Visiting Capri in one or two days: what to see and what to do

The island of Capri is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy and coveted by international tourism. Located 3 miles from the Sorrento Peninsula and 17 nautical miles south of Naples, the island of Capri is considered the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of NAPLES.

Capri has enchanted musicians, painters, writers and poets for centuries, but also Roman emperors, with its lush vegetation, full of extraordinary colors, with its sea and the marvelous caves that surround the island.

Famous for the mild climate and bright landscape, For the millennial history and splendid landscape and natural beauties, the island of Capri is one of the favorite destinations of the Spaniards and foreigners who visit our peninsula.

The island extends on an area of ​​about 10 square km, of which 6 belong to the municipality of Anacapri and 4 to the municipality of Capri. The perimeter of the island is about 17 km, but only a few sections have small beaches.

The main headlands are the Mount Tiberio 334 meters high, to the east, and the Monte Solaro 589 meters high, to the west, while the municipalities of Capri and Anacapri rise respectively to 138 and 286 meters above sea level.

Visit Capri: what to see 

Capri is a small island, it can also be visited in just one day, even if the stay of several days allows you to better enjoy this suggestive natural paradise.

The island can be divided into four "zones": the city of Capri, Anacapri, Marina Grande (the port) and Marina Piccola. Each area is different from the others and deserves to be seen, even briefly.

The island was background of dozens of films and meeting place for many famous people and VIPs, who used to meet in the famous square. These created the myth and became the symbol of the worldly life of the time.

The Natural Arch

It is a natural arch of limestone, the result of millions of years of erosion by the waves of the sea. A beautiful wonder of nature, almost 20 meters high, overlooks the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Mount Solaro

Represents the highest point on the island of Capri, and reaching its top, almost 600 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the island. To get there, you must first arrive in Anacapri, where the departure point of the chairlift is located.

Visiting Capri in one or two days: what to see and what to do
Monte Solaro, Capri -

The ascent by chairlift is very pleasant and suggestive. The cost is 9 euros each way, or 12 euros for ascent and descent. The more adventurous can also do the climb on foot, but it is quite tiring.

Once at the top, it awaits you an extraordinary view 360 degrees, which on clear days allows you to admire the entire Gulf of Naples and the Sorrento Peninsula. It's time to take out your camera and capture these beautiful landscapes.

La Fontelina

Fontelina is one of the most famous beaches on the island. It is on this beach that many of the celebrities who visit the island go!

It is necessary to know that there are not many beaches on Capri, and many are small with pebbles. La Fontelina is famous for its blue and white umbrellas, which can also be seen from the top of the island.

Fontelina is present also a restaurant. If you want to eat here, you need to book several days in advance! The place is in great demand and the prices charged are quite high.

The Blue Grotto

Visiting Capri also means visiting the Blue Grotto, the main tourist attraction of the island! This cave, famous for the deep blue color of its waters, is only accessible by boat.

With small boats, after passing a small cavity, you enter this cave from which the sunlight enters and gives the water this amazing blue color.

The entrance costs 14 euro and it is an experience not to be missed. Beware, if you arrive in high season, there is likely to be a lot of waiting, even 2 hours.

The Gardens of Augustus

It is a small garden located at the end of the city of Capri. The entrance costs 1 euro and offers a breathtaking view of the Via Krupp and above all a sublime view of the Fariglioni.

Visiting Capri in one or two days: what to see and what to do
Via Krupp in Capri -

Considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world, the via Krupp, built between 1900 and 1902, is completely asphalted and connects the Certosa di San Giacomo with the port of Marina Piccola.

Via Tragara

This is one of the most famous streets of Capri. If you are planning a nice walk along the coast, this can be a good choice. During the walk there are the splendid villas and the many yachts that line the island.

La Piazzetta

The Piazzetta is the most emblematic place of the island of Capri. It can be reached by funicular (cost 2 euros), or by bus or taxi, and it is the perfect place to stroll and enjoy a drink on the fabulous terrace. Around the square there are small ones narrow streets with luxury shops. In fact, even for this reason, most of the fashion houses have designed collections inspired by Capri.


More authentic than the capital Capri, the city of Anacapri is the second most important city on the island. Located to the west, and higher, it is full of charm and it has a totally different atmosphere. A bus leaving from Piazza Umberto in the city of Capri takes you here in 10 minutes. Do not miss a visit to the little one baroque church of San Michele.

Villa Lysis

This is an amazing place, a private villa located in the north east of the island, accessible only after a 45 minute walk. The long and beautiful walk to get there preserves it from mass tourism and the crowd of hit and run tourists. Reference point for artists, intellectuals, poets, writers who arrived in Capri, it deserves to be visited.

A boat ride

Whether you visit the island in one day or several days, this is it for real one of the activities not to be missed! The offer is very wide, there are several boat tours organized in groups.

This is an opportunity to do a full tour of the island and above all to discover hundreds of colorful caves of a beautiful blue!

One can also be done visit to the Blue Grotto during these boat tours. However, it should be remembered that the visit to the Blue Grotto is not included, and has an additional cost of 14 euros, and especially in high season the wait can be as long as 1 or 2 hours.

When to visit Capri

Naturally influenced by the sea, the climate is temperate, pleasant and healthy. The temperature is milder than on the coast of the Gulf of Naples. Being surrounded by the sea, the average is 13 ° C in winter, 17 ° C in spring, 23 ° C in summer and 14 ° C in autumn.

Unsurprisingly, as with many popular tourist destinations, the “off season” is the best time to enjoy the island to the fullest! The best time to discover Capri it is the second half of September and May.

How to reach us

The journey to the island of Capri can begin in various ways: by car, by bus, by train or by plane. Once you reach Naples or Sorrento, the journey continues with fast ships and ferries that connect the island with the tourist ports of Naples and Sorrento. You can book your ferries online via the website of Direct Ferries.

In the months of spring and summer, that is from March to October, or in the Christmas and New Year holidays, the boarding ban for cars private.

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Where to stay in Capri

Visiting Capri and staying here can be quite expensive. If you don't want to spend a lot, it is preferable to choose Anacapri, the slightly cheaper part of the island, and where it is easier to find small guesthouses, guest rooms and other budget accommodations.

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Visiting Capri in one or two days: what to see and what to do
Capri Island, Campania - Photo from Istock
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