Where to sleep in Rab

Rab is an island located off the northern coast of Croatia, known for its charming old town and its many beaches. A perfect destination for lovers of history, nature and for those who want a quiet and relaxing stay.

But what is the best area to stay in Rab? This is precisely the main topic of this article. Even if we are talking about a rather small island, it is still important to know the various locations and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Where to Stay In Rab: The Best Areas

Where to sleep in RabI state that the island is no more than 25 km long and can be easily explored by car. Therefore, the choice of accommodation depends a lot on what you are looking for, your preferences in terms of beaches and the type of holiday: as a couple, with family or friends.

Due to its modest size it is important to book accommodation before leaving.

Generally Rab is ideal for one quiet holiday in the name of beaches and evening walks, on the contrary, it does not offer as many in terms of nightlife as it does Pag where fun is guaranteed.

The beauty of Rab is that it offers a huge variety of beaches (many of them sandy), for all tastes; in particular in the western area there are mainly rocky beaches, in the south there are pebble beaches and in the northern coast there are sandy beaches. This is an important first consideration to make choose the right area, for example, if you prefer sandy beaches, the north of the island is better.

As I have already specified it is a very quiet island, the areas a little more animated in the evening are Lopar, but above all Rab city. In any case, you will have to decide whether to choose a location close to a particular beach and move in the evening or stay in an area with more evening life and turn the day to discover wonderful beaches and coves.

To help you choose, let's see in detail the main tourist places to stay in Rab.

1. Rab City: Good Location and Evening Life

Where to sleep in Rab

Rab is the prettiest and most charming town on the island and the only one that offers a minimum of evening life. The historic center is a true wonder, an ancient village where you can stroll through its alleys. There are many bars and restaurants.

I recommend staying in Rab city if you are willing to tour the island during the day and prefer not to travel by car in the evening, but to stay close to restaurants and clubs.

However, keep in mind that Rab is almost entirely pedestrianized, so if you have a car it is best to stay in the immediate vicinity of the old town. For example, the areas of Palit or Banjol are perfect because they are close to the pedestrian area, which can be reached on foot.

2. Banjol: A stone's throw from the historic center of Rab

Banjol, as I have just told you, is the right choice for those who want to spend the days around the island and in the evening park their car comfortably and reach Rab on foot, to go to dinner or to somewhere. I always recommend checking with Google map the distance from the chosen structure to the center.

If you prefer to stay in the area for a few days, there are three beautiful sandy and pebble beaches in Banjol: Padua I, Padua II and Padua II. 

3. Lopar: Family Vacation

Lopar is the main tourist center in the north of the island. This is the best area for a family vacation with small children, in fact, here the beaches are sandy and with shallow water for several meters.

Among the most famous beaches there is certainly Paradise Beach, or Raiska Plaza, one of the most beautiful on the island. Another beach not to be missed is Sahara, one of the many naturist beaches in Rab.

However, if you are looking for beaches with immediately high bottoms, the Barbat area is better, full of beautiful sandy coves or rocks.

In the evening Lopar does not offer much, just a few restaurants and bars and a walk, if you are looking for a little more life you have to drive to the center of Rab.

4. Supetarska Draga: Strategic Position

Halfway between Lopar (5 minutes by car) and Rab town is the village of Supetarska Draga, a good choice for its strategic location, a quiet area and a marina from which tours and excursions depart to the various islets in the area.

5. Barbat: Beautiful Sea

Barbat is a little touristic place famous for its splendid coves of Pudarica, some more popular, others wilder and more hidden. Here, unlike Lopar, there are immediately deep rocky beaches ideal for a nice swim.

And if you want to spend an alternative evening on the beach of Pudarica there is the local Santos Beach Club where they often organize pleasant evenings. In any case Rab town is only 5 kilometers away from Barbat.

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