Where To Go To The Beach In Spain

Spain is definitely one of the best destinations for a beach holiday. Kilometers of coastline, a large number of blue flag beaches and stunning islands; a destination for all tastes.

In fact, each area has its own characteristics and is suitable for every need: for those looking for wild bays bathed by crystal clear waters, long beaches to walk, spots for surfers, evening life, cultural cities. In short, Spain has everything you could possibly want for a wonderful beach holiday.

In this article I will guide you to the discovery of best seaside resorts in Spain.

Location Spain: Which to Choose

Where To Go To The Beach In Spain

With about 5.000 km of coastline, in Spain there is plenty of choice in terms of beaches, then if we also include the islands, it becomes very difficult to decide where to go on a beach holiday in Spain.

So let's see which are the main beach destinations by exploring the best destinations from the Costa Brava to the Costa del Sol to the Canary and Balearic Islands.

1. Tossa de Mar: Holidays as a couple or family

Where To Go To The Beach In SpainTossa del Mar, located on the Catalan coast halfway between Barcelona and the French border, is a perfect base for visiting the Costa Brava and its cities. It is an ancient city with a well-kept old area full of restaurants and shops.

There is no shortage of beautiful beaches a stone's throw from the historic center, such as Gran Beach, characterized by the horseshoe shape and the beautiful Es Codolar beach, a charming cove located at the foot of the medieval castle walls.

Tossa del Mar is the perfect solution for a quiet beach holiday, but with all the services and a wide choice of clubs and restaurants, recommended for a couple or family stay.

2. Lloret de Mar: La Patria della Movida in Costa Brava

Lloret de Mare is the home of nightlife and unbridled fun, ideal for young lovers of discos, pubs and clubs. The beach is wide, clean and with a beautiful sea.

3. Alicante: Fun but not chaotic holiday

Alicante is another destination ideal for a beach holiday in Spain. The perfect choice for a fun but not overly chaotic stay like Lloret de Mar. Evening life is concentrated mostly in the center where you find most of the clubs, pubs and discos.

Alicante beach is Postiguet Beach, located near the port and the city center. The beach is even better San Juan beach, located about 10 km from Alicante and reachable in 30 minutes by bus. The beach is very wide, with large palm trees and a clean sea.

4. Benidorm: Fun for Everyone

Where To Go To The Beach In Spain

Benidorm is a lively tourist resort on the Costa Blanca, also known as the "New York of the Mediterranean" due to its large urban development with tall skyscrapers, hotels and shopping malls.

Renowned for its nightlife, Benidorm is particularly popular with young people looking for parties and clubbing nights. But the city is also recommended for a family holiday, there is no shortage of services and entertainment for the little ones.

Another big attraction are its 2 famous beaches: Playa de Levante and Playa de Poniente. Finally, a big advantage is the abundance of low cost flights to both Alicante and Valencia.

5. Marbella Costa del Sol - Andalusia

Why go to Marbella for a beach holiday in Spain? Warm climate, nightlife and beautiful beaches make Marbella one of the most famous tourist resorts in Spain, particularly popular with high-level tourism and famous people.

6. Malaga: Perfect base for touring the Costa del Sol

Malaga is perhaps the best choice for those looking for a base to visit the Costa del Sol, as the city is well connected to the most beautiful places in the area. The city beaches are nice and ideal for a little relaxation, among the most famous there is certainly Malagueta, very close to the historic center and full of bars and restaurants.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, the historic center of malaga offers many historical and cultural attractions. Malaga is the perfect solution for those who want a mix of beaches, nightlife and cultural visits.

7. Torremolinos: The Benidorm of the Costa del Sol

 Torremolinos is the home of nightlife on the Costa del Sol, here the fun is guaranteed, it is in fact compared to Benidorm.

Summer is filled with young people from all over Europe ready to go wild in pubs, bars and chiringuitos. There are 6 main beaches: Los Alamos, Playamar, Bajondillo, La Carihuela, Montemar and El Saltillo. The beaches are sandy, have both equipped areas and free areas.

8. Cadiz: The pearl of Andalusia

Where To Go To The Beach In Spain

Cadiz is the real pearl of Andalusia, strategically located between the wonderful Costa de La Luz and the Doñana National Park.

Cadiz is a pleasant town, with beautiful beaches, the right nightlife and is well connected with Jerez de la Frontera airport. The city beach La Caleta is beautiful, a stone's throw from the historic center.

9. Tarifa: Beaches, Nightlife and Surf

Another must-see on the Costa de la Luz is Tarifa, long white sandy beaches and a beautiful sea. Tarifa is located on the southern tip of Spain near the Strait of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet.

Among the most beautiful beaches are Playa Chica, Playa de Los Lances and Punta Paloma, the latter in particular is wonderful, to reach it you cross the dunes by car and the view is incredible.

There is no lack of nightlife, the atmosphere is lively and festive and in the evening the city is filled with people ready to party. The area is particularly windy, which is why it is ideal for those who practice kitesurfing and windsurfing.

10. San Sebastián (Basque Country)

San Sebastian overlooking the Cantabrian Sea is a unique city known for its beautiful beaches, in particular for La Concha, one of the most beautiful urban beaches in the world, a true symbol of the city.

San Sebastian is the ideal choice for any type of traveler: for those looking for a relaxing stay, for a family stay, for those looking for entertainment and evening life and for lovers of water sports. Furthermore, the city is rich in museums and history, thanks also to its characteristic historic center.

11. Santander: Movida and Beautiful Beaches

Santander is a famous tourist resort in the north of Spain located on the Cantabrian coast. The city is known for its beaches and its lively nightlife, with many young people who fill the many clubs and disco pubs in the evening.

Absolutely not to be missed Magdalena Peninsula a wonderful natural park among the most beautiful in Spain, ideal for relaxing and admiring the spectacular views. Another beautiful beach is La Virgen del Mar located a few kilometers from the center.

Santander is a perfect location for a beach holiday in Spain, especially for those wishing to explore the northern part of the country.

12. Balearic Islands: The most beautiful sea in Spain

Where To Go To The Beach In Spain

Let's now pass to the splendid Spanish islands, starting with the Balearics, one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. For those looking for a spectacular sea the Balearic Islands are the right choice, I'm sure they will not disappoint you.

White beaches and a crystalline sea for a stay dedicated to the sea and relaxation. In addition to the spectacular beaches, there is no shortage of crazy nights and fun. In short, there is something for all tastes, the important thing is to choose the right island.

13. Canary Islands: Warm all year round

Last but not least, let's talk about the spectacular ones Canary Islands, their strong point is certainly the warm climate during most of the year.

They are in fact located in front of the west coast of Africa and are known by all as the islands of eternal spring. Therefore perfect for a beach holiday in winter, but appreciated at any time, even during the summer. Seven main islands, each with its own characteristics, to choose the right island I recommend you read the article Canary Islands: Which Island to Choose.

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