Il Leccio Luxury Resort Portofino Monte: My Review

The scenery and the panorama that can be enjoyed from Il Leccio Luxury Resort gives a new meaning to the word “breathe”: let your view extend over the Gulf of Tigullio to the Cinque Terre and even beyond, until you can see the Corsican coast on clear days.

Come here, on the best part of the Ligurian coast, and breathe.

Breath deeply.

Timeless elegance in the warm colors of the earth and white in one of the most sought after places on the entire Ligurian coast of Levante. The bright lobby offers a great place to while away the hours and to take care of yourself, as does the elegant terrace overlooking the Gulf of Tigullio.

It's hard to imagine a better approach to a hotel, but this resort is different: Il Leccio Luxury Resort it is not just a luxury resort, but the fruit of a dream, Michele's dream.

Michele who, born somewhere else, came here to my beloved Liguria, fell in love with it, moved and chose, decided and dreamed, to make it an even more beautiful place, creating something unique ... in short, I could , so Ligurian and so Genoese, don't you love him?

Michele's ambitious project, create more than a resort an entire work of
redevelopment of the territory, took 10 years to build. But audacity pays off.

Here, in this part of land where it is difficult to move even a single stone and where a "stranger" is regarded with suspicion, Michele has succeeded in creating one of the most exclusive resorts that can be imagined, giving new life and a touch of class to one of the most beautiful areas of Liguria.

Michele fought and won by creating a one of a kind resort: two separate villas, obtained by patiently renovating two old ruins, two infinity pools with a breathtaking view, from which the view sweeps across the gulf to the Cinque Terre, 6 bedrooms and 3 suites, gardens with soft grass lawns and flower beds full of flowers, a restaurant with local and gourmet cuisine and an important wine list.

Here the real luxury is in the attention to detail, especially for the little ones: the elegance and the atmosphere are in the carefully chosen stones, in the vases of fresh flowers changed every day, in the minimal and refined furnishings.

The Leccio Luxury Resort is a paradise, it is a "dream" strongly desired and born among the olive trees.

When you book a stay at Il Leccio Luxury Resort, you are not just booking a stay in a luxury resort: you are giving yourself the opportunity to dedicate yourself one of the most beautiful and exclusive areas in all of Liguria.


Where is Il Leccio Luxury Resort located

Il Leccio (named for the large round tree that stands out on the ridge) is located in San Lorenzo, one of the most "in" areas above Santa Margherita Ligure.

Although the resort is located in a "natural" area in the frame of the Protected park of Monte di Portofino, among the olive trees, some of the most famous villages of Liguria are within walking distance. Il Leccio is less than 6 km from Portofino and Santa Margherita, 5 km from Camogli and around 30 minutes' drive from Genoa.

Il Leccio is not a place to go to be in the center of the "nightlife" of the Ligurian coast, despite its proximity.

In short, it is one of those places where you can observe the real stars, not those of the city.

It is a place to go to listen to the silence and to take care of yourself
perhaps spending hours on the deck chairs around the infinity pools, filling your eyes with the green and blue of the gulf and reading that book that you have had on your desk for so long and that you have never been able to read.

Il Leccio is a place to “disconnect” from everyday life and to give a new meaning to your time.

The room and the suite

Il Leccio has 6 rooms and 3 suites available for guests, which are located in a separate villa. They may seem few (they are) but the choice is deliberate.
Here we want to give that exclusivity to a few people, those who seek it.

All rooms are elegant, minimal and bright, with large windows and large terraces overlooking the infinite.

They are equipped with all comforts: large LCD TV, private bathroom with complimentary toiletries and soft towels to wrap yourself in.

Some rooms have a furnished terrace where you can enjoy an aperitif, others (those on the ground floor) have direct access to the garden and the infinity pool.

The suites are located a few steps from the main building, in a private villa with a dedicated infinity pool, a well-kept garden and a "barbeque" area where you can request that a private dinner be cooked just for you with grilled meats, fresh fish. day (ask for the Ligurian sea bream!) or whatever you want.

The suites, like the rooms, are minimal but with all the comforts you can dream of.
In addition to the beds with very soft sheets you will have a 360 degree view of the gulf, a retractable kitchen (a gem!), LCD TV, toilet with courtesy kit and set of different lights to create suggestive atmospheres even while taking a shower, Persian rugs ( I told you that true attention and luxury are in the details, right?).

The restaurant and the Hall

I have a fixed image in my mind when I entered the hotel lobby: the smile, the kindness of the receptionist who immediately ran to me to welcome me.

La hall is simply furnished, spacious and very bright thanks to the huge window overlooking the panoramic terrace.

What in my opinion makes it special is the precious stone of the floors and furnishings.
The travertine of Lazio has the same warm shades of the colors of the earth, which create an elegant atmosphere, but which at the same time transmits calm.

Il bar where you can enjoy an aperitif or a vintage rum after dinner, it has exceptional bottles.

Our aperitif was like this: seasoned tomato juice (a delight, not that of the bottles!) The juice was made with freshly picked tomatoes from the garden, pinzimonio of fresh vegetables, Ligurian oil also produced on site, stuffed vegetables, typical Ligurian specialties (which you can request both in the original version and in the vegetarian version), savory vegetable pies.

This was the aperitif for us, but ask what you want and it will be given to you!

I can't tell you about the a la carte menu as that varies every day.

I cannot describe the dishes that the resort offers since every day the chef himself goes to the fish market to choose the best fresh fish: the menu depends on what the fishermen brought home the night before from the sea, with their wooden goiters.

One day they can be local squid, one day sea bream from the Ligurian Sea,
one day glance, sea bass, amberjack, octopus or monkfish.

But what I can tell you is that everything that is brought to the table is very fresh and that it is a product of our Liguria and the vegetable garden.

Seasonal vegetables, fresh fish, delicious meats that melt in your mouth. All seasoned with what is the real "secret ingredient" of Mediterranean cuisine:extra virgin olive oil, also rigorously produced from the olive trees found here.

The chef, Samuele, will also be happy to come to your table, to explain in detail what the kitchen offers and how the various dishes are prepared.

The desserts are all single-portion and also prepared daily by the resort's pastry chef. Try the chocolate parfait with the heart of pears or the millesfoglie.

A separate note should be dedicated to wine list. Not 300 or 400 wines, but few, carefully chosen, simply the best on the Italian scene: the wine list speaks of Sassiccaia, of the wines of Antinori winery and Muller Thurgau or the Vermentino of the Ligurian Riviera; in short, a selected list, refined, designed to offer a wide choice of bottles capable of making your palate even more ready for the flavors of the kitchen, able to delight only the most refined taste buds.

Once again: theexclusivity is in the details.

Even breakfast, like dinner, is à la carte: you can choose between cold cuts, warm French croissants, homemade jams, yogurt and cereals, fresh seasonal fruit salad and much more.

The garden and the swimming pools

Leccio Luxury Resort is located in Portofino Mountain. Unlike some places, where the Ligurian mountains are rugged, here the hills thin out gently towards the sea, covered by holm oaks, Scots pines, lemon trees, olive trees and dotted with elegant villas.

Thanks to the conformation of the coast, here you can create terraced scenarios, where to plant vineyards and where obviously to build infinity pools
because "in front of you" only "infinity" is presented to you.

Il Leccio is the only resort in and around Santa Margherita Ligure offering two infinity pools (infinity pool) and an exceptional panorama.

The swimming pools (one for the rooms and one dedicated only to the guests of the suites) are surrounded by two elegant gardens surrounded by flower beds and their peculiarity (apart from the view) is that both pools are salt water!

Around the pools have a private shower and sun loungers to relax, have a drink or just delight in the breathtaking view.


What to do in the surroundings

There are many activities that can be done around Il Leccio Luxury Resort.

Trekking on the Monte di Portofino

You are in Portofino Monte, with its exceptional views, with a coast where there are only luxury villas, and which, in part, is still unspoiled.

So what is the best way to discover it if not on foot? Monte di Portofino is a mine of paths: from San Rocco di Camogli (a stone's throw from your resort) there are some of the most beautiful trails in my entire region with postcard views.

Ask for a map of the trails, arm yourself with a small water bottle, hiking shoes (and obviously a bathing suit) and give space to your desire for freedom and set off to discover.


Less famous, but for me even more beautiful, than her "sisters" Rapallo and Santa Margherita, Camogli it is a small village that has kept intact all its characteristics of a fishing village. The houses close against each other, in the typical pastel colors of Liguria, the small port with fishing boats anchored, the inns that serve fresh fish of the day.

If it's the right time, try to go for the event Stella Maris and you will not regret it.

PS: one of the best things to do is rent a kayak and go to Punta Chiappa.

Santa Margherita, Portofino, Paraggi

I don't think these 3 countries need introduction: the elegant villas, the private accesses to the sea, the small coves with crystal clear water!

There are countless things to do: from evening events, to diving in the Portofino Park, boat rides, trendy places to have a drink, discos on the beach where you can go dancing. There would be an infinite world to talk about. I leave you the taste of discovery.


Just 30 minutes drive from your resort, Genoa is definitely worth a visit. Its historic center (caruggi) is the largest in all of Italy: here you will find old artisan shops, trendy clubs, wineries and palaces that are absolutely worth a visit.

You can explore then Boccadasse, take a little walk on the promenade Anita Garibaldi of Nervi, have an aperitif by the sea a Santa Chiara, visit theAquarium, flagship of my city. In short, even here the variety of things to do is infinite!

Cinque Terre

Even if you will need to take a train, taxi or private transport from your resort (ask Michele), the Cinque Terre are within easy reach of Il Leccio.

Le Cinque Terre I would say they are the highlight of all Liguria: 5 small fishing villages, clinging to the coast, with small marinas, artists' inns and lovely fresh fish restaurants.

They are very famous and in the season from April to early November they are very popular: Germans, Americans, French, all come here.

However, there are two ways to "keep them just for you", avoid the crowds and they are also the two best ways to visit them: by sea, and you will be thrilled, or doing trekking between countries, which is more challenging (you will not be able to do them all in one day) but undoubtedly the best way to fully enjoy the landscapes that my Liguria is able to offer!

Again ask Michele if he can organize an experience just for you that you will not forget in your whole life.


Disclaimer: it is easy for those who, like me, write reviews, on their blog or on Tripadvisor, to give opinions on the places we visit.

Sometimes we are happy, sometimes not, but it is rare that we stop to think about how demanding the construction and maintenance of a place is. and how much it requires constant attention in the care of the smallest detail.

We are just judges, often superficial, of something that despite everything we, who are quick to make judgments, have not been able to create.

We take some things for granted such as having the first fruits of a vegetable garden on the table, but we do not know how tiring it is to carry on a vegetable garden, how much care it requires to bring even a single tomato, born and grown in the sun, to our tables, fruit of our love and our passion.

We do not know how much care the olive trees require to get their fruits, we do not know the effort in picking them, in choosing only the best, taking them to the mill and bottling the oil to be presented on the table.

It is not just a bottle of oil: it is the result of a careful selection and a millenary tradition, which takes place every day.

That is why it is always necessary to respect those who are committed to creating something beautiful and concrete, to those who put all their efforts into something, whether big or small, to carry it forward.

Having said that, if there had been something wrong with the Il Leccio resort I would have written it.
My experience was perfect and my judgment is absolutely honest and sincere.

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