What to see in Croatia: main destinations and destinations to visit

Are you planning a trip or a holiday in Croatia and want to know which are the main destinations and destinations to visit? There are so many things to see in Croatia, to make the choice easier for you, we have listed only the 7 main destinations and destinations absolutely not to be missed.

Located in a breathtaking stretch of the Adriatic coast, Croatia is one of the main ones seaside destinations European. With more than 1.100 islands, the country is famous for its clear waters and postcard landscapes.

But Croatia is much more than sun and sea. It is home to historic cities and spectacular Roman ruins, of imposing castles e national parks pristine.

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What to see in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes (National Park)

Plitvice Lakes (National Park) - Image from Pixabay

Il Plitvice National Park it is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Croatia and all of Europe. The park is made up of several stunning lakes, waterfalls, and lush forests. The most characteristic parts of the park are the 16 interconnected lakes that visitors can explore either on foot, by boat or along the vast assortment of wooden walkways.

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Zagabria – Photo by Pixabay

Capital of the country and the largest city in Croatia, zagabria is a bustling metropolis full of historical and modern attractions. Located in the northwest of Croatia, the city dates back to the 11th century. Today Zagreb is a cosmopolitan city and the heart of Croatian culture, academia and government. To visit the city well it takes at least two or three days.

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Located on the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, Pula is a very popular destination that continues to attract tourists since ancient Roman times, when fans flocked to the city's amphitheater to watch gladiator fights.

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Port of Split -

Split is a fascinating city and is the second largest city in Croatia. The historic center is the seat of the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian (XNUMXth century AD).

Both a military fortress and an imperial palace, this immense historical monument is now the heart of Split, while the “Riva” promenade is a place to meet and relax.

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Dubrovnik Old Town and Harbor - Image from Pixabay

Nicknamed the "Pearl of the Adriatic" and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the city of Dubrovnik it attracts more tourists from all over Europe. City-museum par excellence, surrounded by walls, it is a masterpiece of art and harmony.

Churches, monasteries, cathedrals, stone houses, towers and fortresses create a whole that combines the architectural styles and influences of past centuries, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, etc.

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Zara is a three thousand year old city, located on a beautiful coastline rich in history. Its historic center offers fantastic tourist attractions, including Roman ruins, medieval architecture, and numerous ancient churches.

In addition to the old town, tourists will find a number of beautiful beaches all along the coast of Zadar, where they can sunbathe, swim and relax.

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Hvar is a beautiful island off the Dalmatian coast known for its spectacular beaches, lavender fields and vineyards. Hvar is also the name of the largest and most important city on the island, an attractive town with a 13th century wall, Gothic palaces, stunning churches and an imposing old fortress.

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For a short guide to Croatia with useful information before leaving visit: Croatia guide.

Port of Dubrovnik, among the main destinations and destinations to see in Croatia -

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