Menorca in September, a paradise in the Mediterranean

Menorca in September, a paradise in the Mediterranean

The island of Minorca, a green oasis surrounded by white or golden beaches and crystal clear sea, is the perfect destination for a trip in September and to still enjoy many sunny days of the now winding summer.

The difference in landscape between the north and the south of Menorca is clear. Will find stretches of white and golden sand on the southern coast and east of the island, with calm and clear waters. Moving around to the north the coast becomes rocky and jagged, with small inlets where the waves break on the cliffs overlooking the sea and from where you can admire breathtaking views. Pretty coves of reddish sand hidden among the rocks are bathed by a deep and wavy sea, the surrounding landscape is a wild and uncontaminated paradise. From Mount Toro, in the center of the island of Menorca, you can admire the splendor of its coasts.

I more lively inhabited centers of the island are Mahon e Ciutadella. The first is one of the largest natural ports in Europe and it is here that all flights to Menorca stop. MahĂČn also offers numerous possibilities for excursions by sea departing from the port. Ciutadella, beautiful by day and by night with its candlelit restaurants, offers an interesting and colorful old town characterized by small squares, ancient monasteries, churches and delightful craft shops, where you can buy a souvenir and take a piece of this with you. wonderful island.

For lovers of sports and outdoor walks, the island offers an alternative to the beach: the path "CamĂ­ de Cavalls". Almost 200 kilometers long, it is divided into stages where you can find refreshment and the typical hospitality of the Spaniards. The path runs along the entire perimeter of the island, crossing almost lunar landscapes typical of the north and luxuriant landscapes dotted with white beaches and calm sea typical of the south.

The discovery of the Cova d'en Xoroi, a cave full of charm and shrouded in mystery of the legend of the shipwrecked Xoroi that will be revealed to you during the visit. Today it houses a charming and suggestive club during the day, more lively in the evening, becoming a disco.

Il Menorca's climate is characterized by hot summers and mild winters. There spring has pleasant temperatures but the waters of the sea that surround it may still be fresh, it is the ideal time to get around the island and lie down in the first sun. Summers are very hot but mitigated by a constant light breeze, average temperatures can reach 30 ° C and sea water 25 ° C, perfect for endless swimming in the turquoise waters of the Balearics and long hours of relaxation under the sun on the countless beaches of the Island. Autumn between October and November is the wettest period with about 8 rainy days a month, so not too much. Winters are mild and rarely cold.

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