What to See in Cordoba in 2 Days: Complete Itinerary

Welcome to Cordoba! This little gem of Andalusia is included in the standard tour itineraries, but is often considered almost a place of passage on the journey between the, albeit beautiful, Granada and Seville.

Nothing could be more wrong, few places in the world have the indisputable "charm" of Cordoba!

This city has in fact a pulsating center of splendid Andalusian style, made of white houses, a respectable Alc谩zar, a Jewish quarter, as well as an example of unique architecture in the world: the Mezquita, considered the perfect fusion of the Catholic and Arab styles. , who live here in a union impossible to imagine before seeing it under one's own eyes.

Home to an Islamic caliphate, Roman influences and Spanish local charisma, C贸rdoba is the ideal destination to spend 2 days or a weekend.

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Where is Cordoba and how to get there

Cordoba is located in the Spanish region of Andalusia. The distance from Cordoba to Seville is 140 km, Cordoba - Malaga 160 km and Cordoba - Granada 155 km.

Cordoba has only a small airport for private flights so the two closest airports are Seville and Malaga which are connected by various low cost airlines.

By train

Il easiest way to get to Cordoba you then fly to Seville or Malaga and take the train to Cordoba Central Station. The trains are very comfortable and fast. It takes 20 minutes on foot from the station to reach the Mezquita, the most famous monument in the city.

Train tickets can be booked online on the website of the Renfe.

As usual, I advise you to buy train tickets as soon as possible because the price tends to increase as much as you get under the chosen date.

Cordoba What to see in 2 days

To facilitate our visit we can say that all points of interest are located within walking distance from each other.

Here's what to see at Cordoba in 2 days: the recommended itinerary for 1 day, and some advice on the surroundings if you have a little more time available (well spent, I guarantee it!).

In this itinerary you will find the "great classics of the city of Cordoba" and I have tried to order them in a logical order of how you might want to visit them.

Cordoba is a city that is always present on every itinerary in Andalucia, and especially in the summer months the places of interest can get very busy, so booking in advance and getting up early is the key to a frustration-free trip.

Obviously, you are not required to follow this itinerary to the letter, but simply take it as a starting point for your plans, so I have also added some other interesting places that you may want to see.


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1 day

The Mosque

What to See in Cordoba in 2 Days: Complete Itinerary

Di Toni Genes /

Our itinerary can only start from Mosque, the great Mosque-Cathedral. This construction originally started as a mosque in 785.

It is in this period that the creation of the beautiful courtyard full of palm trees and orange trees (il Courtyard of the Orange trees) and the prayer room. The latter, in particular, is adorned with a succession of white and red marble arches as far as the eye can see, which have become one of the best known images of Cordoba and which will remain in your heart the most.

The minaret, with its spectacular white marble dome. All adorned with splendid Arabic decorations and Byzantine-style mosaics.

The building is already a unique masterpiece, but in 1236 something happens: the Christians conquer Cordoba and decide to convert it into a cathedral. The royal chapel is built with the main altar and some parts are replaced to make room for a typical Renaissance-style nave. Emperor Charles V, responsible for having endorsed the project, repents during the works and exclaims:

"You have built something that can be seen everywhere, destroying something that was unique in the world"

Charles V still does not know that he is the author of one of the greatest artistic mixes in the history of art, capable of surprising and upsetting but at the same time coexist peacefully.

Have you ever walked into a minaret and a moment later in the middle of a church nave facing the altar? There, here you can do it.

And don't forget the visit to the tower of the minaret: the view on the church (or mosque?) and on the garden is truly magnificent.

I strongly recommend you therefore to buy HERE for only 12 euros the guided tour in English.

Civitatis (my favorite) offers a guided tour in English of the Mosque and the Alcazar for only 20 euros

The Roman bridge

What to See in Cordoba in 2 Days: Complete Itinerary

By Botond Horvath /

The itinerary proceeds towards Roman bridge over the Guadalquivir river passing through the Porta del Puente.

In fact, in this coexistence of styles, could the contribution of the ancient Romans be missing? Absolutely not!

Go through it all and you will arrive at the Calahorra Tower.

L'Alc谩zar of the Christian Monarchs

What to See in Cordoba in 2 Days: Complete Itinerary

At Benny Marty /

Re-enter the center and head towards theAlcazar of the Christian Monarchs. Although less famous than his brother in Seville, this place contains a building that can be visited and of beautiful gardens full of lakes in which to walk.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit it with more tranquility and with fewer people than in Seville.

Also in this case the building was first a fortress of the Caliphate and then a Christian stronghold. The walk on the walls, which is very interesting it also offers a great view over the city.

The gardens with their trees, flowers and ponds are a perfect place for a quiet stroll or a break.

Here, too, there is the option to take one guided tour or visit combined with that of the mosque.

Palacio de Viana

What to See in Cordoba in 2 Days: Complete Itinerary

By agsaz /

Il Palacio de Viana it is one of the most splendid aristocratic houses in Cordoba. Also known as Museum of the Patios, it contains 12 internal patios, all different from each other; the patios and gardens are embellished with cypresses, oranges and myrtles.

You can buy either a ticket to visit the 16th century estate, or a combined ticket to see the beautiful flowers of the outdoor gardens as well.

Among the options you can also take one guided tour of both the Palace and the gardens (In English)

The synagogue

If this melting pot of religions still isn't enough for you, you can head to the Jewish quarter and visit the splendid synagogue with the prayer hall decorated in Moorish style.

A walk through the streets of the center

What to See in Cordoba in 2 Days: Complete Itinerary

At Romas_Photo /

After visiting all these attractions you can relax with a walk in the streets of the center. More than streets, I would say that it is a melting pot or a labyrinth of small streets: here you will find shops, bars and restaurants in the typical Andalusian-style white houses.

I walked Calleja de las Flores for gorgeous views (it's one of the best places for your Instagram photos!) with the Mezquita Tower appearing to peek through the white, flower-lined walls.

Lose yourself in the streets of the city: every corner can offer delightful courtyards, or white walls filled with flower pots.


Fame? A tip for lunch or dinner. The restaurant Pepe de la Juderia House offers true Andalusian specialties in one of the most characteristic settings of the city.

Day 2: What to see around Cordoba

Madinat al-Zahra

If you have more time, you can leave Cordoba in the direction of the archaeological complex Madinat al-Zahra. It is possible to reach it by car, but also by bus or with a half day organized tour.

The history of this place is a bit unhappy. It was born in 936, by the will of the caliph who probably dedicated the name to his favorite concubine (Zahra in fact). The caliph has great plans: he wants to build a palace that can be the envy of the imams, that is visible from afar from all the surrounding territory, and that has a myriad of rooms including bedrooms, bathrooms, prayer halls and mosques.

An exaggerated number of workers and manpower is used to build it.

When it is finally concluded, its glory lasts very little: not even 80 years. In fact, following the civil war, the complex was destroyed and subsequently forgotten. Such a pity!

During the visit this is precisely the impression one gets while walking among the ruins and the remains of the colonnade: a place of great potential beauty and charm, which could have been but was not.

Almodovar del Rio Castle

22 km away from Cordoba is one of the most beautiful locations where the famous "Game of Thrones" was filmed: it is the fabulous castle of Almodovar del Rio Castle.

This Roman fort, later transformed into a Moorish castle is worth a visit especially for the views along the way.

More things to do and see in Cordoba

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Cordoba is worth seeing because during its extension and excavations here, the remains of a Roman theater were found, the largest in Spain and which is now obviously a key part of the museum.

Most of the museum is located in the eight rooms and three courtyards of a Renaissance palace that housed the family P谩ez de Castillejo.

The collections date back to prehistoric times and up to the Middle Ages, but the best pieces date back to the Iberian and Roman periods.

Il Iberian lion from Nueva Carteya it's a must - it's from the 4th century BC and was discovered when a highway was built!

Andalusi house

Andalus矛 House is a hidden gem not to be missed: a 12th century house, fully furnished in medieval Andalusian and Moorish style.

You'll never stop taking pictures as you wander through the rooms decorated with Harem music in the background.

Hammam El Andalus

In the Caliphate there were literally hundreds of hammams around the city but, just like those in Granada, almost all of them were demolished due to their dodgy reputation.

Hammam El Andalus it is not original, but it perfectly recalls the old Moorish baths of the Caliphate era, and it is a great idea to spend a few relaxing hours after all the wandering around the city and maybe get a nice massage.

However, it is a great experience to live, which I personally recommend.

You can buy tickets in advance HERE.

What to do in Cordoba in the evening

What to See in Cordoba in 2 Days: Complete Itinerary

Di VDV /

Aperitif time!

6 in the afternoon? Then it's time to enjoy one of Spain's best-loved gastronomic traditions: la afternoon snack!

This is the right time to savor the sweet treats, so head to La Tarterie, a delicious little bakery that sells sliced 鈥嬧媓omemade cakes (their motto is Tartas con Coraz贸n).

Don't feel like something sweet? We understand each other! This is the best time to grab a few beers Caliph, the best pub / craft brewery in Cordoba.

Flamenco show

Well, surely if you have decided to visit Cordoba in 2 days (excellent choice) you are wondering what to do in the evening.

I have no doubts and I advise you a traditional dinner with a Flamenco show.

You may have already planned it in Granada or Seville, but in case you haven't, then seeing it in Cordoba is another option.

Bevi un drink a Plaza de la Corredera

What to See in Cordoba in 2 Days: Complete Itinerary

By agsaz /

Plaza de la Corredera is a classic square Castilian square (echoing Plaza Major in Madrid) built in the late 1600s by the Salamanca architect Antonio Ram贸s Vald茅s.

For many years the city's bullfights were held right here and then it was the site of the city's food market.

First seat of the bullfights, then of the food market, today it is one of the centers of daily life with arcades on all 4 sides to escape the summer heat, where in the evening it comes alive with concerts and clubs perfect for a drink and to immerse yourself in the local life.

Cordoba, where to stay

What to See in Cordoba in 2 Days: Complete Itinerary

If you visit Cordoba in 2 days, you may also be looking for a good place to sleep. The city is not that expensive so it is best to find accommodation in Southern District, that is, where the Mezquita and the Alcazar are located.

This part of the city is usually referred to as the Jewish Quarter or the Juderia: it is the heart of old Cordoba!

here it is 3 great hotels which is worth a look!

Hotel Madinat: my favorite boutique hotel for its excellent value for money. It is really worth staying here (if you find availability). It is located a few steps from the Mezquita, in the heart of the city, the breakfast is top. So take a look and you'll fall in love with it (like it happened to me!)

Lineros 24: if you are looking for an apartment (maybe there are 4 of you) in the heart of the city on a budget, Lineros 24 is a great choice. It has a patio and is not that far from the sights of Cordoba.

NH Collection Amistad C贸rdoba: if you are looking for a hotel that has, in addition to all the comforts, a beautiful swimming pool, here it is! This 4-star boutique-style property is housed in a restored XNUMXth-century mansion and has an excellent location close to the Cathedral, the Jewish Quarter and the city walls. The hotel offers fitness facilities, an outdoor swimming pool for adults (and a children's pool in an adjacent building), an open-air cafe and courtyard bar, all in beautiful surroundings.

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