Where to stay in Menorca: the best areas to sleep and stay

If you are thinking of spending your next holidays on the beautiful Spanish island of Menorca, in this guide you will find all the information and advice where to stay in Menorca, the best areas to sleep.

Menorca is part ofarchipelago of the Balearic Islands which also includes the island of Maiorca, Ibiza and Formentera. It is the second largest island in the archipelago, in fact its name derives from Minorica, that is smaller than Mallorca, the main island of the archipelago.

The island of Menorca it preserves its past very well, such as that of the period in which it was an English colony, particularly in the buildings of the eighteenth century, in the British colonial style. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve on October 8, 1993 by UNESCO.

The island offers beautiful landscapes where the wide and varied nature is certainly the protagonist. If you want to enjoy all this to the fullest, we recommend ecotourism routes, but also those on horseback or by bicycle.

Despite its small size, being about 48 km long and with a maximum width of 16 km, the number of beaches that Menorca has equals the number of beaches that can be found on the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza combined.

Where to stay in Menorca

Where to stay in Menorca: the best areas to sleep and stay
Cala Galdana, Minorca – Stock Photo

After briefly describing the island, let's see which are the best areas to stay in Menorca, to spend a pleasant and relaxing holiday.

The island has two main cities, one on each end of the island, which also represent the 2 main tourist destinations of the island. Mahon is the administrative center and the current capital of Menorca, while Ciutadella it is the episcopal capital.

In addition to the 2 major cities, the main tourist area is located along the southern coast which offers beaches with white sand, calm and crystal clear water, and little wind. The main towns on the southern coast are: Santo Tomas, Cala en Bosc, Son Bou, Cala en Porter, Binibeca, Punta Prima and S'Algar.

La north coast it is less touristy because it is wilder and more rocky, with enclosed coves that are not easy to reach, because they are located between large cliffs, and some days can be windy.


Where to stay in Menorca: the best areas to sleep and stay
Calasfonts Cales Fonts Port sunset in Mahon at Balearic islands

Mahón is the largest city in Menorca and also the capital since the XNUMXth century. Mahon is famous for hosting the second largest natural harbor in the world. In addition, its characteristic English colonial-style architecture is of great interest, embracing the entire historic center and much of the city.

Staying in Mahon is a great choice for staying close to the airport, but also for staying within walking distance of excellent beaches and numerous tourist attractions. The city offers many bars, restaurants, shops, cinemas, and an interesting nightlife.

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Ciutadella de Menorca

Ciutadella de Menorca is the second largest city in Menorca and the former capital of the island. It features a beautiful old town, full of well-kept houses, charming alleys and buildings. In addition to the famous Cathedral of Menorca, there are interesting museums, churches and chapels.

In addition to the beautiful old town to visit, it offers the possibility of doing various activities. It is a good choice to stay because it is easily accessible and because it is the most beautiful city in Menorca, it also offers beautiful beaches.

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Cala en Blaines

Cala en Blaines, located 4 km north of Ciutadella. it is a lively holiday resort with various hotels, bars and restaurants. It is a good choice for families with children or for those looking for private houses and villas to spend their vacation.

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Cala en Bosc

For those looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday, Cala en Bosc is an interesting tourist destination, especially for families with children or for young people looking for water activities. This picturesque coastal village offers beautiful views of the sea and the neighboring island of Mallorca.

In the area there is a water park and a surf school. It is a great destination for those looking for hotels that offer all-inclusive, but there are also holiday homes.

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The best beaches in Menorca

Where to stay in Menorca: the best areas to sleep and stay
Beautiful coves in Menorca - Image from Pixabay

Beaches are one of the main attractions of the island, especially during the summer when they become the main attraction. Consequently if you choose to take a holiday in Menorca in the summer it will be a lot important to stay near the best beaches.

Le most beautiful beaches of Menorca are: Pregonda, Cavalleria, Cala Pilar i Algaiarens in the north and Macarella, Macarelleta, Cala en Turqueta, Binigaus, È Talaier, Arenal de Son Saura (sometimes with a lot of algae) and Cala Mitjana.

There are also beautiful beaches near the urban centers, of these the best are: Cala Caldana, Binibeca, Calan Bosch (Son Xoriguer and is Platjals), Cala Tomàs, Son Bou, Calan Porter and s'Arenal d'en Castell.

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