What to see in Tenerife information and useful tips

The largest of the Canary Islands, thanks to the variety of environments and landscapes that characterize it, can be considered a real little world in itself.

Le things to see in Tenerife are numerous: within its more than 2000 square kilometers of surface there are long beaches and immense natural areas, high mountains and imposing volcanoes (Teide is the highest peak in Spain and the third volcano in the world), fishing villages and lively cities where the nightlife is unleashed.

The island pleases every type of tourist (certainly also due to the spring temperatures that characterize almost the whole year) and that is why it is one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

Below I recommend what to see in Tenerife absolutely and, for convenience, I divided the attractions of the island between North and South.

What to see in Tenerife information and useful tips

Remember: to visit the whole island you will need time and, possibly, an autonomous means of transport to move freely from one side to the other.

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What to see in Tenerife North

North Tenerife is the least touristy area of ​​the island.

Here you will find numerous villages to visit and some beautiful beaches, but the temperatures are generally lower, the winds more persistent and the rains more abundant.

In its favor, however, goes the magnificent natural landscape and the average cost of living (and rents) much lower than in the South.

Let's find out together what to see in Tenerife North!

1 - Icod de Los Vinos

What to see in Tenerife information and useful tips

Icod de Los Vinos it was founded in 1501 and the signs of the past are still visible in the historic city center where the ancient noble palaces and some elegant churches meet.

Icod de Los Vinos is located on a slope that descends to the sea and is surrounded by lush vegetation.

The symbol of the city is the large tree of Dracaena Draco ("El Drago Milenario") which is located inside the Parque del Drago: it seems that this plant is more than 800 years old.

In Icod I suggest you also visit the Chiesa di San Marcos and Constitution Square, the main square of the town.

Another popular attraction is the Cave of the Wind, a lava tunnel of 17 km.

The guided tour in which you can take part to visit it will allow you to travel only 200 meters, but it will be enough to appreciate its extraordinary nature.

2 - La Orotava

Immersed in a large valley of banana trees, chestnut trees and vines, La Orotava is one of the most beautiful cities in Tenerife.

Il Old Town it is characterized by cobbled streets, internal courtyards hidden from prying eyes and flowered balconies.

I suggest you enter the Parish Church of the Concepción and to visit the House of the Balconies, a traditional seventeenth-century stately home that now houses the Museum of Uses and Customs.

Opposite is the Tourist House inside which, however, there is a center dedicated to local crafts and traditions.

3 - Puerto de La Cruz

Cross port it is the most touristic city in the north of Tenerife and one of the liveliest resorts on the island.

Its historic center is well preserved and its beating heart is Charco Square, full of bars and restaurants.

Going along the promenade you can enjoy a pleasant walk to the old fishermen's port where there are colonial-style buildings, cafes and places where you can taste traditional cuisine.

I suggest you do not miss the visit to the Botanical Garden for a walk among the exotic plants and a tour of the Municipal Market to discover local products and mix with the locals.

4 - San Cristobal de La Laguna

The ancient capital of the island is perhaps the most beautiful city in all of Tenerife.

San Cristobal de La Laguna it is the first example of an unfortified colonial city and was the model for those that later arose in the Americas.

Today the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Strolling in the historic center you can admire the colorful facades of the buildings, lose yourself looking at the shop windows, admire the period villas or sit at a bar table to look around in peace.

Among the attractions not to be missed I suggest the Cathedral, la Chiesa di Our Lady of La Concepcion and Museum of History and Archeology housed within the historic Lercaro house.

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5 - Anaga Rural Park

Jagged peaks and deep gorges: the Anaga Rural Park it occupies part of the massif in the north-east of Tenerife and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve.

The Parque Rural de Anaga is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in Tenerife. The natural landscape here is completely different from the south of the island and the areas surrounding Mount Teide.

In the park you can go trekking, mountain biking, organize a horse ride or explore the many small villages in the area.

The advice is to visit the reception center of La Cruz del Carmen to collect some material on what to do in the surrounding area and to get advice.

Alternatively you can book a trek with a specialized expert guide who will explain everything about nature in the park.

6 – Taganana

Taganana it is a small village which is located within the Anaga Rural Park and is the largest inhabited center in the area.

A walk in the small town will give you the opportunity to discover one of the most characteristic and authentic places on the island.

A must visit there Church of Our Lady of Las Nieves andhermitage of Santa Catalina.

7 - Benijo Beach

On the north coast of Tenerife, also nestled between the cliffs of the Parque Rural de Anaga, you will find Benijo Beach. Playa de Benijo is a black sand beach, surrounded by steep cliffs.

Banijo Beach it is an isolated beach and one of the most fascinating and remote in Tenerife.

The panorama of the Anaga mountains and the volcanic rocks that emerge from the seabed contribute to giving this place something “extraterrestrial”.

The atmosphere is great at sunset.

Many parts of the beach are frequented by nudists and you will need to watch out for the waves which are generally very powerful.

8 – Bejamar

bejamar it is a perfect village for families who can have fun here and let their children swim in total safety in the natural pools. Even if the waves are strong, the sea is calm and protected inside the pools.

You will find two large swimming pools and a smaller one perfect for the little ones.
The village has restaurants, bars and various commercial activities.

9 - Punta del Hidalgo

Also to Punta del Hidalgo you will find some natural pools where you can swim in peace.

Punta del Hidalgo is also famous for its ultra-modern lighthouse with particular architecture.

10 - Rambla de Castro

Rambla de Castro it is one of the unmissable walks to do in North Tenerife if you love trekking.

The excursion is of medium / easy difficulty and runs between the coast and the interior.

Palm trees, dracene and sea waves are the backdrop to an itinerary of about 4,5 km that you can complete in 3/4 hours (round trip) taking it with tranquility.

11 - La Gordejuela

Near the Rambla de Castro there is one of the most fascinating places on the island: the ruins of Gordejuela.

What might look like an old dilapidated castle is actually a construction dating back to 1903 that was used to pump water from the Gordejuela springs to La Ortoleva to irrigate the banana plantations.

Although there is not much to visit, it is certainly a very suggestive place.

12 – Garachico

Founded by a Genoese around 1500, Garachico it was one of the most flourishing ports of Tenerife until the eruption of 1706 which almost completely destroyed it.

Today it is a quiet place where you can enjoy a swim in the characteristic natural pools created following that historic eruption.

the Piscinas Naturales de El Caleton are natural salt water pools in which you can swim. There are also man-made additions where you can sunbathe and relax between swims.

I personally liked these pools a lot because we were visiting on a day when the sea was very big, and we spent the afternoon diving into the huge waves and playing with the current.

If you visit Garachico I suggest you reach the San Miguel Castle, one of the few buildings that resisted the fury of the lava.

13 - The Teno Rural Park

Among the suggestions on what to see in Tenerife I cannot fail to include Teno Rural Park, one of the most beautiful natural areas on the island and a true treasure trove of biodiversity.

To explore it you can take one of the many paths: the most popular are Black Caves, The Lodgings e Talavera.

14 - Punta de Teno

Punta de Teno it is one of the most famous places in the Park that I just told you about.

Here you will find a lighthouse (not open to visitors) and you can enjoy the view on The Cliffs of Los Gigantes.

There is also a very nice boat tour from here.

See the details of the Boat Tour from Punta de Teno

If you prefer something sportier instead of a boat, you might as well try a kayak tour!

15 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the island, is located in what is commonly called the Metropolitan Area, but we can insert it in the north of the island.

The city is undoubtedly one of the most interesting destinations in Tenerife and one of the best places to stay if you are looking for the right mix of nature, culture and beaches.

Things to see and do in Santa Cruz are numerous, I suggest you enjoy the area around the port and the one around Plaza of Spain, heart of the city.

Among the attractions not to be missed remember the Museum of Nature and Man, l'Auditorium designed by Calatrava and the San Juan Castle built in the first half of the seventeenth century.

If you love nature, instead, relax in Garcia Sanabria Park.


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16 - Las Teresitas Beach

Just 7 km from Santa Cruz de Tenerife is what is considered one of the most beautiful (and famous) beaches on the island: Las Teresitas Beach.

More than 1,5 km of free beach made up of sand and equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas for a fee for those wishing to use them and complete with showers and bathrooms.

The beach has a particularly exotic charm: you should know that the sand is not original to the island, but was imported directly from the Sahara.

What to see in Tenerife South

What to see in Tenerife information and useful tips

The southern area of ​​Tenerife is the most touristic and lively one.

Here you will find the most fashionable places on the island (and most expensive), but also a better climate.

Here what to see in Tenerife South.

1 - El Teide

The highest mountain in Spain and the third largest volcano in the world: the Teide it is a majestic massif characterized by a unique landscape forged by old lava flows and time.

The panorama that you can admire from the top (Pico del Teide) you will always remember so reach it: you can reach the summit on foot through one of the many hiking trails or by cable car.

The easiest way to reach the summit is by cable car, which will drop you 200 meters below the highest point. If you want to reach the absolute peak, you will have to walk from there. But it's worth it, because being up there and seeing the rest of the Canary Islands at your feet is, without a doubt, the best thing to do in Tenerife.

To reach the top you need to apply for a permit.

YOU CAN BUY tickets for the Teide cable car here

Stargazing in Teide National Park is one of the best things to do in Tenerife. 83 of the 88 officially recognized constellations can be seen from the park.

Because of the lack of light pollution around the island's volcanic peaks, Tenerife is one of the best places in the world for stargazing.

You can do it yourself or take part in a tour with an astronomer which will explain you all about the constellations.

You can visit theTeide Observatory on a fully guided tour to learn more, or book a stargazing tour with dinner for the full experience.

My SUGGESTIONS: Teide tour

There are tons of tours on Teide, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The best is definitely a stargazing tour. You can see it by CLICKING HERE

If you like the trekking do not miss the opportunity to do it with a guide!

If you want to go there alone you can buy the cable car tickets here

You can see by clicking HERE all the tours on the TEIDE

2 - Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos is a small town famous for its generally beautiful sandy beaches.

Among these is the Playa of the same name and the Las Vistas Beach.

Sea kayaking and water sports are extremely popular in Los Cristianos.

Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to take a kayak tour and go to discover more hidden and intimate areas and observe the sceneries that the area offers.

If you are interested in seeing marine life, you can also take a combined kayaking tour with snorkeling and dolphin watching.

Los Cristianos è anche famous for its nightlife: Here you will find a huge choice of bars, pubs, beach clubs. In short, you are spoiled for choice on how to spend a "good night".

From the marina, ferries depart daily for the nearby islands of La Gomera, La Palma e El Hierro: you could take advantage of it for a day excursion.

3 - El Puertito

On the coast of Adeje it is located El Puertito, a small fishing village characterized by a small free beach.

Se ami fare snorkeling you will surely have fun getting closer to the rocks that surround the bay. El Puertito is also known as Turtle Bay and is the perfect place if you want to experience the fantastic experience of swimming with turtles!

See Snorkeling Tours with Turtles Here!

El Puertito, with its houses built right on the beach a few steps from the ocean, is also the perfect place to spend a few hours in peace.

4 - Abama Beach

Abama Beach is another of the beautiful beaches of Tenerife: it is a tiny sandy cove surrounded by rocks and palm trees.

To reach it you will have to go through the 5-star hotel nearby: don't worry, you can do it because it is not a private road.

The sea is crystal clear and the colors at sunset are those of a painting.

5 - The Giants

Among the tips on what to see in Tenerife I absolutely must include Los Gigantes.

The town is famous for its landscape characterized by high cliffs (from 300 to 600 meters high) overlooking the sea and which are commonly called Los Acantilados de Los Gigantes.

If you love diving you must at all costs participate in a dive in the area. Alternatively, you could go snorkeling: there are several day boat trips that also include some stops to swim with a mask and fins.

La area is also famous for whale watching: whales and dolphins often pass by in this area.

See Whale Watching Tours here

By taxi boat it is possible to get to the Masca Beach, a beautiful beach that can only be reached through a long hike or from the sea.

6 - El Medano

The Medano it is famous for its long free sandy beach equipped with showers, bathrooms, restaurants, bars and the possibility of renting sun loungers and umbrellas.

The part of the beach that is closest to the town is the one where the water is calmer, while on the other side, where the waves get bigger, you can find surfers and windsurfers.

7 - Pyramids of Guimar

Among the most fascinating and mysterious places to visit in Tenerife there are certainly the Pyramids of Guimar.

These are six step pyramids similar to those of the Maya and the Aztecs whose origins and purposes are still uncertain today. Okey don't expect something like the Pyramids of Giza, but if you're curious they are pretty to see.

If once it was thought that they were buildings erected by local shepherds and farmers, in more recent times the hypothesis has been advanced that the origins are much older.

Since it is thought that i Guanches, the ancient populations of the Canaries, were not evolved enough to build similar buildings, we are still wondering who the father of these works is.

To visit the Pyramids there is a ENTRANCE TICKET

If you want to know more, you can take part in a guided tour IN ENGLISH to Candelaria and the Pyramids.

8 - Playa de Las Americas

Las Americas Beach it is the heart of the nightlife and entertainment of Tenerife: if you are looking for a place to party, this is the place to go.

Night clubs, a beautiful beach of golden sand, a golf course, many restaurants, some luxury hotels, discos and water sports will help make your holiday very eventful.

9 – Candelaria

The small town of Candelaria it is famous for hosting the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, patron saint of the Canary Islands.

The city, in fact, links its history to the legend that tells of how the Guanches found the effigy of the Virgin and began to venerate it.

Today again the church is a pilgrimage destination and twice a year (in February and August) a feast is celebrated in honor of the Madonna.

The village, however, is also worth a visit for the statues of the Guanche kingss which are located right in front of the Basilica, for the street art that you will encounter while walking through the center, for the famous ceramists of the city and for the La Candelaria Beach, a beautiful black sand beach.

10 - Costa Adeje

This area is very touristy due to the numerous beaches in the surroundings.

It is one of the most luxurious resorts in Tenerife where you will find many exclusive hotels and trendy boutiques for very expensive shopping.

If you love golf, here you will find a beautiful 18-hole course, while for the little ones there are amusement parks Siam Park e Aqualand.

11 - San Miguel de Tajao

Another of the beautiful beaches of South Tenerife is that of San Miguel de Tajao.
It is a pebble and dark sand beach where the water is generally calm even when the wind picks up.

After a dip you could take the opportunity to have lunch with excellent fresh fish in one of the nearby restaurants.

What to do in Tenerife with children: the best attractions

What to see in Tenerife information and useful tips

Personally I don't like zoos, but I understand that, for those with children they can be interesting and sometimes even educational. And then each of us has a different sensitivity with respect to some things.

Tenerife has many renowned and well-known parks all over the world including the Siam Park, Jungle park or Parrot park (which I advise you against because seeing the killer whales in there, after seeing them swimming in the sea in Iceland, it's a blow to the heart)

1 - Las guilas Park - Jungle Park

Il Jungle park it is an area of ​​about 75.000 square meters where more than 500 animals live including two rare white lions, but also lemurs, penguins, exotic birds, monkeys and more.

Here you can discover the fauna and flora of Tenerife!

The Park is easy to reach from Los Cristianos beach, and watching the bird of prey show, with hawks, vultures and eagles flying free in the park will make children happy, but adults too.

2 - Park of the monkeys

The Monkey Park of Tenerife is a small zoo located near the large tourist center of Los Cristianos, in the south of the island of Tenerife and is the only zoo in all the Canaries to specialize in "monkeys".

You will walk among the animals, feeding monkeys, lemurs and parrots in what is perhaps the smallest zoo in the world.

Please note that it is not possible to bring food for animals from outside: practically no bananas! You can buy monkey food at the park reception.

3 – Aqualand

There are several water parks in Tenerife, but Siam Water Park is definitely the best. L'Aqualand of Costa Adeje it is much cheaper, but the experience you will have will not be the same.

The second most popular water park on the island, it's a good option if you have younger children. Besides the fact that you will find fewer people, there is more choice for the little ones.

4 - Submarine tour

Here this is one of the things not to be missed if you visit Tenerife with children: experience a dive aboard a real submarine into uncharted waters!

Your children will love the real underwater world of Tenerife and will learn a lot: each dive is accompanied by a tour guide who will provide you with a complete explanation of the dive and the submarine.

On board the submarine, you and your children will be assigned a personal seat, right in front of the large observation windows, from which you will enjoy the underwater world with infinite pleasure. Each station also has its own TV monitor that offers you alternative viewing angles.

BUY the submarine tour

5 - Siam Park

Siam Park is a Thai themed water park, colorful and exotic. If you are looking for what to do in Tenerife with children this is the place, its pools and slides are the ideal places to have fun with the whole family.

Voted the best water park in the world, Siam Park is located in Costa Adeje.

Here you will find temples, large dragons and giant masks that recreate a small piece of Thailand on a hill.

The "Lost City" was specially designed for small children to enjoy the day. There are also rides for older children and adults.

Siam Park is therefore a great activity for children of all ages.

After you've had your fill of rides, visit the floating Thai market or grab a meal at the on-site restaurant.

Siam Park is one of the most popular attractions on the island, so it can be very difficult to find tickets.

Make sure you pre-book your Siam Park tickets here or here you will find the entrance with transport from Puerto de la Cruz included.

6 - Loro Parque (What NOT to do in Tenerife with children)

Did you know that there is a huge zoo in Tenerife? The Parrot park it could be a very fun place to visit with children. Born as a "paradise for parrots" (there are many), the park has since grown to host even killer whales and dolphins.

The park itself with its many flowers and greenery is also very beautiful. Now, even though the dolphin and killer whale pools are quite large, they are definitely not the ocean (it is much better to go whale watching and also more educational, in my opinion).

For this reason I include it in this list: just to ask you not to visit it.

If you want to see these majestic creatures, I highly recommend you book one of the many whale watching boat trips in Tenerife to see them in their natural habitat.

More things to do in Tenerife

1 - Barranco del Infierno

Il Hell ravine it's one of my favorite places in Tenerife, so I definitely recommend you go there.

Entering the valley (it was once free, but now there are well-maintained trails and a permit is needed), you will walk through a jagged landscape full of cacti. Most often, you will see lizards bouncing in the dry bushes and perhaps a lone bird flitting by.

But as you go further downstream, the landscape becomes greener. And right at the end of the gorge, you will find a small oasis that culminates in a waterfall, the only one in Tenerife.

Now, be careful, if you've seen the Iguazu Falls, then this tiny trickle probably won't take your breath away. For me, the most fascinating part is the walk in that arid landscape.

It's so beautiful you might almost think it's a botanical garden.

2 – Whale watching

What to see in Tenerife information and useful tips

The waters around Tenerife are home to year-round resident pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins, but November to February is the time when migrating whales such as humpback and blue whales also frequently pass into Tenerife's waters.

Here because a whale watching excursion is one of the best things to do in Tenerife.

Read mine too complete guide to whale watching in Tenerife

Between year-round residents and passing seasonal whales, your chances of seeing whales in Tenerife are really high. Most tour companies even claim that there is a 99% chance of spotting at least one whale while hiking.

There is no shortage of tour operators offering excursions. But you should look for a tour  responsible that complies with local regulations. This means keeping a respectable distance from marine life and not chasing animals.

The Tenerife tourism board has developed the “Barco Azul” (Blue Flag) system, giving responsible tour operators a flag so that visitors can easily identify them.

My TIPS: Whale Watching TOUR

There are so many Whale Watching tours to choose from.

Below you will list the ones I consider to be i 3 BEST:

Eco-cruise with dolphins and whales, food and drinks: a Getyourguide Original tour and you can choose between the 3-hour and the 5-hour option

Catamaran ride with sighting and listening to cetaceans: you will not only be able to see whales and dolphins, but also hear them!

Sailing trip with cetacean sighting: Sail on a (silent) sailboat to spot dolphins and whales!

See HERE other whale watching tours in Tenerife

3 – Snorkeling a Tenerife

What to see in Tenerife information and useful tips

The seabed surrounding the island is therefore a real treasure unsurprisingly, snorkeling and diving are among the best activities to do.

Also, it doesn't matter if you are experienced or not, because you always can book a tour and go with an instructor to guide you and make it easier for you to see sea turtles, starfish and other creatures that lurk in the seabed.

This area of ​​the Atlantic has a great biodiversity, therefore each dive is unique. You will be able to observe different marine animals and enjoy beautiful corals. In addition, in some places, there is visibility up to 30 meters, giving you an incredible experience.

I 5 best places to snorkel in Tenerife I'm:

El Puertito (Costa Adeje): This resort has become one of the most popular on the island for nature and water sports lovers and is only a 15 minute drive from Los Cristianos. El Puertito (also known as Turtle Bay) must be on your snorkeling itinerary in Tenerife if you want to swim with turtles.

Abades Bay: Abades is a small village on the southeastern coast of the island, with lovely natural pools and caves that offer ideal conditions for exploring the marine life of the Atlantic Ocean. Expect to see a variety of fish species including bream and damsels, but if you're lucky you might spot seahorses, octopuses and stingrays too!

El PalmarPalm Mar it is a wall that descends vertically, about 24 meters deep. It has three complete levels, all inhabited by various types of aquatic fauna. The best is to get in the water at the Los Cristianos cliffs and swim along the wall.

Punta de Teno: The westernmost tip of Tenerife is definitely worth a visit! At Punta de Teno, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking view of Los Gigantes as well as explore one of the best snorkeling spots in Tenerife, which is also a nature reserve.

La Rasca Lighthouse: Not far from El Palmar, you can find another excellent snorkeling spot in Tenerife. Faro de La Rasca is famous for its impressive lighthouse, but water lovers know this is the best place to spot cuttlefish and other interesting sea creatures such as stingrays, octopuses or barracudas. The rocky coast and shallow waters (5-18 meters deep) offer the perfect conditions for underwater exploration!

When you book your excursion, consider the different levels of diving available and choose the one that best suits your experience. You can also choose between diving and snorkeling.

My TIPS: Diving and Snorkeling in Tenerife

Among the various snorkeling and diving options, check out these wonderful options that respect animals and their habitat!

Skorkeling and kayaking with turtles: more than 700 positive reviews for this business! The tour is for a small group (12 people MAX) lasts 2,5 hours and there is also the possibility of having a guide.

Tenerife: dive for beginners with turtles: have your experience with cylinders, an expert instructor and get close but always at a safe distance (for animals we mean) to the turtles. I did it and I had a lot of fun.

Snorkeling at the Wall of El Palmar: you will submerge yourself in the crystal clear waters of El Palmar, snorkeling and observe trumpet fish, scarides, turtles… You will discover a lot of exotic species of the seabed!

See HERE other diving and snorkeling with TURTLES

4 - Visit a banana plantation

Farming is a bit difficult in Tenerife, but there is one plant you will see almost everywhere: bananas.

Some of the plantations are really huge and I think you should stop by at least once to get a closer look.

5 - Carnival of Tenerife

If you are a Carnival enthusiast, you cannot miss the Tenerife Carnival, the second best known carnival in the world after Rio de Janeiro and is a World Heritage Site.

The election of the Carnival Queen, the companies, the costumes, the songs and other activities make this event an experience to be lived at least once in a lifetime. Unleash all your creativity and have fun like never before on the streets of Tenerife during the carnival !.

6 - Wine tour and tasting

I have already talked about Icod de los Vinos above, but you must know that there are a lot of very interesting things to do in this beautiful town.

If you visit Icod de los Vinos, I recommend that you join one wine tasting at the cellar King's Cave, where you will not only taste some of the best wines in the area, but learn all about local viticulture on a guided tour.

7 - Discover the local cuisine

Although not very common, if you happen to be looking for what to do in Tenerife if it rains, here is an interesting idea.

In that case, I recommend that you take the opportunity to try the typical food of Tenerife. You will tell me that you already try it in restaurants, ok I agree, but why instead don't learn much more with a food tour?

Among the most popular dishes of the cuisine of Tenerife are the “papas arrugadas” (wrinkled potatoes) with mojo, the Canarian stew, the “gofio escaldado”, the “quesillo” and the “huevos al estampido”.

What to see and do in Tenerife for FREE

  • Visit the beaches of Tenerife.
  • Tenerife Carnival.
  • Ride around Adeje.
  • Take a hike to the Roque del Conde.
  • Take a swim in El Puertito.
  • Surf in La Caleta.
  • Look at the views!  The slopes and peaks that dot Tenerife will offer you the great opportunity to climb panoramas and observe the island from a bird's eye perspective, with all its wonders at your feet.Some of the viewpoints that I recommend are Aguaide, Chipeque , Tafada, la Atalaya, Asomadero, Garañona and Jardina, although there are more than twenty scattered throughout the island.

Where to sleep in Tenerife

What to see in Tenerife information and useful tips

When deciding where to stay in Tenerife, you need to take your personal preferences into consideration. Tenerife is an incredibly diverse island that can accommodate many different types of travelers.

If you are a young traveler who wants to party and meet new people you will have more fun in Las Americas, if you are a family looking for a quiet beach holiday you will prefer Costa Adeje, or if you are a hiking enthusiast you would probably prefer to stay in Puerto de la Cruz or La Laguna.

However, it is always useful to remember that Tenerife is a small island and no matter where you are, you can easily drive around the whole island in about an hour.

Hence, you may prefer to base yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Las Americas, and you could hike Mount Teide after only an hour and a half by car.

Below I have looked for some good options for you, but if you want you can learn more by reading my article on the best areas to stay in Tenerife.

Silken Atlantida Santa Cruz: (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) with classic and bright décor, rooftop terrace, fitness center and a restaurant offering both Mediterranean and Canarian cuisine, this hotel located in the financial and commercial center of Santa Cruz is the hotel with the highest grade score in the city.

Il Vanilla Garden Boutique Hotel – Adults Only (Playa de Las Americas) is located in the best neighborhood in Tenerife for party lovers, with numerous nightclubs, bars and bistros nearby. This modern four-star hotel has an outdoor terrace, a swimming pool and a massage service. There is also a trendy bar, perfect for enjoying a drink before a night on the town.

Paloma Beach Apartments (Los Cristianos): This second generation family-run hotel is located just minutes from the sea, which means you can be on the beach and have fun in no time. This staff makes a real concerted effort to give this place a real homely feel. Everything here is also well looked after and refurbished and the apartments have fabulous views. The pool area here is a particularly fun place. Although it has a restaurant, there are many others to choose from right on your doorstep.

Tenerife map

Here is a interactive map with all the places to visit in Tenerife that I mentioned in this article: by clicking on the icons you will find information on the indicated place.

You can find this map too clicking here.

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