What to see in London Markets

Best London markets to visit

What to see in London MarketsVintage, used, ethnic, freak, hipster or handmade. London is also famous for its markets (some very large) where you can really find anything, even future fashion trends. However, it is not easy to seize the opportunity: between t-shirts with extravagant writings, hats that our grandparents used to wear and shoes that not even Elton John would wear, you can really hide a precious piece. You have to be a real bargain hunter to avoid being overwhelmed by thousands of junk. But above all, have plenty of time. The markets are many, scattered around the city with a thousand faces and a thousand colors. But there are some really characteristic ones that, even if you don't want to buy anything, are worth a visit. Place your bags, perhaps in one of the many cheap accommodation in London and immerse yourself in the oasis where the five senses will be stimulated to the nth degree.

The most famous market (and inflated) is undoubtedly that of Portobello Road, cult destination from the 60s, every Saturday, although many stores that sell the same give the street, without having to "bottle" among the crowded stalls, now very touristy. Used clothes, but also fruits and various objects, antiques, before and after the railroad bridge. For all tastes. Another tourist destination and easily accessible with the subway stop is Camden market. Although it is very busy on weekends, it is a paradise for enthusiasts who find clothes and cheap items. There is everything that is fashionable, or will be: souvenirs, records, antiques, leather goods, militaria and much more. Covent Garden, on the other hand, is an indoor fruit and vegetable market, housed in a 17th century building, surrounded by stalls selling a little bit of everything. But the bohemian atmosphere is breathed in the lace stores and cafes around the square, where jugglers, acrobats and street actors always perform. Brick Lane: if you pass by these places on Sunday morning you will find clothes, leather goods, but also objects of dubious origin. There is everything, even second-hand things that the owner does not know ... It is a fashionable market, especially for the environment: colonial ethnic clubs of all kinds.

What to see in London Markets

Among the "classics" there is Carril de enagua, every morning until 13:00: XNUMX. It specializes in clothing, according to its name (enagua) it is known as a market specializing in clothing, where you can find vintage clothing but also accessories and shoes. Grey Antiques on the other hand, is in the center of London, in the shopping area of Oxford Street. Among those purely food we remember the secluded Brodway Market (every Saturday) with stalls where delicacies are exposed in a very artisanal way, from a country fair; and then there is the Borough Market, well-stocked covered market within walking distance of London Bridge. In short, it is impossible not to stumble upon one of the many corners of London's liveliness that make the capital of the United Kingdom even more suggestive and intriguing.

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