What is better to buy in Austria?

    What is better to buy in Austria?
    What is better to buy in Austria: all the information about the items you can buy at advantageous prices during your stay in the country

    The fact that it is better to buy in austria is a question that many tourists who visit this European country that borders Italy to the south ask for the first time. We normally go to Austria and more specifically to Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck during the Christmas holidays to visit the famous markets. Numerous thematically decorated stalls where you can buy both Christmas objects and nativity figurines handmade in different materials and many other small local artisan objects.

    In Austria it is usually better to buy beer because it is handmade and sold at much lower prices than what we Italians are used to and, among other things, it is of really excellent quality. Continuing with the topic of food products, we remind you that in Austria It is also worth buying the strudel, the famous dessert made with apples, typical of the Tyrol area and very tasty and nutritious. In the main Austrian cities it is possible to find winter jackets, clothing and ski equipment at very advantageous prices and certainly lower than in our country.

    In Austria it is also worth buying woolen clothes, handmade slippers, loden hats and boiled wool. really unbeatable prices. Furthermore, these garments and accessories have excellent workmanship and are sure to have a long service life. To preserve tradition, shops called Heimatwer have been created, where you will have the opportunity to buy traditional glass, ceramic and wrought iron objects. The wine glasses sold by Riedel, a leading artisanal company in the production of glasses suitable for special occasions, are very beautiful and economical.

    In Vienna, the capital of Austria, you can visit the Nascmarkt, a flea market that has existed since 1500, a true institution related to antiques and objects from the imperial era. It can not be done buying in Austria without having to go to Swarovski and buy jewelry made with the most famous crystals in the world. Otherwise it can be said that the prices are more or less similar to those found in Italy. In fact, in the city there are stores of major international fashion brands that certainly do not offer discounts.

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