10 Excursions to Do Absolutely in Dublin

What are the excursions from Dublin to do absolutely? Here are the 10 most beautiful excursions ever and I will also try to include in this article the most useful information such as duration, prices and the best agencies to organize your perfect holiday in Dublin, just like I did!

Full of round emerald green hills dotted with sheep (I love them!), Celtic cemeteries, Catholic churches and strong traditions, Ireland it is one of those destinations that give the idea of ​​being "out of time".

In Ireland there are so many things to see and Dublin is not far behind.

But personally I believe one or 2 days in the Irish capital are more than enough.

If you have more time, consider one of the extraordinary day trips from Dublin that can be done and I'm sure you won't regret it!

Renting a car is a great option for day trips from Dublin as the roads are scenic and easy to drive.

However be careful why in Ireland you drive on the left, so if you're not comfortable or want a cheaper option, there are super affordable tours that typically include multiple destinations in a single day.

Are you in a hurry? Look here -> all day tours from Dublin!

1 - Cliffs of Moher

10 Excursions to Do Absolutely in Dublin

On the borders of Europe there are the marvelous ones Cliffs of Moher, also called the Cliffs of Ruin: they rise wild 700 feet above the Atlantic ocean.

When I was in Dublin this was one of the things I absolutely wanted to visit, and I took a full day to discover the breathtaking beauty of the Cliffs of Moher, the Wild Atlantic Way and Galway!

La Wild Atlantic Way it is one of the most scenic roads in Ireland: traveling by car or bus is a wonderful experience, every corner shows an even more beautiful view than the previous one!

At the Cliffs of Moher there are wonderful walking trails - even on the tour you will be given more than enough time to visit them.

The Cliffs of Moher are one of the most famous attractions, not only in Ireland, but in all of Europe, so they are really worth a visit.
You can go there by yourself by bus (NOT recommended), by car or with a tour, as I did.

Duration: 1 full day

Price: from 45 to 65 euros depending on the stages and duration

What the tour includes: Depart from Dublin to reach the cliffs - you have enough time to visit them (and also to eat). In the afternoon we walk along the Wild Atlantic Way with stops to take pictures in the most beautiful points and you arrive in Galway. Time to visit Galway and back to Dublin.


  1. Excursion to the CLIFFS OF MOHER and GALWAY from € 65,00 (includes one more stop a Moneygall) - RECOMMENDED
  2. Excursion to the CLIFFS OF MOHER and GALWAY from € 50

2 - Giant's Causeway

10 Excursions to Do Absolutely in Dublin

By panoglobe /

With about 3 hours drive from Dublin it is possible to reach the beautiful stretch of coast of Northern Ireland where the very famous Giant's Causeway, Or the Giant's Causeway.

The Giant's Causeway is a vast plateau of basalt columns and slabs consisting of 37.000 columns formed following an ancient volcanic eruption, the peaks of which form "stepping stones" that lead up to the foot of the cliff and then disappear under the sea .

According to legend, an Irish giant, Finn McCool, who lived in Ireland with his wife Oonagh and who "quarreled" with the giant Benandonner who lived on the other side of the sea in Scotland. Finn then decided to challenge his rival face to face and built a walkway linking Ireland to Scotland.

But when he arrived in Scotland and saw the size of his rival he ran away knowing full well that he would lose by facing him. He then ran back and his wife, when he realized that the other was chasing him, devised a brilliant plan.

Oonagh put Finn in a crib and disguised him as a baby and when the giant Benandonner saw that huge baby he thought his father was even bigger, he got under it and ran away to Scotland destroying the walkway so that Finn couldn't follow him. . Smart wife.

How to reach us: by car, the Giant's Causeway is approximately 3 hours from Dublin via the M1. It is located after the city of Belfast, so combining the 2 destinations is ideal for a day trip.

There are several tours to the Giant's Causeway which you can pick up from Dublin, including some that stop at Game of Thrones filming locations.

Duration: 1 full day (12 hours)

What the tour includes: Depart from Dublin to reach the Giant's Causeway via Belfast (which you have time to visit), Dunluce Castle on the cliffs of County Antrim and take the scenic route.


  1. Excursion to BELFAST and SELCIATO DEL GIGANTE from € 75,00 (in English)
  2. SELCIATO DEL GIGANTE and CARRICK-a-REDE: tour from Dublin from € 50 (includes the Dark hedge)

3 – Glendalough e Wicklow

10 Excursions to Do Absolutely in Dublin

At RR Photo /

Le Wicklow mountains they are not far from Dublin and can be easily visited in half a day.

Despite being close to Dublin, the scenery in this area is drastically different. It is probably one of the most beautiful places in Ireland and in fact it was used as a location for some filming of “Braveheart”.

Try not to get lost Glendalough (pronounced "Glenda-LOCK") famous not only for the beautiful landscape but also for the monastic ruins. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this one it's one of the best day trips from Dublin.

If you have enough time try to add an extra stop and explore the medieval city of Kilkenny with its impressive castle and Black Abbey.

Duration: 5 to 12 hours

What the tour includes: Beware that each tour I have put you below is different from the other! It starts from Dublin to reach the WICKLOWs passing through Powerscour Estate (which you have time to visit). We visit Glendalough and stop for lunch to try the typical meat stew.


  1. Excursion to WICKLOW and GLENDALOUGH from € 60,00 (in English)
  2. GLENDALOUGH, KILKENNY, WICKLOW Mountains: 1 day excursion from € 37,00
  3. GLENDALOUGH and WICKLOW: half day tour from Dublin from € 25,00 (afternoon, 5 hours)

4 – Cork

10 Excursions to Do Absolutely in Dublin

Di Stephen Long /

One day is not enough to know all that Cork has to offer: its waterways, traditional restaurants and pubs certainly deserve more.

However, if you only have one day left, a tour might be a good option and the only way to visit. Tours typically depart early from Dublin to stop first at Cahir Castle, famous as the stage of many sieges between the English and Irish.

Upon arrival in Cork you will have approximately two or three hours to visit the city center, including the English market, established in 1788 by the Protestant (“English”) society that controlled the city at the time.

Il Blarney Castle it is only 15 minutes drive from the city and is sometimes included in the tours (well worth it)

You will return to Dublin via the historic site of the Rock of Cashel a Tipperary.

How to reach us: Cork is a three hour drive from Dublin via the M7 / M8. There are also daily buses that go from Dublin to Cork and back, but they are not very comfortable as the road is long.

Duration: 1 full day (12 hours)

What the tour includes: Depart from Dublin to reach Cork city center, with a stop at Cahir Castle. In Cork you spend around 2 hours (make sure you have lunch in a traditional restaurant). After the visit to Cork, visit Blarney Castle or the Rock of Cashel to return to Dublin.

Recommended tours:

  1. CORK and BLARNEY Castle from € 119
  2. Tour to CORK with ROCCA di CASHEL from € 75,00

5 – Howth

10 Excursions to Do Absolutely in Dublin

Di Gabriela Insuratelu /

Are you looking for an excursion from Dublin but don't want to go too far? The answer is “Go to Howth”!

This fishing village is easily accessible even without a tour: it is indeed located just 27 minutes away by DART and is ideal for strolling and enjoying the panoramic views of the coast.

There is a castle worth exploring and a couple of great trails.

Howth is also known for its delicious fresh seafood, so make sure you stay for lunch at least!

Also, if you go on a Sunday, you will be able to experience the local food market. If you are looking for a relaxing day trip not too far away, Howth is a great choice for a day trip from Dublin.

6 - Malahide Castle

10 Excursions to Do Absolutely in Dublin

By spectrumblue /

Henry II of England donated the Malahide castle to the young knight Sir Richard Talbot in 1185, and it remained the home of the Talbots for nearly 800 years (barring a brief 17th century occupation by Cromwell's soldiers).

Rose Talbot sold it to the Irish state in 1975, living the rest of her days on a farm in Tasmania.

How to reach us: by car it is about 30 minutes via the N1

Il online ticket you can find it HERE but please note that Malahide Castle is included in the Dublin Pass.

Duration: 1/2 day (4 hours)

What the tour includes: The tour begins with a quick sightseeing tour of Dublin's highlights and also stops in the fishing village of Howth, famous for its seafood restaurants and Dublin Bay views.

Recommended tours:

  1. MALAHIDE Castle and North Coast from € 21 (include HOWTH)

7 - Blarney Castle

10 Excursions to Do Absolutely in Dublin

Di Obladatel /

Il Blarney Castle it is probably the most famous castle in Ireland and is generally included with the visit of Cork on tours.

Legend has it that if you lie on your back and lean over the parapet to kiss the Blarney Stone you will get the "Gift of the gab".

This means that you will never stop talking (I have been affected by it since birth) and you will drive your friends and family crazy.

This is the perfect reason to organize one day trip to Blarney Castle and Cork.

8 – Belfast

10 Excursions to Do Absolutely in Dublin

At Willy Barton /

THEnorthern Ireland it really deserves at least a few days, but as mentioned, if you don't have time, a day trip will give you a good taste of what the country has to offer.

It is one of the best day trips from Dublin as well a favorite destination for Game of Thrones fans.

Certainly the biggest attraction in Northern Ireland is the Giant's Causeway, a Unesco world heritage site made up of basalt columns.

Most day trips from Dublin to Northern Ireland also follow the Antrim coastal route, one of the most beautiful roads in all of Ireland.

You will cross the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and stop at Belfast.

Belfast is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland and there are tons of things to do!

The city offers a vibrant Old Town, the famous Titanic Quarter, fun pubs, excellent museums, hundreds of murals, beautiful gardens and green spaces, Victorian architecture, and a growing tourism industry.

Perhaps Belfast isn't as well known as Dublin to international travelers, but the reward is a less crowded city where the experiences feel more authentic.

Duration: 1 day (8/12 hours)

What the tour includes: There are tours in Belfast only, but it is usually sold 'in pairs' with the Giant's Causeway, Titanic Museum or Game of Thrones tours.

Recommended tours:

  1. See all tours to Belfast from Dublin here

9 – Connemara

10 Excursions to Do Absolutely in Dublin


Described by Oscar wilde as a “wild and mountainous place”, the Connemara it is an unspoiled area of ​​Ireland that is not only breathtaking in terms of beauty but also inspiring in terms of culture - just think that in rural villages people still have a strong sense of Irish identity that many still speak Gaelic as before language.

Connemara was one of those places that when I visited made me want to take my heels off and move to Ireland (but I didn't): I don't think there are places in the world capable of offering so much beauty.

Il Connemara National Park it is the perfect place for those who love trekking in nature, between mountains and lakes, but also for horse riding and photography. You can inquire about the trails at the park's visitor center, but remember to bring the necessary things for a picnic!

Probably the best way to see Connemara is by rental car. To reach the Park, you need to arrive in Galway and then take the Clifden Road (N59). If you decide to go alone my advice is to take at least 2 days and sleep in Galway which with its pubs is definitely the ideal place to spend a real Irish evening!

If you want to visit the Park in just one day there are many day tours on offer from Dublin.

Duration: 1 full day (12 hours)

What the tour includes: there are several tours from Dublin. Some also include Galway and Kylemore Abbey.

Recommended tours:

  1. Connemara and Galway day tour from Dublin from € 1 (includes Kylemore Abbey)
  2. Connemara excursion from € 55,00 (includes Galway, Kylemore and Killary Fjord)

10 - Kylemore Abbey

10 Excursions to Do Absolutely in Dublin

At Lukasz Pajor /

THEKylemore Abbey is a Benedictine monastery dating back to 1920. Still in operation today, Kylemore Abbey sits on the edge of Pollacapall Lough.

With woodland and walled gardens to explore, a visit to Kylemore Abbey is a relaxing and peaceful way to spend a day.

The Kylemore Abbey Cafe boasts a wonderful range of homemade delicacies, tea in the winter and refreshments in the summer.

The range of pottery at Kylemore Abbey is beautiful and made by the nuns who reside in the monastery.

The perfect memories for a special trip to Ireland.

When to go: the best time

Il climate in Ireland it's the craziest I've ever experienced in my life: you can experience 4 different seasons on the same day! Trying to look at the "glass half full", however, this means that, if on the one hand you cannot hope for the summer to always have sunny and warm weather, that even in winter (as happened to me) you can find beautiful sunny days.

The best months to visit Ireland are April, May and June, as well as September and October.

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