Dubrovnik: What to See in a Day (Guide 2021)

“You can see Dubrovnik in one day? " or "is a day in Dubrovnik enough?" is the question I asked myself before leaving, but I don't think I'm the only one.

Many tourists visit Dubrovnik for example as part of a cruise and spend a few hours in the city, or stop only for one night and then leave early the next morning for their on the road in Croazia and they are looking for a good itinerary that allows them to make their day there a perfect day.

Without digressing as usual, the answer to the question is yes, you can see the best of Dubrovnik in one day thanks to the fact that the main attractions of the city are all compacted in the historic center of the Old Town.

Dubrovnik: What to See in a Day (Guide 2021)

The old town is a fairly small, traffic-free area to be explored on foot only.

So let's see what to see in Dubrovnik in one day.

Dubrovnik in One Day: Things to see

Dubrovnik is one of them timeless city who know how to conquer you right away.
The only one of its kind and the set of the famous series Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik in recent years has seen the number of tourists who visit it increase dramatically over the course of the year.

Popular especially in summer for its blue sea and the islands in front of it easily accessible by boat, it is actually very well suited to be visited in all seasons.

Not surprisingly nicknamed the "pearl of the Adriatic", Dubrovnik manages to get everyone to agree, from those looking for a little relaxation on the beach to those who prefer culture and nightlife.

É a very popular destination even on New Year's Eve by those who want to spend an evening without equal.

The white stone walls of the houses in summer dazzle and make the atmosphere inside the Old Town unique, populated by typical bars, pubs and shops.


There are two entrances to the historic center: through the Pile and Ploce gates.

The historic center is completely pedestrian.

Many bus they stop at the Pile Gate and connect the Old Town with the other districts of Dubrovnik. See this Dubrovnik bus route map.

La Dubrovnik Card it offers you in addition to free entries and various discounts, even the free transport on public transport.

1 - Visit the Old Town and stroll along the Stradun

Dubrovnik: What to See in a Day (Guide 2021)

By Emanuel Metzenthin /

A visit to Dubrovnik it cannot be considered as such if you do not take a walk inside the Old Town, in particular along it Stradun, which is the main street that divides the city into two parts.

The Old Town, a Unesco heritage site, is quite small and is well suited to be explored on foot. The ideal is therefore to venture through the streets that branch off from the central street and explore the city of an almost dazzling white on sunny days, among hidden squares, restaurants and cats that sleep in all corners.

Despite the fact that the city is filled with tourists in the summer, there is still a unique atmosphere, made up of a mixture of aromatic herbs, the chatter of people outside the clubs, the scents that emanate from the kitchens of the restaurants and that something unique that only the seaside towns have.

Already just crossing Pile holder to enter the city one has the impression of immersing oneself in a timeless country dimension.

2 - The fountain of Onofrio

Built in 1438, in the center of Poljana Paska Milicevica square, the fountain of Onofrio represents one of the main meeting points of the city.

It takes its name from its creator, Onofrio della Cava, of Neapolitan origins, who in the fifteenth century succeeded in bringing water to the city, solving the serious problem of water supply.

Severely damaged during the seventeenth century earthquake, the structure that we can see today is the result of the reconstruction that took place in the following years.

3 - The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary

Dubrovnik: What to See in a Day (Guide 2021)

By ollirg /

Walking around the Old Town it is inevitable to pass in front of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, dating back to the XNUMXth century.

Inside are the relics of St. Blaise, patron saint of Dubrovnik, and a fragment of the Holy Cross, the authenticity of which is however not certain.

Very interesting to admire are also the polychrome altars, especially that of San Giovanni Nepucemio, made of purple marble.

Also destroyed by the earthquake of 1667, the Cathedral was rebuilt in Baroque style and stands out imposingly in the city center.

4 - The church of San Biagio

Undoubtedly one of the most important monuments of Dubrovnik, the church of San Biagio, which as we have seen is the patron saint, turns out to be a precious testimony of the period of maximum well-being experienced by the city at the turn of the fifteenth century and the sixteenth century.

Like most of the buildings in Dubrovnik, this too was partly destroyed by the earthquake of the seventeenth century and later also by a fire that broke out in 1706.

It was renovated by the Venetian builder Marino Groppelli, who influenced the reconstruction in a decidedly Baroque style that we can still observe today.

Do not miss the statue of San Biagio located behind the main altar, the only one to have survived the fire.

5 - The Rector's Palace

even the Rector's Palace, a bit like most of the buildings in Dubrovnik, was born on a Gothic and Renaissance plan, and then evolved after the earthquake with the addition of Baroque elements.

This construction for centuries represented the seat of the Prince at the head of the city and also contained the arsenal necessary for the defense of the walls.

This arsenal caused two major explosions, in 1435 and 1463, which caused extensive damage, followed by the earthquake.

Despite everything, the Rector's Palace was rebuilt several times and today is the seat of a Historical Museum and in the summer it hosts numerous cultural events.


Above 5 it is one of my favorite restaurants in Dubrovnik and offers one of the best views inside the Old Town. This particular 'rooftop' restaurant serves local dishes, prices are fair for the quality of food, service and epic view.

If you want to spend less but eat fish at an honest price and with the perfect atmosphere, then Lokanda Peskerija is definitely the one for you.

6 - Walk on the walls

Dubrovnik: What to See in a Day (Guide 2021)

By photosmatic /

Even if you only have one day to visit Dubrovnik, don't miss the opportunity to take a ride on the walls surrounding the city center.

Two kilometers of walls to go through, passing through sixteen towers and four fortresses. All with a spectacular view of the sea and the roofs of the city.

The ticket office and the entrance to the walls are located near Porta Pile.
Once you have passed the ancient drawbridge and obtained the entrance ticket (about 12 euros for adults and 4 euros for children), you can access the access stairway.

The tour along the walls is an essential activity, but it must be taken into account that the path is almost all exposed to the sun, so you must be careful in the hottest hours of the day, especially in summer, and always carry a hat , sunscreen, sunglasses and water.

7 - The port and the fortress of San Giovanni

Il harbor of the Old Town it is located just outside the city gates and is definitely worth a visit.

Full of places to eat, all boat trips to the island of Lokrum and the surroundings of Dubrovnik also depart from here.

At one end of the port is the fortress of San Giovanni, located just south of the city walls. The fortress overlooks the sea and was built to defend the port and the city.

Here are theAquarium, which hosts all the main marine species that populate the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and the Maritime Museum, where the most significant finds and testimonies of the city's maritime history are displayed.

It must be said that the Dubrovnik Aquarium is not the largest, in fact it has only 31 tanks, but it could be a valid alternative if it rains or for families with children.

8 - Admire the city from above

Dubrovnik: What to See in a Day (Guide 2021)

By photosmatic /

A great way to admire Dubrovnik from above is to get on the cable car, reopened a few years ago, and reach the hill above.

The starting point of the cable car is located right inside the Old Town and in a few minutes it is possible to climb up to about 400 meters high on Mount Srđ.

From up there it is possible to have an excellent view of the sea and the roofs of the city enclosed within the walls, as well as seeing the surrounding islands on clear days.

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What to do in the evening in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik: What to See in a Day (Guide 2021)

If you are looking for some ideas on what to do in Dubrovnik in the evening, I have chosen for you 3 night clubs that will undoubtedly brighten up your holiday.

Ice Bar: a cliffside bar hidden under the ancient walls of the old city of Dubrovnik. Buza is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon or sunset drink while enjoying incredible views - the epic ocean views make the cliffs a hidden gem. The venue is built in terraces close to the water and there are steps that allow for a refreshing dip. It's fun to see some of the bravest patrons leaping off the rocks to dive.

Banje Beach: Banje beach at night turns into a nightclub that often hosts international DJs and, since you are practically dancing near the Adriatic sea, you always have the opportunity to take a dip! The perfect place for Dubrovnik's hot summer nights.

Cave Bar “More“: The remarkable Cave Bar“ More ”is often described as a priceless gem worth visiting. The underground bar offers not only a fine cup of steaming coffee in the morning, but also alcoholic drinks and excellent cocktails with which to spend the nights in Dubrovnik. Furthermore, this place simply gives new meaning to words like uniqueness and eccentricity. Here you can enjoy your time and contemplate the flight of seagulls rising into the sky as you listen to the murmur of the sea.

Dubrovnik in One Day: Alternative Tips

Dubrovnik: What to See in a Day (Guide 2021)

Banje beach -

What I have advised you so far on what to see in Dubrovnik in one day it is certainly the best and most classic itinerary of all.

If you want to do something different, or if you have more time (you should do at least 2 days in this city), here are some other very popular things to do.

Game of Thrones Tour

If you are a fan of “Game of Thrones”, visiting Dubrovnik is an excellent opportunity to “unleash” your passion. THE tours are extremely popular and the filming locations you visit are also the major points of interest in the city.

This famous Game of Thrones tour it's very affordable (satisfied or your money back) and has been reviewed over 800 times - it definitely was tried and tested!

The beaches of Dubrovnik

If instead of wandering around the city all day, you prefer to take advantage of the summer to relax on the beach, in Dubrovnik you will be spoiled for choice.

The most popular places for swimming and sunbathing are there Copacabana beach and coast of Lapad, suitable for both families and young people who want to have fun.

La Sveti Jacov beach, despite being just as beautiful, even if different for views, it has the disadvantage of having to descend as many as 200 steps to be reached.

Instead, many prefer to take one of the many taxi-boats that leave from the port of Dubrovnik to reach the coasts of the islands of Lokrum and Lopud which are located right in front of the city.

Tour to the Elaphiti Islands

In Dubrovnik, there are some great day trips you can take in a day starting right from the city.
One of these is a boat tour to the Elaphiti islands.

The Elaphite Islands are an archipelago of 13 islands, large and small, 4-8 nautical miles west of Dubrovnik. Only 3 islands are inhabited: Kolocep, Lopud e Sipan.

The Elaphites are renowned for their beauty and offer the visitor a more relaxing alternative to the busy and bustling city of Dubrovnik.

There are many ways to get to the islands: many companies offer tours and day trips and there is also a regular boat service offered from Dubrovnik several times a day.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik: What to See in a Day (Guide 2021)

Due to the fact that the city is becoming more and more popular from year to year, choose where to stay in Dubrovnik it could become a business.

When you only have one day in Dubrovnik, the best area to stay is undoubtedly in the old town or its surroundings, where you will spend most of your time.

Here are some ideas for some of the better hotels to stay:

Hostel Angelina Old Town: Centrally located, 600 meters from the city's most famous beach (Banje) and a stone's throw from the sights of the Old Town, Hostel Angelina offers shared dorms, private rooms, a kitchen, common room with TV and wifi. free fi. Restaurants are located very close.

Fresh * Sheets Cathedral Dubrovnik: located in a historic palace in the center of Dubrovnik, it offers spacious and comfortable accommodation, overlooking the Dubrovnik Cathedral, the Rector's Palace, Buniceva Square or Gundulić Square. Another "bestseller" not to be missed!

The Pucic Palace: Housed in a splendid 18th century palace, this sumptuous hotel (my absolute favorite!) Blends historical charm with attention to detail. Fast free wifi, airport shuttle, room service, babysitting service.

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