Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

Finding good hotels in Cagliari it's easy - even more so when you have a friend who lives there and advises you where stay (Thanks Claudia!)

The capital of Sardinia is a town that offers many accommodation options and what I love most about Cagliari is that, if you don't find large hotel chains, you will still have a great variety of small boutique hotels, elegant and refined for every interest and budget. .

Claudia was born and lives in the city with her beloved cats, but she often found herself in the situation of welcoming friends she could not host and therefore sought out the best hotels around for them.

When someone now asks her where to sleep in Cagliari, she knows exactly where to direct him.

In this post, Claudia highlights the most beautiful hotels in Cagliari, dividing them by areas and interests and selecting some for whatever budget you have available.

He selected i 4 main historic districts and one more outside the city. The 4 historic districts correspond to the city center and are pleasant places to stroll.

The other district, Poetto it is in a beautiful area with easy access to beaches and natural beauty.


Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

By Alessio Orru /

Cagliari, whose name derives from the Punic Karel or Karalis (rocky place), it has a long history: founded by the Phoenicians in the eighth century BC, it saw, among other things, Roman, Punic, Arab, Pisan and Aragonese dominations.

Cagliari is located in Gulf of the Angels, on the southern coast of Sardinia. Similarly to Rome, Lisbon, Prague and Istanbul, it was built on seven limestone hills.

In Sardinian language Cagliari is called Casteddu, which means castle, a name that refers to the medieval walled city.

Facing the Mediterranean Sea and with the mountains behind it Cagliari is a beautiful city, in which a variety of architectural styles and layers and layers of history are mixed, and it is certainly a city worth discovering.

1 - Where to sleep in Cagliari for the first time: Castello

Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

By LouieLea /

If this is your first time visiting Cagliari and you are looking for a central place, the area to look for the hotel is definitely Castle.

Castello, known in Sardinian as Casteddu de Susu, is the main god four historic districts of the city of Cagliari.

It is located in a prominent position, on a limestone hill about one hundred meters above sea level: from here the views are breath taking.

The district is still accessed through the ancient medieval gates, open in the walls that still surround much of the perimeter of the Castle, isolating it from the rest of the city: this also makes it one of the most romantic and photogenic areas, which writers of the caliber have fallen in love with. by DH Lawrence.

It is the closest area to some of Cagliari's places of interest such as Cathedral, le Torri, il Royal Palace and archaeological Museum, unmissable places if you are interested in the history of Sardinia.

In the Castello area you will find good restaurants, some of the best bars in the city, and although public transport does not reach it (the streets are too narrow for buses!) And access to non-resident cars is limited to a few hours a day , is within walking distance of the bus stops.

LOCAL COUNCIL: if you plan to rent a car during your holiday in Sardinia, check the timetables to enter the reserved area of ​​Castello. As it is a rather small neighborhood, you can also choose to park your car in one of the various car parks right next to the doors and walk to your hotel.

The best hotels in Castello

Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

The Ancient Tower it is the cheapest option in the area. It has cozy and very clean rooms, beamed ceilings and is located 180 meters from the Elephant Tower, in the heart of Castello.

Bianca Dimora it is an incredibly elegant B&B with beautifully decorated rooms. It is located near the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, the Elephant Tower and the University.

Il Relais Santa Croce it is one of my favorites especially for the view from some rooms that overlooks the whole city and they are truly breathtaking. It is located in a beautifully restored historic building and the rooms are spacious, elegant and comfortable.

Birkin Castello it has elegant rooms, decorated in earthy colors that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Guests appreciate the helpfulness of the staff.

2 - Where to sleep in Cagliari for nightlife: La Marina

Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

In Roman Babakin /

If you like the idea of ​​having bars, restaurants, shops and bus stops nearby, The marine, the area just in front of the port of the city is where to look for a sleep.

The Navy is also the most multicultural area of ​​the city, where the residents are a fun, beautiful mix of ethnicities, languages ​​and cultures.

Here you will find a good pizzeria, a local trattoria and a curry shop right on the same street.

The Marina is the heart of Cagliari's nightlife. Piazza Yenne and the small alleys that surround it are the favorite haunt of the locals and here you will find places suitable for any need. In La Marina there are some of the best restaurants in the city. The area is also very photogenic, with narrow alleys, a couple of beautiful churches and delightful squares.

Although La Marina is closed to traffic, if you decide to rent a car you can count on the large parking lot right next to the train station and on all the parking lots along Via Roma.

The best hotels in La Marina

Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

Il B&B cappuccine it is a very nice family-run structure. The rooms have been done in a rustic style and are equipped with private bathroom, Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

If you prefer something modern, with bright rooms and harbor views, the Birkin Marina it might be the right choice. The rooms have private bathrooms and all rooms have Wi-Fi and air conditioning. They accept animals and the breakfast is continental.

Hostel Marina it's a great option for travelers on a tight budget. It is located in a former monastery from the 16th century and is part of the Hostelling International circuit.

THEHotel Regina Margherita is one of the most famous business hotels in Cagliari and is therefore an excellent choice for business people.

Art Guest House it is in a perfect location in the heart of La Marina. Although simple in decor, the rooms are very comfortable and very clean. This is one of the best choices if you don't want to spend a lot.

3 - Where to stay for those who love history: Stampace

Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

By Torruzzlo / shutterstock

If you like the idea of ​​being in a well-connected area, with access to bars, restaurants and a selection of interesting places to visit, Stampace is where to stay in Cagliari.

This used to be the medieval working-class neighborhood of Cagliari and today it is a nice area to stroll through the narrow alleys between the colorful houses, visiting the botanical garden and the Roman amphitheater.

La train station is located here, so I recommend it to those who decide to travel to Sardinia by train.

SUGGESTION: keep in mind that in Stampace every year on May 1st there is the fashion show from beautiful church of Sant'Efisio, so if you come during that period be sure to book well in advance!

The best hotels in Stampace

Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

THEHotel Flora it is a good modern hotel with large rooms and antique furniture. Its a la carte restaurant offers typical Sardinian cuisine.

Il Place Cagliari has rooms decorated in an eccentric and Rococo style in an elegant XNUMXth century building, a stone's throw from the ancient Castle.

Rooms at the Place Cagliari are air conditioned and come with free Wi-Fi, exposed wooden beams on the ceilings and antique furniture. Each includes an LCD TV and a private bathroom with a large shower.

Antico Corso Charme is a beautiful bed and breakfast located in an 18th century building. The air-conditioned rooms feature a balcony, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, parquet floors, a minibar and a private bathroom.

LuxurYenne B&B : With modern furnishings and beamed ceilings, this hotel has very modern and clean rooms, all with private bathrooms, minibars and flat-screen TVs. Some have a balcony with a view.

Cagliarifornia it is located in the heart of Cagliari, a stone's throw from the Archaeological Museum, Piazza Yenne and Via Roma. It has small but clean and comfortable rooms with Wi-Fi.

4 - Where to sleep in Cagliari with children: Villanova

Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

If you are looking for one quiet area, almost without noise, where you will still find a good selection of bars and restaurants and which is a few minutes walk from the main attractions, Villanova It is ideal.

Villanova was founded in the 13th century when peasants from the countryside villages around Cagliari began moving here for further business opportunities.

The area has several beautiful churches - my favorite is that of St. James. In recent years it has undergone many renovations and Villanova has become one of the trendiest and most beautiful areas of Cagliari.

There are some restaurants, some good bars, and although the main shopping streets (Via Garibaldi, Via Sulis and Via Sonnino) are quite busy, the general feeling you will feel is that of being in a nice and quiet village where children still play football in the squares.

For this it is one of the best areas where to sleep in Cagliari with children, but being a bit romantic I also recommend it for couples.

Access to cars by non-residents in Villanova is limited, but there are some large car parks right outside.

SUGGESTION: Villanova is located near the San Benedetto market, the largest market in Cagliari. This is the perfect place for grocery shopping!

The best hotels in Villanova

Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

THEAcasamia is a nice apartment, small but fully equipped, in the main shopping street of Cagliari. Acasamia is also one of the most popular accommodations and is often not available.

If you are looking for a charming place, you should take a look at BB22 Suites & Bakery Experience Villanova it is a beautiful apartment, fully equipped and incredibly comfortable. All rooms have private bathrooms. This is one of the best choices to sleep in Cagliari, just look at the reviews!

LuceNova Suite Guest-house it is a wonderful bed and breakfast with elegant and comfortable rooms. Some have a jacuzzi and a view of the lush garden. This property is within easy reach of the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, the Court and the Bastion of Saint Remy. do not miss the opportunity to relax on the terrace after a day spent visiting the city.

Biddanòa Bed and Breakfast is a delightful B&B in the heart of Villanova. It gives guests the feeling of being a guest in someone's home.

5 - Where to sleep in Cagliari for the beaches: Poetto

Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

By Torruzzlo /

If you like the idea of ​​having easy access to the beach, a nature reserve, and some beautiful urban hikes, the Poetto is where to stay in Cagliari.

Far from the city center, but easily accessible by car and also by public transport, the Poetto is the main beach of Cagliari and a great place to relax in any season.

There is a cycling and running path, many small cafes and restaurants to stop for a drink and access to a fantastic lagoon and nature reserve where you can see pink flamingos and many other birds. No wonder this is one of the best beaches in Sardinia.

Not far from Poetto, you can access Calamosca to other beaches and some easy but rewarding hiking trails that will give you incredible views of the city and coast.

SUGGESTION: Poetto is perfect in summer, when all the commercial activities in the area are open. If you plan to stay here in the winter, be sure to check if at least some of the local restaurants and bars are open.

The best hotels in Poetto

Where to sleep in Cagliari: Guide to the best areas and hotels

The Villa del Mare it is a small Art Nouveau hotel located right on the beach. It offers air-conditioned rooms with balconies and sea views. The property is 20 meters from the bus stop for the center of Cagliari.

THENautilus Hotel it offers welcoming rooms, furnished in the white and blue colors of the marine style. There is a nice garden with a jacuzzi and a bar. Wi-Fi is free throughout the hotel and breakfast is buffet style.

You will fall in love with the Scent of the Sea  and its sunny terrace overlooking the Poetto beach. The elegant rooms come with parquet floors and a private bathroom. Some also have a balcony with sea views.

THEHotel Chentu Lunas it is located a stone's throw from the beach and offers simple but clean rooms, some have a balcony.

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