Holidays in Bardonecchia in winter and summer: what to do and where to sleep

Bardonecchia is one renowned summer and winter resort in Piedmont. The locality is located at 1.312 meters above sea level, in the splendid tourist area of ​​the Upper Susa Valley, about 20 km from the French border.

In 2006 Bardonecchia hosted the Turin Olympics, which has led to an increase in both accommodation facilities and ski lifts, making it una of the most important ski resorts in Italy. The presence of magnificent forests of larch, pine and fir trees, perfect for those looking for enchanting and evocative views, makes this Piedmontese town one of the most popular for holidays on the snow.

Located just 90 km from Turin, With the 'highway passing by the city and with its own railway station, the last in Italy before the border with France, is one of the most convenient mountain holiday resorts and ski resorts to reach in Italy.

The city develops on both sides of a large avenue, the Via Medal, which leads from the Borgo Vecchio to the railway station. This central street is lined with shops, restaurants, patisseries and tea rooms, making a stay in the city very pleasant and enjoyable. The Borgo Vecchio (historic center) is located in the highest part, while the Borgo Nuovo it is located around the train station.

Surely the best time to go on holiday in Bardonecchia it is winter for the wide range of winter sports that can be practiced, but also during the summer season you can practice numerous sports and outdoor activities such as golf, mountain biking, adventure trails and excursions.

Bardonecchia is located at the crossroads of four valleys and surrounded by mountains, including several peaks that exceed 3.000 meters in height. The locality is a good starting point for the Sommeiller Pass, the second highest point in the Alps that can be reached by car and to visit theUpper Val di Susa.

What to do in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia is one of the favorite destinations for mountain holidays also forwide and varied offer of activities to do both in winter and in summer.

Some can be practiced all year round, like the new one Alpine Coaster, an exciting descent on a two-seater sled in the beautiful woods of Campo Smith. The course, whose length is over 1.000 meters, includes parabolic curves, bumps and changes in slope that are very fun and exciting. The speed of the Alpine Coaster is adjustable and the descent is suitable for everyone, even families with children.

In summer

During the summer season they can be held numerous outdoor activities open as golf, tennis, swimming in the pool, mountain biking, tourist fishing, climbing, adventure trails, horseback riding and especially fantastic excursions among wonderful nature and unique landscapes.

For adrenaline lovers there is the new Adventure Park, an adventure park with more than 40 games in the trees, with routes of varying difficulty to be suitable for everyone, from those for children to those for the bravest that reach 18 meters in height, with Tibetan bridges, lianas, tyrolines, ...

During the summer the ski area, with its slopes and ski lifts, is used by the new one bike Park which includes over 400 km of marked trails where you can have fun in splendid mountain bike descents on free ride and cross country routes.

For bike lovers, they are also available electronic bicycles with assisted pedaling, to easily cover the uphill sections of the various nature trails that surround the town.

For the children various schools and associations offer various recreational activities and sports in the open air and in contact with nature, such as hiking, climbing lessons, horseback riding or mountain biking, boy-scout and skateboarding courses.

In winter

During the winter season the town of Bardonecchia offers two areas where you can ski, always using the same ski pass. Una is located on the right side of the valley and includes the ski lifts and slopes on the slopes of the massif of Mount Jafferau, the second and largest is the one located on the left side of the valley and which includes the districts of Colomion, Les Arnauds and Melezet.

The Bardonecchia area offers 20 ski lifts that are needed over 100 km of slopes, which are divided into 5 black runs, 18 red runs and 16 blue runs. As much as 50% of the slopes. L'programmed snow making it covers 50 km of slopes, allowing good skiability even in the rare periods of low snowfall. The locality proposes one of the after ski trendiest and liveliest in the Alps.

The locality also offers a great snowpark, slopes for it cross country, a track for the descent on donuts, marked routes for snow hiking with snowshoes and a track for ice skating. Complete various tourist offer bars, restaurants and shelters along the slopes, of ski and snowboard schools, school camps for children and the possibility of ski and snowboard rental.

During the winter you can also practice fitness in gym, swimming in the heated covered e tennis always indoors. Sports enthusiasts or adventurers can go mountaineering or hiking in the snow, like it Snowcat Safari on modern snow cats. One of the activities most appreciated by children, but also by adults, is to go to the discovery of wild animals who live in this area of ​​the Alps with expert guides.

Where stay

There are three best areas to stay and sleep in Bardonecchia. Let's see together what they are and for what reasons to choose one or the other area according to your preferences or needs.

Find a hotel or accommodation in Bardonecchia


Most of the Bardonecchia accommodation facilities offer availability for stays for medium-long periods, but equally you can also easily availability for short holidays or for a weekend.

Town center

The center is there preferred area to stay for its proximity to Viale Medail, the promenade area, where most of Bardonecchia's restaurants, shops and clubs are located. Allows you to be close to the railway station, if you arrive by train, and be close to two ski areas of the district.

The city center is also the area with the greater and more varied tourist accommodation offer. There are over ten hotels and lodges, but also many tourist apartments, holiday homes and some bed & breakfasts.

Olympic Village - the best choice ever

Hotel Sommeiller - near the train station

Residence Villa Frejus - perfect for families with children

Hotel Europa - the best choice for quality / price ratio

Bardonecchia apartments - for those who prefer to stay in an apartment

Residence Tabor - in a central position

White boarding house - a good choice to stay in the center

I Larici Hotel - typical and characteristic mountain hotel

Residence Les Lacs - great choice for long holidays

Colomion, Les Arnauds and Melezet

Staying in the area of ​​Colomion, Les Arnauds and Melezet allows you to have a large ski area within walking distance where you can find slopes of varying difficulty suitable for both main and expert skiers. This area is perfect for those who love skiing in the woods, enjoying the evocative atmosphere of snow-covered pines and firs.

This area, also called Les Arnauds, does not have a wide hotel offer, there are a couple of hotels, some holiday homes and tourist apartments, equally it can be a good area to stay, not only for the proximity to the ski lifts. Among the curiosities, the presence of some churches and chapels.

Hotel Rivè - Campo Smith Tourist Complex - the best choice ever

Hotel Cà Fiore - in a good position

La Pigna Hotel - for those seeking tranquility and in contact with nature

Mount Jafferau

The slopes of Mount Jafferau can also be a good area to stay for those who prefer to ski mainly out of wood, in a high altitude environment, with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. The area also offers interested and characteristic chalets where stay.

The area can be reached with a free shuttle to the center of Bardonecchia in just 5 minutes. A cable car allows you to reach theHotel Jafferau at 1.950 meters above sea level, the base station of the area which reaches a maximum height of 2800 meters above sea level.

Hotel Jafferau - the best choice ever

Residence Cianfuran - for those seeking tranquility and contact with nature

Bellevue Chalet - one of the most beautiful chalets in the area

Guide Chalet - for those seeking tranquility and contact with nature

When to go

Although it is both a summer and a winter holiday resort, certainly the best time to go on holiday to Bardonecchia is thewinter, for the wide range of winter sports that can be practiced, for the beautiful atmosphere that reigns in the city and along the slopes, and for its wonderful snow-covered landscapes.

La summer season and also a good time to go on holiday to Bardonecchia, especially for nature lovers and mountain holidays. There are many who choose this period to enjoy the pleasant, non-sultry climate, even during the days of July and August.

THEautumn and winter they are the two intermediate seasons, that is, the least requested periods. So, if you are looking especially for one cheap vacation in Bardonecchia these periods are the best choice. The rates of the hotels and various accommodations are even 50% lower than the most popular periods.

How to reach us

The locality is located about 90 km from Turin and has its own railway station, the last in Italy before the border with France. Bardonecchia is also easily reachable by car, it is located at the exit of the two main Alpine tunnels in connection with France.

Now let's see how to reach Bardonecchia at any time of the year. Recall that in the winter period it is mandatory to travel in the mountains with winter tires or with snow chains on board.

By car

The most convenient way to reach Bardonecchia is by car. The town is served byA32 Turin-Bardonecchia motorway, which allows you to easily reach the town. For example, from Turin it takes about 1 hour and thanks to the highway, even in winter you can easily reach the town.

If you don't want to use the motorway, you can use the State road n. 24 called "del Monginevro" and then to go up to the mountains with the State road n. 335, called “di Bardonecchia”, which in about twenty kilometers connects the valley to the important holiday resort and ski resort.

By train

Bardonecchia's success is also due to the ease of reaching the resort, in fact it is one of the few ski resorts that can also be reached by train. Bardonecchia station is the last station on the Turin-Modane railway line, before the border with France.

Holidays in Bardonecchia in winter and summer: what to do and where to sleep
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