Where to go to the spa with children

To have fun and spend time with your parents, there is nothing better than going to the spa: here are the ones suitable for the little ones
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Le families with small children They know it well: find some spas for children in Italy It may not be easy, precisely because of the limitations that many spa facilities adopt. In fact, it is not uncommon (in fact, it is much more common than you think) to find the word “prohibited to children” among the rules of access to a thermal spa. This prohibition may have multiple reasons: one of them is to respect the quiet for adult guests, who are looking for just a moment of relaxation, well-being and silence in the spa.

Another reason (more than justified) is related to the health of the little ones, precisely because sulfurous and thermal waters are not always suitable for children. Therefore, in this fortourslovers article we have thought of creating one list of family spas and best spas for kids scattered throughout our beautiful country. We will discover which spas are suitable for children even in winter, where they are located, the internal facilities, the services and the temperatures suitable even for the little ones. Let's see them together.

Where to go to the spa with children

The experience of the spa with children It can be enriching and wonderful, both for parents and for children. Going to the spa with children allows the "adults" to relax and enjoy the beneficial effects of the thermal waters, and the children to let loose and have fun with a decidedly different alternative to the usual pool. From Alto Adige to Tuscany, passing through Emilia Romagna and beyond: here is the list of best spas for children in Italy provided by fortourslovers.

Balneario de Bagno in Bagno di Romagna

Parents know how difficult it is to find children. spas for children in Italy, adapted to their needs and that provide children with complete accessibility. One of these structures is Termas de Bagno Romagna, in the homonymous village of Bagno di Romagna. Here the little ones will find four swimming pools in which to play and relax, sun loungers available and for parents a equipped wellness center where you can treat yourself to massages and more. But the journey doesn't end here: there are still many spas open to children in our country!

thermal baths of montecatini

A well-known and highly appreciated destination precisely for its spa history, the Montecatini Hot Springs are among the Most popular spa centers in Italy. Even children will be able to fully enjoy it, thanks to the thermal pools where they can play and have fun while adults let themselves be pampered by saunas, wellness treatments and messages. He thermal baths of montecatini They are really perfect for a weekend dedicated to the family, between relaxation and smiles.

Termas de Merano

Spas that are truly kid-friendly in every way? He Merano Spa! This gem, located in South tyrol and easy access, it allows your little ones to enjoy not only the large pools, but also a wonderful outdoor park where they can run, roll on the ground and play as much as they can. The rules are few but strict: children who do not know how to swim must strictly put their armrests in the water, thus also allowing parents the opportunity to enjoy moments of relaxation. They are also available for adults. Whirlpool tubs, and all changing rooms have comfortable, sanitized changing tables for those who have younger children with them.

Terme di Saturnia

Famous throughout Italy Due to its ancient tradition, the Saturnia spas have waters suitable for children, whether you decide to go to the free structure than in the paid one with some facilities and the wellness center. The latter presents four outdoor thermal pools, wellness trails and hot tubs. The outdoor park is dedicated to children, who can let off steam and have fun between baths. Even in the free part of the spa, the water pools are shallow and accessible, so they do not pose any danger.

Bormio thermal baths

Le Bormio thermal baths I am a real paradise for children: The thermal pools also have water jets and splash pads, located in two indoor pools and one outdoor pool. The difference is made by the presence of a 60-meter water slide, which transforms the spa of Bormio in a real small water park. In summer, the outdoor area of ​​the Bormio spa is renamed "Giocagiardino", a outdoor playground that cannot help but involve children. For adults, however, there is a wellness center, hydromassage and even swimming classes.

What to do in winter?

The options that we have illustrated above are all very valid, thanks also to the presence of large outdoor spaces in which Children can unleash their creativity. and fun. But what to do if, instead, the dream is to treat yourself to a weekend or a moment of relaxation in winter? We will surprise you by telling you that many children's spas are also perfectly equipped to live in peace. winter period and more rigid. Here are some examples:

Acquardens: search for Gardaland

The thermal plant of Acquaderns, near Lake Garda, presents a area dedicated to children with many services for families. The facility is accessible all year round with heated outdoor pools and the possibility of staying inside theHotel Valpolicella International, which will allow you not only to rest but also to please your children with a short trip to the playground Gardaland, little distant

Acquaworld in Concorezzo

A water park near Milan that also features saunas, steam baths, salt caves, hot tubs and other wellness services that have a lot in common with the spa treatments. Within theAcquaworld de Concorezzo You will find slides and many water games.

spa bibione

Even here in Bibione, between Veneto and Friuli Venecia Julia, in the absence the Spa and the large thermal pools – both indoors and outdoors, as well as water games suitable for adults and children.

Theia Thermal Pools

search Siena, in the heart of Tuscany, we propose a visit to the Theia thermal pools. Inside, a pool dedicated to small children with non-thermal water, and even a restaurant inside for the convenience of parents.

Visiting the spa with children during the holidays

We have seen how spas for children They are fun in the summer and doable even in the winter months. However, it is possible to use the latter also in combination with holidays, to make the winter period evocative and full of magic. In fact, many spa facilities organize events dedicated to, for example, Christmas holidays. These events include special themed dinners, scavenger hunts, access to thermal pools with "special guests" and more. Someone spa facilities They also offer entertainment and baby dance services, organize meetings with the most beloved superheroes and princesses and even small theater courses. Everything is designed so that the kids are having fun and parents can really tune out. Therefore, the advice is to always be attentive to offers and proposals from wellness and spa around the holidays, whether Christmas or not.

Why take children to the spa? What are the benefits?

Let's leave aside for a moment the recreational side of spa facilities and ask ourselves why we should take the kids to the spa? What are the benefits and for whom are thermal baths suitable?

  • For those who have problems in the field of otorhinolaryngology.
  • For those who have audiometric problems.
  • For those with respiratory problems.

Several spas offer a real “pediatric checkup”, essential, for example, for children who must undergo inhalation treatments, insufflations and controls in the field of otorhinolaryngology. The benefits of the spa There are many for children who suffer from ear infections, sinusitis, tonsillitis and more. Children who have breathing difficulties, such as snoring at night, may make huge profits in frequenting the spa and submerging in its waters. In the Sirmione Baths, for example, there is a state-of-the-art center for ear pathologies. Thanks to spa treatments with sulphurous-bromoiodic waters, you will be able to significantly relieve pain and ear pathologies without having contraindications.

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