Leeds: Yorkshire trip 2 hours from London

    Leeds: Yorkshire trip 2 hours from London
    From shopping centers to the large local market, passing through a splendid castle. Travel to the largest city in the county.

    You have traveled half of Europe, but you want visit New places? Do you want to travel the world following the Services business Low cost? You head towards him United Kingdom, but don't you want to feel overwhelmed by the chaos of the City? at that time Leeds It is the right place for you, for these and many other reasons.

    Leeds is a city in the Yorkshire, surrounded by greenery, capable of maintaining the charm of typical style cities Victorian, and at the same time be alive as a great center.

    The airport is quite small, but served by several airlines, including Ryanair, which has recently introduced the new Milan-Leeds route, and is also located not far from the city centre, about 30 minutes by car. Leeds is not very big, despite being the largest city in Yorkshire, it is still quite populated and above all active, being inhabited by many students. Major attractions such as Briggate, a seafront promenade lined with numerous shops, can be easily reached on foot. Not everyone knows that Leeds is famous in England for shopping, in fact the first Marks & Spencer was born here, a well-known chain widespread throughout the United Kingdom. There are also numerous shopping centers, some under construction, prestigious stores and above all a large market, one of the oldest where it is possible to find many local products at excellent prices.

    Many young people populate the city center and especially the numerous pubs, among the most famous worth visiting we highlight the Adelphi and the Whitelock pub, active since 1715. In these places you can not only enjoy excellent beers, but you can also taste some of the best local dishes, all with an excellent quality/price ratio. If you are a lover of nightlife and do not disdain transgressions, you should know that there is a neighborhood, queens court, populated with gay clubs.

    Leeds is certainly a young city, but also family-oriented. In fact there are many museums, free, which presents interactive sections dedicated to the education of children, who are also protagonists of the city's sports activities, such as Rugby, each game is presented by a choir made up of several dozen children and the team's mascot, Ronnie Rhino. In short, a city suitable for everyone.

    A curiosity, to know that theThe Yorkshire accent is different to that of the capital., so don't be impatient if local merchants have difficulty understanding and serving you; the problem, at least this time, is not his English.

    Whatever your trip, always remember that the best way to get to know a place is to get lost to discover its most hidden secrets.

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