What to pack for a trip to Iran

As in most cases, even for a trip to Iran and what to pack it mainly depends on two factors: the period in which you decide to visit the country and the itinerary you decide to follow: in fact, Iran has a very vast and very varied territory ranging from the scorching heat of deserts to cold and rain of the mountains.

What to pack for a trip to Iran

What to pack in Iran: Women must respect a dress code

In fact, just think that in summer in the desert you can reach very high temperatures (even 70 °) while in winter in some areas of Iran you can go skiing, and it is quite clear that it is not easy to make a list of things to put in the travel backpack that fits every season. However, Iran is a country that offers a large and vast amount of shops that sell anything so don't despair, if we forget something we can always buy it there!

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Backpack or suitcase?

The choice between the travel backpack or the suitcase it is completely personal: in short, the important thing is to choose the one that best meets our needs.

Io I travel with a backpack of 50 lt and I have always had a great time, both for short and long trips, I find it convenient to throw on the roof of some rickety bus and to carry on my shoulders if I have to do long distances on foot, but there are also those who prefer the suitcase because things do not crease or because many are equipped with wheels which makes them comfortable to carry.

In short, everyone should choose according to their needs or as they find best.

What to pack for a trip to Iran

Market in Kerman

For those traveling with a tour operator or an organized trip it is sufficient to leave with two medium-sized suitcases or a slightly larger suitcase and a backpack, the best choice in my opinion as the backpack is comfortable to carry, as well as hand luggage, even during the trip and during the visits of the city.

Iran is also a country whose handicraft is famous all over the world, just think of Persian carpets but not only: precious fabrics, ceramics, earthenware, finely inlaid objects in short, it would take an empty suitcase to be filled only with the rich treasures that are encountered during the journey.

Regardless of whether you choose to travel with a backpack or suitcase, the best advice is always the same: bring only the essentials or a little more because having less weight and less bulk makes it easier and more comfortable to move around.

In Iran, almost all medium and high-category hotels offer laundry service and also have people carrying luggage to the room, in exchange for a small tip.

What to pack

What to pack for a trip to Iran

Yazd is also famous for its precious fabrics

What to pack for a trip to Iran therefore it depends a lot on the period in which you visit the country.

The best times are undoubtedly spring and autumn, except in the very southern area near the Gulf or theQeshm island (which is generally excluded from the tourist circuits) for which the best period is the winter during which the temperatures in that area are still mild.

If you visit Iran in spring and autumn it is recommended to bring onion-shaped clothing with light clothes that are easy to wash and dry and heavier sweaters for the evening. A windbreaker is also useful, in short, the timeless kwai is perfect, especially if you want to go to Kurdistan or to the northern regions that can be rainy.

In winter it is recommended to bring warmer clothes as in the North and Tehran temperatures can be very low, in December January and February the average is between 0 and 13 °.

In Tabriz, for example, temperatures in these months can also drop well below zero with minimum temperatures around -7 °.

Shoes are very important.

It is recommended to pack at least a pair of comfortable walking shoes, or boots in case you decide to do trekking in the desert or visit the north and Kurdistan, where the possibilities for long walks abound, while sandals are much more suitable for warmer areas and for city visits.

What to pack for a trip to Iran

Men can wear short sleeves, but women must wear long shirts that cover the "shapes"

It should not be forgotten that in Iran there is a "dress code" for women: it is necessary to wear wide and long dresses that cover up to mid-leg, not low-cut and with long sleeves: wide trousers in linen or cotton are perfect if combined with a long shirt.

In Iran it is mandatory to wear the hijab, the veil, so it is sufficient to use a light scarf (preferably in cotton) that covers the head and neck. Men, although it was banned until recently, can wear short sleeves, but trousers must be long.

Important to bring in any season are sunglasses, for an hat and protective sun cream.

What to pack for a trip to Iran

Shop in the Shiraz Bazaar

Medicines and health facilities

Although in Iran, unless you go to remote areas and small towns, it is possible to buy medicine, it is advisable to bring a small first aid kit since the quality of local medicines is quite poor and it is not always easy to find foreign medicines on the market.

The public health facilities are also quite poor, so before leaving it is recommended to take out a travel insurance to cover any admissions to private facilities whose cost can be quite high.

What to pack for a trip to Iran

Shops of precious things in the square of the Imam

Any other business

To enter and leave the country there are some restrictions on the import and export of some products. All personal and non-commercial equipment is allowed: the camera, your PC, a video camera, tents and first aid kit.

From the country it is not possible to export some products such as ancient Persian carpets, antiques, archaeological finds and precious stones.

Import and export of any alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited, such as arms, drugs and all those goods that are considered illegal in the country.

In Iran, hotels generally ask for a passport to keep until you check-out, so a good thing is to pack a nice envelope with lots of photocopies of our identity document, in order to deliver those to the reception and keep the your passport safe with you.

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