Where to Stay in Krakow: A Practical Guide to the 5 Best Areas

It will not be difficult for you to decide where to sleep in KrakowIn fact, regardless of budget, thanks to the city's rise to elite status among European destinations, there is certainly no shortage of accommodation options. From luxurious 5-star hotels to family-run ones, from boutique hotels to bed and breakfasts, from historic apartments to around 60 hostels, the offer is literally wasted.

As the former capital of Poland, hotel costs in Krakow are higher than the national average, but the choice is so varied (as is its culture) that you will have no problem finding accommodation that suits your needs.

Where to Stay in Krakow: A Practical Guide to the 5 Best Areas

This guide aims to give you a useful overview of where to sleep in Krakow, analyzing the best areas according to your needs.

Where to sleep in Krakow: useful tips

Surely if you are short on time or it's your first time in town, Old Town e Kazimierz they are probably the best areas.

Whenever friends and family ask me where to sleep in Krakow, I personally recommend Kazimierz. It's my favorite neighborhood. Although it has become more touristy in recent years, it still has its charm and beyond the hotels there are plenty of great bars and restaurants to choose from.

However, there can be a lot of noise from people partying in the streets often until the crack of dawn. So if a quiet and relaxing stay is what you are looking for, Kleparz it's a great choice. Kleparz has the advantage of being close to the Old Town but much less touristy.

Finally, if you stop short of time I would suggest you explore the Old Town and Kazimierz first and then Podg贸rze. Two unmissable visits are certainly the Wieliczka salt mines and the concentration camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau which require at least half a day or in the second case, a full day. If you go during the spring or summer or during some festival, book in advance so you don't miss out on the best deals.

Old Town

Literally the "Old Town", Old Town it is the most central and historic district of the city. Like all historic city centers, Stare Miasto is undoubtedly one of the best places to sleep in Krakow due to its proximity to the city's major attractions. In fact, Stare Miasto is the hub for tourists: in its heart is the Piazza Vecchia, Rynek glowny, the largest medieval square in Central Europe.
One of the things I loved most when I was in Krakow was sitting in one of the many cafes lining the square, watching life go by in the shadow of the beautiful Basilica of Santa Maria.

Just west of Rynek Glowny, perched on top of a hill overlooking the Vistula River, is the majestic Wawel Castle, the symbol and one of the best attractions of Krakow. don't miss Dragon's Den, the cave where the legendary dragon lives!

The area, being very touristy, is obviously populated with excellent bars and restaurants, generally more expensive than other areas of the city, but where you can eat well and some are really very picturesque.

Stare Miasto is also the best place to buy the souvenirs that Poland is famous for all over Europe: amber jewelry.

Near Stare Miesto there are also two very important shopping centers: the Galeria Krakowska, which is located just east of the Old Town and is the largest shopping center in the city and Bonarka, which is a little further away, 10 minutes by taxi, which is generally much less crowded.

Stare Miesto is recommended for: city tour, charm, comfortable and central.

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My choice in Stare Miasto:

Old Town Aparthotel: just see the photo below to fall in love with it. A modern and comfortable aparthotel housed in a historic building and not even a stone's throw from Piazza Vecchia. All possible and imaginable comforts: TV, kitchenette, wifi and air conditioning. All at a super affordable price (from 70 euros / night).

Where to Stay in Krakow: A Practical Guide to the 5 Best Areas


My favorite neighborhood and one of the coolest areas of the city.

Kazimierz is the district that is historically known as the Jewish quarter and together with the Old Town was placed on the first UNESCO World Heritage List in 1978: Kazimierz was targeted and systematically destroyed during the Second World War.

Today Kazimierz is back to a new life, animated non-stop by boutiques, trendy cafes, trendy restaurants, art galleries and bars: if you are a lover of the bohemian life this is the neighborhood for you.

The Jewish community has also recovered and is thriving today with the multicolored Jewish Square and numerous synagogues, some of which are definitely worth a visit.

Absolutely do not miss the wonderful Corpus Christi Church.
New Square it is a market during the day and, after dark, it turns into the center of the night life ..
Kazimierz is also quite central: it takes about 20 minutes on foot from here to Rynek G艂贸wny.

Recommended for: cultural trips, boutiques and restaurants, bohemian area.

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My choice in Kazimierz:

Privilege Suites: ideal for two people, these apartments are located right in the heart of Kazimierz a stone's throw from Plac Nowy and the Tempel Synagogue. They are modern, functional and design apartments and are located in one of the best locations to visit Krakow (from 80 euros / night).

Where to Stay in Krakow: A Practical Guide to the 5 Best Areas


For those who love to sleep in the central area but at the same time have a little more tranquility away from the tourist crowds, Kleparz it is a good area to stay.

Kleparz is a small, mostly residential and upscale neighborhood located directly north of the historic center. The oldest and most colorful market in Krakow is also held here, Stary Kleparz. Locally grown vegetables, fruit, flowers, cheeses and meats are available fresh every day and at bargain prices. Other landmarks worth visiting in the area are the beautiful ones Church of San Floriano and square Jan Matejko.

Recommended for: Living in the area, Central and convenient, Markets.

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My choice in Kleparz:

Cracowdays: many reviews on booking and a very high average. Staff operating 24/24, organization of city tours and tourist information, excellent location and intimate atmosphere. It will be my next choice when I return to Krakow (from 60 euros / night including breakfast)

Where to Stay in Krakow: A Practical Guide to the 5 Best Areas


A "new" neighborhood designed to be a new destination in Krakow, Podg贸rze it is full of history, beauty and even some unusual attractions. It is also easy to reach thanks to the footbridge that connects it to Kazimierz.

Podg贸rze was an independent city across the Vistula River until 1795. The Nazis created the Krakow ghetto precisely in this area where all the Jews of Krakow were brought during the Second World War

Absolutely not to be missed Ghetto Heroes Square (Plac Bohater贸w Getta) which was once the main square of the Ghetto, the place where the Nazis chose which Jewish prisoners were to go to the death camps.

Today it houses the Memorial of the Empty Chairs, a large monument consisting of 70 cast iron and bronze chairs that commemorates the tragic fate of the Jews of Krakow. In the same square is 鈥淯nder the Eagle Pharmacy鈥, the only pharmacy authorized to operate in the Ghetto, which has helped many Jews to survive during their imprisonment.

Ghetto Heroes Square is a "strong" place that arouses indefinable feelings and which in my opinion is absolutely unmissable.

Continue with one visit to Schindler's factory (also unmissable) and a walk up to K.rakus Mound for one of the best views of the city, especially at sunset.

Also worth mentioning is the Church of St. Joseph and for a bit of relaxation, I recommend a nice walk along the river avenues.

Recommended for: Up-and-Coming area, sunset panorama, riverfront.

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My choice in Podg贸rze:

Enamel Apartments: an economical choice, without giving up comfortable accommodation. Free Wi-Fi (from 35 euros / night)

Where to Stay in Krakow: A Practical Guide to the 5 Best Areas


At first sight Grzeg贸rzki it is a big neighborhood a bit ugly and squalid, gray and degraded, but if you dig something to visit there is also here and on the other hand the costs are low: it is therefore a good choice if you are low cost travelers or backpackers. It is located east of Kleparz.

To see the Botanical Garden, the university and the Opera House.
Then don't miss a place that I love very much: the flea market, Hala targowa. Here you can spend a whole week sifting through the banquets among antiques, mostly unlikely objects and questionable underwear. But it's really fun especially on Sundays.

If you want to try a dish loved by the inhabitants of Krakow, come on a Friday night and order grilled Kielbasa: there are different types, find out which one you like best!

Recommended for: local life, low cost, non-tourist area

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My choice in Grzeg贸rzki:

JM Station Apartment: modern, clean and functional apartments next to the station (from 85 euros / night)

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