Where to Stay in Krk

Krk is an island in Croatia located 120 km from Trieste, connected to the mainland by a bridge and therefore easy to reach especially for those arriving from Spain.

If you are trying to understand what is the best area to stay in Krk, this article is for you.

Krk is the largest island in Croatia, rich in cultural historical attractions and natural beauty, a perfect place for a family or couple vacation. Less suitable for young people looking for fun, but as we will see later there is something for them too.

So let's find out which are the perfect locations for a stay on the island of Krk according to your needs.

Where to Stay in Krk

The main tourist centers are located on the west and south coast of the island, where you will find the most beautiful beaches and lush vegetation.

Particularly the solution generally most popular with tourists is to stay in the homonymous town of Krk (Krk), starting point for exploring the island and its beaches. But there are other viable alternatives such as Punat, Malinska or Baska which offer all services and are well placed to visit KrK.

So let's see in detail the best places to sleep in KrK.

City of Krk (Krk)

The city of Krk is the main center of the island, strategically located exactly in the middle of the island, it is ideal for visiting the various towns and places of major interest.

The town is very beautiful and rich in history with the old part enclosed within the walls, which in some ways recalls the Spanish villages.

There are many bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors, shops and it is the ideal place for pleasant evening strolls. In addition, during the summer they organize festivals with concerts, theatrical performances or art exhibitions.

Not far away then there are several coves and from the port we leave for day trips to other islands or to reach the most hidden beaches.

The choice of accommodation is vast, both near the beaches and the historic center.

If you are looking for a place to stroll in the evening among restaurants and shops and that is a good starting point to get around the island, Krk is the perfect choice to stay in KrK.


Another important tourist resort of Krk is Baska, certainly one of the best cities for a holiday on the island.

Here is the most beautiful equipped beach with clean and transparent sea, very large and surrounded by ice cream parlors, restaurants, bars and shops.

But the real gem is the old part of the town, a place with a unique charm overlooking the sea.

Baska is recommended for both families and young couples; the seafront and the center offer the opportunity to take pleasant evening walks and there are some clubs with DJs and live music.

The only flaw is that the beach is always very crowded in the high season, but it is a beautiful place.


If you are looking for a quieter place, a good alternative is definitely Punat, good location, very nice beaches and a good choice of restaurants and bars at great prices. Obviously don't expect an exaggerated nightlife.

The small pebble beach is convenient for families with children, there are many places in the shade and the sea is very beautiful.

From here you can then move on to other beaches, for example towards Stara Baska where there are some less crowded coves.


Vrbnik is located on the east coast of the island and is one of the most charming villages of KrK, with its old town, the old medieval castle and a crazy panorama overlooking the sea. An ideal place for lovers of history and art, but not only.

Surrounded by vineyards, Vrbnik is famous for the typical Zlahtina wine, to be tasted together with the typical products of the area.

The beaches near Vrbnik are also very beautiful, with transparent waters and incredible colors: such as Potovsce, Sv. Marek and Kozica.

Curiosity: in the country is Klancik Narrow Street, the narrowest street in the world.


Finally, I propose Malinska, located in a splendid bay on the west coast, is the perfect place for every need: families, couples or friends.

In fact, together with the city of Krk, Malinska is one of the few places with a minimum of evening life, especially in the many beach bars.

The beaches are also wonderful and offer various activities and water sports. There are also areas reserved for those traveling with dogs.


In this guide I have shown you what I consider to be the 5 most important places to stay in KrK, summarizing:

Krk city: main resort and perfect base for exploring the island;

Another: splendid bay with the most famous beach;

Punat: quiet area and beach suitable for children;

Vrbnik: one of the most beautiful villages on the island;

Malinska: for families, couples and young people.

Where to Stay in Krk

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