London and surroundings: itineraries in one hour by car

    London and surroundings: itineraries in one hour by car
    The English call it country. It's the green English countryside dotted with famous cities and historic sites. and prehistoric

    laEngland It is a country rich in history, so much that it is enough to leave the borders of Capital to immediately come across a place linked to some historical event. TO one hundred kilometers At most, from London you can easily reach, by car or train, cities famous for an event, a character or the setting of a film.

    Some are famous for universities, such as Oxford e Cambridge, both about sixty kilometers from London. Destinations for hordes of students during the summer months, the cities of Oxford and Cambridge are home to the most famous universities from England. In Oxford is the oldest university in the Anglo-Saxon world, Christ Church College (the canteen was a protagonist in the Harry Potter saga) and the Bodleian Library of Oxford, two monuments that are worth visiting, and St John's College in Cambridge . .

    Other cities are famous for being the birthplace of writers who made the history of English literature, such as Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare, about a hundred kilometers from London. Here everything revolves around the author and the characters in his comedies, from hotels to restaurants, all take the name of his works. It is worth visiting the house where Shakespeare was born and the one where he lived and died once he returned from London, rich and famous.

    Bath, in the county of Somerset, where Jane Austen lived, is located just over 100 kilometers from the capital and was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous spa center since the time of the ancient Romans (bath=bath), it is a very green city, full of parks and gardens and majestic neoclassical buildings. The Jane Austen Center and the Roman Baths are worth a visit.

    There are cities that are worth visiting even just for a cathedral, such as Salisbury o Gloucester, 90 and 120 km from London respectively. In the county of Wiltshire, Salisbury is a charming town in the center of which is the splendid cathedral that contains one of the copies of the Magna Carta. The city was moved in ancient times and is now in its place. Sarum viejo, an elevated fortress that dominates the city today.

    The cloisters of Gloucester Cathedral (a must-see) served as a setting in the Harry Potter films. The city, not far from Bristol, is a very important industrial center for the British economy.

    If you travel through the English countryside within a radius of 100 kilometers from London you will find medieval towns and prehistoric places, unique in the world, surrounded by mystery. Like the prehistoric sites of Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill. To get to Stonehenge you must go towards Amesbury. Built between 2500 and 2000 BC, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The stones at Stonehenge are aligned with the points of the solstice and equinox so some say it represents an ancient astronomical observatory, but the theories about its meaning are endless. The fact is that Stonehenge is not the only prehistoric site worth visiting. In fact, it's not very far away. Woodhenge, where the circles are bordered by petrified trees. But it is more impressive than Stonehenge. Avebury, a prehistoric site so large that houses and farms have emerged between one stone and another. In practice, the site is the entire town. In the end, Silbury Hill It is undoubtedly the most enigmatic prehistoric monument in British territory. A hill erected by man starting in 2725 BC. It has always aroused the interest of archaeologists and amateurs.

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