Where to sleep in Tehran: The best areas and hotels

If you are looking for where to sleep in Tehran, you are in the right place. In fact, in Iran there is a wide variety of accommodations to choose from for your stay and you can choose the one that best suits your expectations. There are normal hotels classified according to the number of stars, guesthouses, houses and traditional hotels.

Where to sleep in Tehran: The best areas and hotels

Since 2014 the number of tourists visiting Iran has increased and while this is fantastic news, it has made it difficult to book accommodation on the other. Especially during the high season (and during Iranian holidays such as Nowruz, or the Persian New Year, March 21st) the best hotels are booked months in advance.

Due to the limited number of rooms not increasing at the same rate as the number of tourists, be sure to check and book as soon as you have decided on your itinerary.

Although Tehran is a huge city, it is no exception.

Il main problem is that getting your bearings in this megalopolis is a challenge for anyone, to say the least.
This is exactly why I wrote this guide to know where to stay in Tehran.

Another of the big problems of foreigners traveling to Iran is how to book hotels.

In fact, due to international sanctions, it is not possible to use platforms known to us as Booking.com so it is difficult, if not impossible, for foreigners to book Iranian services online. Until now.

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In this article, let's see together the best neighborhoods and districts to sleep in Tehran so that you know exactly which one is right for you.

So, whether you are looking for accommodation near the best tourist attractions, near the commercial part of shopping, or you are looking for a hotel near the nightlife area, I hope you will find what you need here!

Tehran is a huge and sprawling city, with the worst traffic I've ever seen in my life.

Its reputation as an ugly city leads many travelers to avoid it as much as possible.
In my opinion it's wrong, in Tehran there are many things to see.

But apart from that, even if you decide to skip it, you will probably have to stay at least a night or two.

Flights arriving in Tehran from Europe in fact they often land and depart from Tehran at indecent times in the middle of the night: this means that while you are there, you should stop and sleep and dedicate at least one day to visit the city and to begin to become familiar with Iran.

Best areas to stay in Tehran

When I say that finding your way around Tehran is difficult, I mean this: the capital is the largest city in Iran, home to 14 million people, is divided into 22 municipal districts, which are further divided into an innumerable variety of neighborhoods.

The most convenient neighborhood and closest to many places of interest is the district 12, which is the heart of the city. We also see others in this guide, but if it's your first time visiting Tehran or if you have children and you don't want to ride too much on the subway, this is undoubtedly where you should stay.

In this guide, we'll take a look at the best areas to sleep in Tehran including district 12, but also others.

Where to stay in Tehran for the first time - District 12

Il district 12 it is one of the old neighborhoods in the heart of the capital and was once the main constituent core of Tehran as a city.

The highest concentration of historical monuments in Tehran is right here: this part of the city is where you will find a wide variety of churches and mosques, as well as great squares and museums.

You can take the metro to Imam Khomeini Square which is right in the center of District 12 and from there you can start the exciting visit of Tehran.

The covered Grand Bazaar is located here, covers several city blocks and is filled with vendors and artisans selling all kinds of goods.
It's one of the liveliest (and busiest!) Areas of the city thanks to its great selection of restaurants and cafes, as well as historical monuments and cultural institutions.
It is also one of the most "authentic" areas in Tehran, which is why every tourist visiting Tehran should put district 12 at the top of the list of sleeping quarters.

Where to sleep in Tehran: The best areas and hotels

Where to sleep in district 12:

Among the best hotels in this part of the city, definitely worth mentioning is the 4 star Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel which offers large and comfortable rooms, conference room, restaurant, gym and 24-hour wifi.

Located little north of Imam Khomeini square, in the center, the hotel is a stone's throw from the Grand Bazaar, the Golestan Palace and the jewelry museum. Super recommended!

Although not really in district 12, but in district 11 a few steps from the first, the Golestan Hotel it was the my first choice on my first trip to Iran. It is a small one 3 star hotel, with comfortable rooms and an excellent quality / price ratio.

It also offers a number of other services, such as laundry, taxi service and restaurant. Particularly recommended if you are like me one who is budget conscious but does not want to give up a little comfort!

Among economic choices (2 stars) instead I have to mention the lovely Iran Markazi Hotel. The rooms are nice and clean, the staff very friendly and the breakfast is free.

Another one low budget accommodation to take into consideration is theHeritage Tehran Hostel: One of the largest hostels in the city, this property has both dorms and private rooms. Each bunk bed has its own privacy curtains, locker, electrical outlet and a reading lamp. There is also a mini-bar, kitchen, laundry and common rooms

Where to sleep in Tehran for nightlife - District 6

Head north through District 12 and you'll arrive in District 6.
District 6 of Tehran is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and is located approximately in the city center.

District 6 is also home to the campus of the University of Tehran with its many colleges and student dormitories and is one of the most important student centers in Iran. On the other hand, this district also hosts theUniversità Amir Kabir, which is one of the most important technical universities in Iran.

Its large university population alone explains its youthful vibe and, precisely for the student population, District 6 is full of cafes and restaurants, perfect for enjoying a day or night on the town.

District 6 is where I recommend you to sleep in Tehran if you want to experience its cheerful nightlife as well.

Keep in mind that the nightlife is a bit different in Tehran than in Spain since alcohol is banned and banned!

Instead of nights in the pub, the people of Tehran spend the evening hours in bars, restaurants, art galleries and parks.

Located in central district 6 is the charming Iranshahr district.

Iranshahr is also where you will find a high concentration of budget accommodation options.
In this downtown neighborhood you'll find a wide variety of hotels, hostels, apartments and bed and breakfasts that cater to travelers of all ages, styles and budgets.

Where to sleep in Tehran: The best areas and hotels

Where to sleep in district 6:

In district 6 it is located one of the best hotels in all of Tehran, Thorns Hotel Khalij Fars, a luxurious 5-star hotel with large rooms and suites equipped with all possible and imaginable comforts.

This luxurious property in the center of Tehran it also has a modern fitness center, a swimming pool, a coffee shop and two restaurants, one with Mediterranean cuisine and one with traditional Persian cuisine.

Among the 4-star hotels, check out the delightful Howeyzeh Hotel. Located in one of the best areas of Tehran's dowtown, a stone's throw from Golestan Palace, the Howeyzeh hotel has 150 rooms, suites, VIP and double rooms, all furnished with everything you need for your stay.

The restaurant offers many types of Iranian and non-Iranian meals next to the cafe, and is open 24/24. Other services offered by the hotel are 7 event rooms, saunas and jacuzzis, disabled access, laundry service , SPA, free Wi-Fi in the hall and in the rooms and free parking.

Another 5 star hotel I want to tell you about and that I really like is the Laleh Hotel: the rooms and suites are decorated, spacious and equipped with Wifi, a bathroom with shower and western toilet.

Not a favorite of mine due to its lack of character, another choice in District 6 is the Sepand Hotel which still offers super clean ensuite rooms and airport pickups. The strong point, for which I recommend it, is the kindness of the staff, ready to go out of their way to give you a hand on whatever you need.

Where to sleep in Tehran on a budget - District 7

even the district 7 it is located in the heart of Tehran and is divided into five areas and 16 neighborhoods

District 7 is home to the highest concentration of restaurants and cafes in Tehran: the House of Artists, Kafka Cafe, Cafe Remnes, Black and White Café and Baba Bozorg (Grandpa) Tea House, Bagh-e Saba Tea House, etc. and a large number of hotels and restaurants offering many attractions for backpackers.

Sohrevardi is a charming and characteristic neighborhood located north-east of the city center.
It is home to a great selection of tourist attractions and landmarks and is well connected to Tehran via the metro.

Do you love to eat? Well, Sohrevardi is the place I swear by you! This neighborhood is full of restaurants and cafes serving the best of Middle Eastern and Persian cuisine.
With everything from sweets to savory snacks, Sohrevardi is a neighborhood that will tickle your taste buds to the max.

Where to sleep in Tehran: The best areas and hotels

Where to sleep in district 7:

Among cheap accommodations absolutely to recommend the Iran Cozy Hostel, one of the best hostels in the city. Comfortable environment and family management, in short right place to feel at home even in Tehran.

Located in the city center, from here many Tehran attractions such as the Grand Bazaar and Golestan Palace are within easy reach, the metro station is a 5-minute walk away and the area has a large selection of restaurants.

Un another great hostel (also among the best in Tehran) is the Hi Tehran Hostel:
The building is modern in appearance and the rooms are clean and welcoming. There are also common areas and a courtyard where guests can relax and chat.

Where to stay in Tehran with children - District 2 and North Tehran

The most important feature of the District 2 and of the surrounding areas is its geographical position: a place north of Tehran that has the honor of having neighbors both Azadi (Freedom) square and the green gardens of Farahzad and Evin.

District 2 was once a hub for gardens and waterways, but in the past two decades it has seen a rapid increase in the construction of new apartments and residential complexes which has resulted in a huge increase in population as a result.

Despite this, District 2 can be considered a quiet place as much of its space is still covered by parks, large and small green spaces and the highway which makes it easily accessible.

Furthermore, the northern part of Tehran is the part of the city that has thecleaner air and the most beautiful views of the mountains behind it.
Even if it is a little further from the center, the green spaces, the tranquility and the clean air make it the part that in my opinion it is more suitable for families with children.

In this district there is also the Pardisan Park, the only park in Tehran where children can see lions, wolves and other animals.

Here are also most of the Tehran luxury hotel, many restaurants and shopping centers in which to indulge in shopping (the beating heart of this area is located between Shahrake Gharb, Sadeqiyeh square and Gisha).

Where to sleep in Tehran: The best areas and hotels

Where to sleep in district 2:

As I said in district 2 and, in general in the northern part of the city, there is the greatest concentration of luxury hotel.

Among these, the Parsian Azadi Hotel (formerly Hyatt Hotel), which has hosted famous people such as Kofi Annan, Ban-Ki Moon, Catherine Ashton and Xavier Solana.

Spacious rooms equipped with modern comforts such as flat-screen TV with satellite channels, WIFI, air conditioning, refrigerator and minibar, tea making facilities, desk and private bathroom with shower and hairdryer are just some of the ingredients of this "luxury recipe. ".

If that weren't enough, the Parsian also offers numerous dining options and a wellness center with indoor pool, massage room, traditional tub and fitness center.

If the Parsian hadn't convinced you, but you like the luxury, take a look at another famous hotel, theEspinas Palace Hotel: the finely furnished rooms in elegant traditional style and modern facilities offer guests a relaxing stay. Also this hotel offers various choices for dining, SPA and wellness center, jacuzzi and gym.

Where to sleep in Tehran near Imam Khomeini airport

Where to sleep in Tehran: The best areas and hotels

If you want to do a 7 days itinerary in Iran and you think you don't stop in Tehran, but you want to leave immediately for Shiraz or Esfahan, then a smart choice, if you arrive late at night, is to stop and sleep in a hotel near Imam Khomeini International Airport.

The good news is that there are two great hotels right nearby!

The first choice it is definitely the Novotel. This is a modern 5-star hotel with an incredible advantage: to get there from the airport you only have to walk over a bridge and… you are there! They really want us 5 minutes from the airport exit on the doorstep of the hotel, so you don't even have to take a taxi.

In addition, the first-class services and facilities make it one of the best Tehran hotels.

The second hotel, a 4-star hotel and also located in front of the terminal, is the Ibis Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport.

The Ibis is also modern and equipped with all comforts, has a restaurant serving Persian and international dishes, and guests also have access to the fitness center and swimming pool of the adjacent Novotel hotel.

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