Where to Stay in Warsaw

Are you planning a trip to discover Warsaw but can't figure out where to stay? Do not worry because in this guide I will explain in a very simple way what they are the best areas for a first stay in the city.

Warsaw is the largest city in Poland, so it can be difficult to find the neighborhood that best suits your needs.

The important thing, however, is to understand how the city is formed, which are the most central areas and where most of the attractions are located. This will make it much easier to decide where he sleeps in Warsaw, choosing according to your interests.

Where to sleep Warsaw

The Polish capital is divided into districts, the most central one where the main tourist points of interest are located is called Srodmiescie which means its own center. Srodmiescie is in turn divided into neighborhoods, among which we find the Old City e he Centrum, or Modern City

The best area to stay in Warsaw is the central district, because it is the area where you will spend the most time for the various sightseeing, you will find the best clubs and restaurants and a wide selection of hotels for all types of budgets. In addition, the center is well served by public transport.

Keep in mind that to visit the central part of Warsaw you can easily move on foot, while if you want to move to some nearby attractions, such as Lazienki Park or Wilanow Palace then you may have to use public transport.

In any case, Srodmiescie is the best choice for those visiting the city for the first time.

Now let's see in detail the different areas in which to stay.

Stare Miasto: Old Town

Where to Stay in Warsaw

Stare Miasto is the Old Town of Warsaw, completely rebuilt after the Second World War. The Old Town can be a good solution for those who love history and cultural visits, you will be in the area with the best tourist attractions.

The historic center is for the most part a pedestrian area, is full of charming alleys and historic buildings, there is no shortage of restaurants and cafes.

Keep in mind that the Old Town is not particularly lively in the evening, therefore not recommended for those looking for a minimum of nightlife.

It must be considered that the area of ​​the Historic Center offers a limited number of places to stay, in addition to some hotels for the rest there are mainly apartments.

Centrum: Stay in the Modern Center

Where to Stay in Warsaw

Centrum is the new part of the center of Warsaw, as the location is very convenient, well served by public transport and close enough to the Old Town.

In particular, the area near the Palace of Culture and the Central Station is highly recommended.

The Centrum definitely is one of the best solutions for a stay in Warsaw, close to the main attractions, full of restaurants, bars and clubs. Therefore convenient for all those looking for a good base to visit the city during the day and relax in the evening among bars and restaurants.

New World: Centrale e Animato

Nowy Swiat is the main avenue that connects the Modern Center to the Historic Center, it is always located within the Srodmiescie district, in a perfect position.

It is a pedestrian avenue (with the exception of taxis and public transport) always very lively, both day and night, full of monuments, churches, historic buildings, restaurants and shops.

Nowy Swiat is also the heart of Warsaw's nightlife, therefore perfect for those who want to spend pleasant evenings in restaurants and cocktail bars.

Other Areas to Stay in Warsaw

Mirow: Near the Center

Mirow is a district of the Wola district, located west of the Centrum. It doesn't offer much from a tourist attraction point of view, but it can be a good place to stay, due to its proximity to the center of Warsaw, reachable both on foot and by public transport. The neighborhood is full of affordable business hotels.

Praga district: Movida in Warsaw

Once considered a slum, today Prague is a redeveloped area. Located on the other side of the river, it is the arts district, the old factories have been transformed into art galleries and clubs.

If you are looking for an alternative area, full of nightlife and with excellent value for money, the Praga district may be the right choice.

Just consider that the area is not central, it is possible to reach the center by public transport or by taxi.

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