicated, which is located inside: the Barcelona Football Club Museum.

The museum was inaugurated in 1984 under the presidency of Josep Lluís Núñez (to whom it is officially named). The exhibition path takes visitors to retrace the history of the club through numerous works of art and an archive full of documents, videos and images concerning the integral history of the team.

Il Barcelona Museum traces the history of the Catalan club from its birth in 1899. Barça is one of the most successful clubs in the history of football and one of the flag bearers of Catalonia.

Its value is contained in its motto “Mes que un club” - “More than a club”.

The museum is the faithful bearer and conservator of their endless list of successes, due to its players, its game, its coaches, as well as the place it occupies in Catalan society.

In the museum there is "the trophy room"Where it is also possible to admire various trophies or personal items of the great names who have been part of the team throughout its history (this is even more exciting after having had the opportunity to step on the grass on which these idols have passed before) .

Behind the windows, with only a glass to separate you from them, you will find trophies such as the cups of the twenty-five championships, the 30 Spanish Cups, the 5 Champions League, the 4 Winners' Cups… timeless successes.

A space in this museum is dedicated to Lionel Messi (the Messi room) and his followers golden balloons.

Furthermore, it is still possible to enter a interactive tour thanks to the numerous multimedia installations, such as giant touch screens, sound installations (including game days soundtracks) and historical statistics.

The visit in its entirety lasts an hour and a half.

Below you will find some useful information regarding prices, packages, timetables and practical and comfortable methods to reach Camp Nou.

Useful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Visit to the Camp Nou: Useful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether you decide to go on a tour or you decide to go to a game (if you can, go!) I have to give you some advice so that you do not make any mistakes that could somehow compromise your visit (do not worry, it will still be a memorable experience!)

1 - Bring your camera

If you can bring your camera. Beware that the "without obligation" photos that will be taken of you are paid and also cost expensive. If you can try to make them yourself.

2 - Don't buy souvenirs in the stadium shop

Okay, with the enthusiasm of the visit you will be tempted to buy some "souvenirs" to take home and if you have children most likely you will not be able to escape their requests. The shop is probably one of the newest and most well-kept parts of the entire stadium and this helps to spend your money.

Let me be honest with you: there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (I did it too, buying the Boca Junior sweatshirt at the stadium in in Buenos Aires!) to buy something, but be aware that the things you will buy are probably more expensive than buy them on Amazon at this link.

3 - Bring water and some snacks

Just like the Barcelona FC souvenir shop, the dining options inside the Camp Nou are more expensive than those outside (even the bars around the stadium, well aware, increase the prices a bit).

Bring some water and some snacks to overcome thirst and hunger crises during the visit.

4 - Do not visit the museum on match days

Don't come on match days. Access to the changing rooms and the tunnel is closed for obvious reasons, as the players are about to enter the pitch!

However, this is the best time to visit Camp Nou, so it would be a shame not to go there. Especially since the ticket price remains the same, but the atmosphere is something else entirely!

5 - Visit it in the morning

The best time to visit is early in the morning, as soon as it opens. Mostly avoid going there around 11 which is the rush hour: it is precisely at this moment that most of the groups arrive. So come as soon as opening time or lunch time.

You will still be able to find a queue at the entrance but you will find fewer people inside.

6 - Save by buying tickets online

Shark two ways to buy your Camp Nou ticket: at the ticket office and online.

Buying at the ticket office is not a good option. As well as other attractions in Barcelona (see i tickets for the Sagrada Familia o Casa Batllo) On queues could be very long.

Also if buy tickets online you have a discount of over 2 euros!

Which ticket to choose?

Visit to the Camp Nou: Useful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Di Stanislau Palaukou /

There are different types of Camp Nou tours you can choose. Be careful what you buy because not all of them include the same things.

Camp Nou Experience salta-coda

If you buy your ticket online Camp Nou Experience, it is sent to you by e-mail and includes: a visit to the Barcelona stadium (changing rooms, tunnel, pitch, press room, stadium), a visit to the Barcelona Museum, the Trophy Room, the multimedia area, the Messi room .

In that option you can specify the date or not, depending on the date, prices may change, as it is possible to add an audio guide at a cost of € 5.


Camp Nou Experience plus Tourist Bus for one day

With this ticket you will benefit not only from the visit to the Camp Nou (complete, described above), but from afull day between the three routes offered by the bus, with 45 stops in the main places of interest in the city.

Furthermore, with this line it is possible to get off directly in front of the Camp Nou, a convenience that other public transport such as the metro cannot offer.

The price starts from 58 € for adults and 4 € for children aged 12 to 38 years. As an option it is also possible to add Casa Vicens and the Aerobus ticket from Barcelona Airport to the City Center.

See HERE the ticket for the visit to the Camp Nou and hop-on hop-off bus

Guided tour of the Camp Nou with a Barça specialist

This visit is together with an official Barça guide! Thanks to his experience he will be able to answer any more particular and detailed curiosity!

This particular visit lasts two hours, rather than an hour and a half and is enriched with selected videos and photos exclusively for you!

The cost varies according to the number and age of the participants:
If there are 10 people:
58 € per adult (14-70 years)
53 € child 6-13 years and senior plus 70 years
While from 11 people:

43 € per adult (14-70 years)
35 € child 6-13 years and main plus 70 years

See the guided tour of the Camp Nou

How to see Barcelona matches?

Visit to the Camp Nou: Useful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

At Natursports /

Sorry, but this is my favorite option. I love experiences and this is undoubtedly one of them!

Certainly see a match of FC Barcelona it's one of those experiences you will never forget. It needs to be organized a little earlier, but be careful, avoid buying tickets with more margin than 2 settimane, that is, until the official confirmation of the date and time.

Timetables to visit the Camp Nou

Monday to Saturday: 10.00 - 18.30
Sundays and holidays: 10.00 - 14.30
From 2 April to 7 October:
Monday to Saturday: 10.00 - 20.00
Sundays and holidays: 10.00 - 14.30

How to reach us

Visit to the Camp Nou: Useful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

By 4kclips /

the Cam Nou is located in avenue of Aristides Maillol (to get there it is convenient to use the metro, the closest stops are Palau Reial, green line
L3 or Badal, blue line L5).

Metro : Palau Reial, Maria Cristina and Les Corts (line 3), Bandal and Collblanc (line 5)
Bus: lines 7, 15, 33, 43, 54, 56, 57, 59, 63, 67, 70, 72, 24, 25, 28, 113, 157.

From Barcelona airport to Camp Nou

This is one of those information that I would need. Let's say you are following your favorite team in the Champions League final (I believe that I will never see Genoa there, but maybe you will be luckier) and that you must go directly from Barcelona airport to Camp Nou.

In Barcelona the airport is He Prat, but many low cost flights arrive on Girona which is far from the center of Barcelona.

Da El Prat

Visit to the Camp Nou: Useful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

If you are more than one person, consider the option of Take a taxi which shouldn't cost you more than 30 euros. Surely this is the most comfortable and fastest way.

1 option - you can take the Aerobus to Plaza Catalunya or Plaza d'Espagna and then from there green metro line to Badal, Collblanc, Les Corts, or Maria Christina (these stops are all fine)

2 option - the cheapest way (even faster depending on the terminal you arrive at) is to take the train R2 to Sants station and from there take the green metro to the stations of Les Corts o Maria christina.

From Girona

THEGirona airport it is located 100 km from Barcelona and therefore it is absolutely not recommended to land there if you want to go directly to Camp Nou. It should also be taken into consideration that the airport is not located in the city of Girona and therefore you must also arrive in the center.

Having said that from Girona, willy-nilly it is necessary to arrive in the center of Barcelona and then go to Camp Nou.

Hotels near the Camp Nou

There are many hotel more or less close to the Camp Nou. Below you will find 3 of them in a different price range, but all so close that they can reach the stadium on foot (essential if you watch the game and then want to go directly to sleep ... there is full of people returning by subway).

If you want to stay in a more central area then you can read my post on the best areas to sleep in Barcelona.

Hotel Alghero Camp Nou: only 500 meters from the Barcelona stadium this family run hotel is a great budget option. The rooms are unpretentious, but spotless and equipped with private bathroom. Evaluated excellent location, near the metro station, from which you can also take the metro (L9 south) direct to theEl Prat airport.

For young people looking for a hostel with shared dormitories and cheap, without sacrificing cleanliness, the Feetup Yellow Nest Hostel Barcelona it is a TOP choice. Breakfast is included, wi-fi is free and the reception is open 24/24.

Those looking for something instead higher band should take a look at the Hotel Sofia Barcelona – in The Unbound Collection by Hyatt offering all the comforts of a luxury hotel and first class service. For those who love to have an exclusive experience!

Visit to the Camp Nou: Useful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid
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